Sometimes you have to stop skating if you want love to catch you...

I’m a player on and off the ice, with the reputation to back up my game.

I’ve never met a woman I couldn't get between the sheets, because I’m the best D-man on campus with the biggest stick.
I have two rules: don’t fall in love and play to win.

Until I meet her.

Cassie Rivers, my best friend’s sister—off-limits—and out of my league.

But from the moment I see her, I have to make her mine.

You know what they say about forbidden fruit. One taste is never enough.

It feels as if I've only been asleep a short time when I'm awakened by the sound of a garbage truck. Cracking one eye open, I see it's now light out, and I'm in my own bed. But I'm not alone. A warm, female body is tucked into mine, ass pressed tightly against my now very awake dick, and my left arm is draped loosely over her body, while one hand cups a perfectly shaped breast.

What the hell?

I squeeze my eyes closed and open them again, checking to see I am, in fact, awake. Still not believing what I'm seeing, because I'm fairly certain I was alone when I came in here last night, I press my fingers together and pinch a soft nipple.

"Ouch!" The strange blonde squeals, just before she elbows me in the gut.

"Hrrumph." The groan falls from my mouth before I can stop it. Using one hand to cover my junk, just in case her elbow starts flying again, I roll over onto my back. "Why the hell'd you do that?"

"Me?" she squeaks, frantically rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "I don't recall giving you permission to feel me up."

"Yeah, well, I wasn't expecting to find a hot girl in my bed this morning. Thought I was dreaming, wanted to see if you were real."

I've had my fair share of women in this bed. Women I've known. I don't recall meeting this one, but one glance tells me I'd like to rectify that.

The comforter's been pushed away, and she's wearing a pink lacy top over the skimpiest pair of shorts I've ever seen. She's really tiny, not only in body weight, but she must be a foot shorter than my six-three frame. Long, blond hair falls to the middle of her back, and this morning it's a hot mess of tangles, almost as if she went to bed with it wet. Before I know it, I'm picturing her naked in my shower, and suddenly my morning wood becomes a raging hard-on.

"You're not supposed to be home for two more days," she grumbles.

"Yeah, well, plans change, sweetheart. So, how'd you get in here, and why haven't we met before? You're really sexy. Are you aware of that?" My eyes skim over her once more before settling on the nipple I touched only moments ago. I find myself wondering how long she's been in my bed and which one of the guys I'll need to thank later.

"Ohmygod! Why are you naked? And why the hell are you aroused?" Her mouth gapes open in complete surprise. I glance to where the covers have been pushed down to my knees and can't help smiling when I see that not only am I hard, but my boy is so straight he's practically saluting us. I burst out laughing and link my hands behind my head, proudly leaving myself on display.

"Relax, sweetheart. I'm naked because this is my bed, and this is how I usually sleep. And, for the record, it's called morning wood, though the sight of you in that skimpy outfit doesn't hurt the situation." I smile smugly but she only glares in return before reaching down and grabbing the corner of the comforter to cover me. As her arm swings over me, her hair tickles my chest, sending another shock wave to my already aching lower half. I catch her by the wrist and can't mask my smirk when I ask her my next question. "So, any chance you wanna help me out?" My eyes dance between her and the obvious issue at hand.

She yanks her arm from my grasp and recoils as if I'm some sort of leper. This one is definitely not like the other women trying to make it into my bed. I normally have to fight them off. "No chance in hell."

"Okay, then. Guess I'll just have to take matters into my own hands." I reach beneath the comforter and give myself a stroke. Big mistake, seeing as how I never had any intention of going through with knocking one out while this chick sits only inches away. Wait a minute. She hasn't taken her eyes off me. In fact, she's looking at the space between my legs as if she's hungry for it. The tip of her pink tongue sneaks out to moisten her lips, and I picture what those lips could be doing. I give myself one more slow stroke. "You going to sit there with your mouth hanging open, or do you want to join in?"

She blinks a few times and shakes her head back and forth, not saying a word. "Is that a no?" I tease once more, but only because her eyes are still focused on the movement beneath the comforter.

"Are you really...? I mean... Would you actually do that while I'm sitting right here? You don't even know me." Her voice is soft and shaky as she offers me a shy, telling smile. One that reads both nervous, a young woman and curious sex kitten. I for one would love to meet the latter of the two.

"Oh, yeah. I've got no problem beating off in front of you if that's what you're into. However, there are other things we could be doing. One, in particular, comes to mind." I stroke myself slowly, and the way she's looking at my hand tells me I need to stop. If I'm not careful, I'll spew all over the sheets before she makes up her mind.

"Ew. Did you seriously just ask me to give you a blowjob? You don't even know me. That's just... gross." At this, she moves toward the edge of the bed, yet she still doesn't leave entirely, instead choosing to sit cross-legged and watch from further away. Unfortunately, her comment kills the moment. I've never had a woman look at me and utter the word Ew. Definitely an ego deflator.

