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Cowboy Payback - Donna Michaels Interview

Let Us WelcomeAuthor of:
Donna Michaels

Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this story come from?
Donna:  First off, thanks for having me here, Char! The idea f from the first book Cowboy-FiancĂ©. The heroes in both books are twins, and Brett was a prankster that deserved his comeuppance. As for the military aspect, that came from reality. PTSD is a real issue in today’s military (my husband is full-time military), and I wanted to remind people that it wasn’t just the men who suffer. It was important to me to show woman deal with the same issues.

Rad-Reader:  Are you the type of author that can hear a conversation and say that will make a great start to a story?
Donna:  Yes. Absolutely. I get ideas all the time from listening to people or watching them. Heck, I once got an idea for a future story from watching birds on a wire.

Rad-Reader:  In this story Where and why did Brett think he was at the saloon for lunch in the first place?
Donna:  The saloon was an integral part in the original book…