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“The Dream Jumper’s Promise” – Kim Hornsby

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Kim Hornsby

Rad-Reader:  How did you choose which characters were going to be real or dream like?
Kim:  Wow! This interview already sounds like you read the book. Thanks. The dream-like character (one in particular) was an afterthought, added just before I published the book to give the reader a gasp-worthy twist.

Rad-Reader:  Was there some type of other meaning for the octopus in the aquarium in her dive store?
Kim:  I once had an octopus in my aquarium at home on MAUI, where I lived, and had firsthand knowledge of how their eyes follow you around the room. In this book, I wanted the octopus to represent how caged Tina felt in her grief at the beginning of the book and how she needed to set that thing free.

Rad-Reader:  Was Mr. Kim her neighbor someone planned or just added into the story?
Kim:  Mr. T just appeared as I started writing. I’m not sure where he came from but I loved his Japanese proverbs. Neighborhoods on Maui are made up of all kinds of interesting peop…