Ego being my dick in this case.

"Annnnnddd, on that note..." I move to sit up but am immediately pushed back as she clambers up my body and plants a kiss on my lips. It's not the best kiss, but only because it's unexpected and clumsy. She smells sweet, kind of like strawberries or some shit like that. It's feminine, and I find I want to keep breathing her scent in. She pulls back, and we both stare at each other for a few seconds before either of us dares to make a move. I shift beneath her and study her expression. Her brows are drawn as if she's trying to decide where to go from here, and her lips tremble slightly with each breath she draws in. I lift my hand to her cheek and trace my thumb over the swell of her bottom lip.

"Let's try that again." My words come out as a whisper between us as I cup my hand around the back of her neck and slant my mouth over hers. Her lips are soft, tentative at first, and I'm instantly caught up in the way she feels against me. It's like we meld together in perfect unison. We take our time, kissing, breathing heavily, learning each other's next move. And it's good. Really, really good. Her lips press firmly against mine, then part as my tongue glides along the seam. As our tongues brush together, she makes this soft keening sound I love hearing. My lips move of their own accord and I work my way over her delicate skin, feathering soft kisses along her jaw and down her neck. Chicks love it when you do that. Her pelvis rocks slowly, teasing me with a quiet promise of something more. The soft cotton of her shorts glides over my length, and it feels so incredibly good. It goes on for a few seconds until I grab her by the hips and still her before I lose it. 

Since when did dry humping ever feel this damn good?

"Sweetheart," I murmur between wet kisses. "You never told me how you got in here." I kiss my way down her neck, intending to make my way down her gorgeous body.

"Scotty let me in last night," she answers breathlessly, arching her body until her breasts press firmly against my chest. "He didn't think you would mind."

"Trust me, honey, I don't mind. In fact, remind me to thank him later." I can see the outline of her nipples, and my mouth waters as I think about her squirming once I start licking and sucking them in the next twenty seconds. "How do you know Rivers?" I hum as my tongue prepares to get down to business.

She straddles my legs, grinding her pelvis over me, and it's driving me out of my everloving mind. Her hair falls softly around her sweet face, and while everything about her paints a perfect picture, the only thing I see are her breasts as they bounce less than three inches from my parted mouth. Then, without warning, she utters three words that would stop even the strongest of men in their tracks.

"He's my brother." My hands come up, shoving her off me as I scramble away. I can't get out of bed fast enough. I'm standing beside the bed, sporting a semi, while she's still kneeling, all sexed up and waiting to be taken. Only, I can't touch her.


I am so screwed...

"What's wrong?" She looks up with innocent, blue eyes, and all I want is to finish what we started. But there's no way I can. Rivers is my best friend. I would never do that to him. We both received a scholarship to play hockey and met on our first day of classes. Rivers is our goalie and a damn good one too. Me, I'm a defenseman, one of the best around. He guards the net, and I guard the puck. We're protectors; it's what we do. Last month he asked all of us to watch over his little sister. Somehow, I don't think this is the type of protecting he'd intended.

Technically, I've already broken two codes, but in my defense, I had no idea who she was. Note to self, always get a name before you shove your tongue down a girl's throat. It's also obvious girls are completely ignorant to the whole friendship code guys have established. Maybe that's why guys with sisters are so quick to enforce it when they meet new friends. Me, I don't have any sisters, but if I did, I know I would lay that shit down within the first ten minutes of meeting a guy.

"What's wrong?" I choke out. "Rivers is my best friend. There are rules guys live by, and I just broke two of them in less than five minutes. And I would have broken another if I hadn't asked how you got in here." I drag my fingers through my hair and give it a yank as I pace the room. "Shit. He's going to kill me." Reaching for my pants, I pull them on and tuck myself inside, leaving the buttons undone.
Meanwhile, she remains in a kneeling position. Her hair is tousled a bit more from me burying my hands in those silky strands, and her nipples peek at me through the scrap of material covering them. I can feel her staring, and no matter how hard I fight it, I turn to face her. Her legs are slightly parted, and my eyes rake down her body, coming to rest on the juncture between her thighs. Fuck, is that moisture on her shorts? Suddenly, my hand is in my mouth, and I'm biting down hard on my fingers to keep from screaming.

"No, he won't. He doesn't have to know about this. It can be our little secret. Come back over here and join me." She grins devilishly, revealing two beautiful dimples, and it's all I can do to swallow the knot forming in my throat. Girls with dimples drive me absolutely wild, though this girl managed to do that all on her own. I can tell she's turned on by the breathless sounds that fall past her perfect lips and her pert breasts rise and fall with each labored breath. Like an idiot, I remain rooted, unable to turn away. I stand there, my erection thickening, and stare as she slowly draws her hand between her legs and begins touching herself.

