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Welcome Author of: Doubting Thomas – Elizabeth Rose


Rad-Reader:  Where did you come up with the concept for this story?
Elizabeth:  This story is based on things in my own life. I grew up going to Michigan to visit my grandparents on the lake. We went fishing, played Canasta, built a house – all these things you will find in my Tarnished Saints Series. The Bed & Breakfast from Doubting Thomas is actually my parents’ house and they still live there. So much of the setting and some of the incidents in the series are taken from my own experiences.
Rad-Reader:  How did you develop Thomas as a character?  Is he someone you knew or many someone’s rolled into one?
Elizabeth:  While a lot of the characters from the series are modeled after people in my family or that I know (don’t tell them), Thomas is a character all his own. I wanted a rugged man who grew up in nature, but also someone who has a gentler side along with his sense of survival. Thomas has had his share of problems, and prays for an ang…