I practically choke on my next words as I fight for control over my own body. "Can you please stop doing that?"

"Why? Doesn't this turn you on?" The devilish gleam in her eyes tells me she knows exactly how her little show is affecting me, both mentally and physically.

"Why?" My eyes squeeze shut and it's all I can do not to scream as I answer her insane question. "Because your brother is an early riser and these walls are paper thin." I stomp into the bathroom and close the door on the entire scene.

"That's ridiculous," she scoffs, and as if on cue I hear Rivers' voice outside the outer door. I button my jeans as my mind scrambles for a way to talk myself out of this.

"Cass? You up yet?" he calls out, before knocking once and throwing open the door. This is his trademark entry. However, I don't see what happens because I've made the decision to dive into the tub and feign sleep.

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(BOOK 2)

He doesn’t want to be the guy who breaks her heart. He’s hoping to be the one who heals it.

They call me the #DirtyGentleman.

My reputation precedes me.
I’m forward on the ice and in the bedroom
With a filthy mouth and impressive moves.
I always get the job done.

I have my future all planned out:
Get laid often.
Land the job of my dreams.

Sounds easy. Right?
It was until Delaney Dixon burst into my life.

Eyes as warm as melted chocolate.
A sexy smile.
And a pair of Double-Ds that sends men to their knees in gratitude.

She’s broken, hiding from a secret past, and refuses to let me in.
But just like my game, I never quit.

She gave me one night.

But I want forever.

My stomach flip-flops when he steps even closer to pry my fingers away from the door. Taking one look at my attire, he stops in his tracks with his eyes blazing and practically growls his next words.
“Holy fuck. What are you wearing?”
My eyes drop down, taking in the lightweight tank top I often sleep in. It’s black with a large image of Iron Man on the front. The only other item I’m wearing is a pair of black lacy panties. I open my mouth to respond, but he swallows my words when his mouth crushes mine.
Without breaking our kiss, he lifts me by the ass and wraps my legs around his waist. My hands immediately find their way to his hair as I moan my appreciation against his mouth.
“I take it you like what I’m wearing?” I hum as his lips work their magic across my neck.
He pauses and lifts his face to mine. “Are you kidding me?” His finger toys with the edge of my panties, and I can’t help squirming a little at the thought of having his hand so close to that certain area of my body he already knows so well. “You are undeniably sexy, no matter what you have on, but I have to admit, I’m loving this look. And you can’t deny that when it comes to superheroes, Iron Man is pretty badass.”
“You know, I sorta have a thing for superheroes.”
“Is that right?” He chuckles against my lips.
“Yep. And Iron Man is my all-time fave.”
“Why is that?” He pulls back to study my face, then cracks a smile before finishing his question. “You have a thing for rich geniuses?”
“Hell, no.” I counter then second-guess my quick response. “Well, I take that back. I guess I can tolerate the genius part. But I try to steer clear from rich guys.”
I immediately feel him tense beneath me. “Why is that?”
“Most of the rich guys I’ve met are assholes looking to change you.”
“Well, maybe you just haven’t met the right kind of rich guy. They can’t all be bad.”
“I guess that remains to be seen. Either way, I think I’ll stick with nice, middle-class guys who accept me for who I am.” After declaring this, I’m aware the mood in the room has noticeably shifted.
He lowers his voice and tightens the grip on my ass. “Do you feel like talking about this?”
“Not really.”
“Thank god,” he murmurs against my lips as he kicks the door shut with his foot and backs us further into the room. My back meets the mattress, and a smile of appreciation fills his face when our eyes meet. “There are so many things I want to do to you right now. I hope you weren’t expecting to get any sleep tonight.”
His entire length presses against me, reminding me of what he came here for. I’ve decided I won’t push him away this time. Being in his arms feels too good, and I want him too badly to delay the inevitable any longer. My hips instinctively respond, as if they know what’s about to happen, and I can’t hide the contented sigh that falls from my lips when he slowly lowers his body to mine.
I’ve missed this feeling. The feeling you get right before you give yourself to someone.
The moments before clothes are removed. When you’re excited to discover what lies beneath all the layers, and the realization that mere threads of fabric have been the only barrier standing between you and the other person.
Once that registers, it’s as if a switch has been turned on inside me and I have this sudden desire to rip away every strip of clothing. Every wall I’ve put up in a foolish attempt to try and protect myself.
Foolish, because right now, the only one I need protection from is myself.
Suddenly, I’ve become a blur of lips and hands. I can’t kiss him enough. Can’t wait for my fingers to feel the warmth of his skin beneath them. I need him. All of him. And I am desperate. Desperate to feel him. Desperate to taste him. Desperate to know how perfectly he fills my aching body.
What’s worse, we haven’t even had sex, and I’m already desperate for him to ravage me again.
“Whoa. Slow down, sweetheart.” His hands find mine, and he stretches our arms out on the bed, lacing our fingers together as he lowers his mouth to my nose. The gentle kiss he places there contradicts the aggressive approach he took earlier in the evening. “What’s your rush? We have all night.”
I give my shoulder a half-hearted shrug. “I guess I figured I’ve kept you waiting long enough.”
“So, you’re only doing this because you think that’s what I expect?” He rolls over and lies flat on his back, staring at the ceiling as he mumbles quietly to himself.
“I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”
He swings his legs over the side of the bed and blows out a frustrated sigh when he sits up.
“No,” he says after a few beats. “I think I’ve made it abundantly clear I want you, but I don’t want this to happen between us unless we’re both fully on board. I know I came on strong earlier and just a few minutes ago, but if your sudden change of heart is based solely on the assumption I won’t be interested unless there’s sex involved, then I’ve completely failed you.”
I crawl behind him on my hands and knees, wrapping my arms and legs around him before I say what I need to say. “You haven’t failed me. Not in the least. Derek, you don’t owe me anything. We barely know each other. We’ve both said and done some things tonight, and I think we’ve made it perfectly clear where we expected this night to go. You haven’t misled me or misrepresented yourself in any way. I’m sorry I’ve been so wishy-washy. I guess I let my fears get the best of me and then doubt started creeping in. But please believe me when I tell you, I want you just as much as you want me. It just took me a little longer to admit it.”
I place a single kiss on the back of his neck and feel his body relax in my hold. Soon, one kiss turns into a series of soft, pecks that follow his hairline and end with his earlobe between my teeth. I give it a gentle nibble, then a flick with my tongue.
“I want to feel your hands and your mouth all over my body. I want you to show me everything I’ve been missing. And in the morning, I want you to remind me why it is I’m not supposed to hate myself for all of it.”
Our eyes lock, and he raises a hand to my cheek. For a moment neither of us says anything, yet so much is spoken in the silence. His thumb makes a sweeping pass over my cheek before he lowers his mouth to mine. “I can do that.”
In one swift motion, I’m pushed back on the bed and his mouth begins working its way down my body. When his tongue swipes across my nipple, my first response is to moan loudly. The second thing I do is grip his head with both hands and hold him firmly in place. There’s a layer of cotton between us, but I still feel everything.
“I’ve waited all night to wrap my lips around these.” He palms my left breast with one hand while teasing the other with the heat of his mouth. “I’m dying to get a look at this jewelry.” He catches the barbell between his teeth and gives it a gentle tug. “Does this hurt?”
“Nooooo,” I moan again, unable to control myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone take time to appreciate me. I get the feeling Derek plans on showing me a lot of appreciation tonight. It isn’t until his hand reaches inside my shirt that I come to my senses and stop him. “Wait!”
“You have got to be kidding me!” He heaves a huge sigh and mumbles against my chest. “I don’t think I can’t take much more.”
“Oh, shit. I’m sorry. That’s not what I mean. It’s just that I’m sharing this room with my cousin and she’s probably on her way up here right now. I’d hate to start something and have her walk in on us. Maybe we can take this back up to your room?”
Without hesitation, he scoops me up, and I lock my arms and legs around him. He’s halfway to the door before I start calling out items I’ll need for later.
“Purse! Room key! Phone!” I point in the direction of each item as I call it out. Never once does he set me down, I think maybe he’s afraid if he lets me go, he’ll miss this opportunity completely. Funny thing is, in this moment, I have this niggling in the back of my brain telling me I want to remain in his arms this way forever. Well, at least for the next eight to fourteen hours. Give or take a few.
He goes to hand me my phone but pulls it back just as quickly and holds it at an angle under the light.
“Wait a minute. What’s this?” His eyes dart between the phone and me. I drop my head straight to his shoulder, knowing exactly what it is he’s questioning. “Did you kiss your phone?”
“Give me that!” I reach for it, but he’s too quick and raises his arm high over his head just out of my reach.
“Just tell me whom you were kissing, and it’s yours,” he teases.
“It’s already mine, so give it back,” I huff.
He lowers his arm while still keeping it out of reach. With one hand holding me back, he uses the other to press the home key to fire up my screen. With a swipe of his thumb, the last image comes to life and he’s soon staring into his own eyes. He looks at my mouth then back to the screen. The imprint of my lips completely covers his face. Better yet, his whole head.
“Looks like someone missed me after they so heartlessly shoved me out of their room.” He starts to hand me my phone but still keeps a tight hold on it when I try and tug it away. “Just admit you regret sending me away with a raging case of blue balls, and I’ll give it back.”
His smug smile should irritate me, but it doesn’t. It only makes me desire him more.

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