Dakota dreams Novella


Hannah Wright's boring routine, ugly clothes, and shy personality has kept her safe from gossip the four years she has been raising the Hoven kids. Seth Hoven has managed to keep the relationship with his kids' nanny business only, as he deals with guilt after his wife's death. Then a beautiful diva crashes into their lives and changes everything.
The differences between his sweet nanny and his high-maintenance houseguest, the appearance of an ex-boyfriend, and Seth's growing attraction to Hannah has him wondering if he can live without her.
Between the local gossips, a meddlesome friend, and a demanding sister, Hannah's desire to please everyone jeopardizes her dreams and may just cause everything to crash down around her.


Extremely sweet clean storyline. This is a short story you will enjoy. Hannah is the nanny for Seth and his four children since his wife passed. Hannah is very shy and blends into any situation. Although, when she is engaged in a conversation or helping out with a project she is totally in. Yet, she dresses like someone’s eighty-year-old grandma. She’s worked for Seth for four years now over the course of time being a people pleaser, and oh yeah falling for Seth she went above and beyond by doing normal mom and wife duties (shiver).

But when someone goes flying off the highway and into Seth’s pasture then he invites her to be a guest for two weeks. As if Hannah didn’t have enough to due. But Monica was not what you would call a grateful guest. Not to mention she was rude to the children and pushed the twins off the bed. Not cool. Seth knows he needs Hannah but when he keeps siding with Monica. That’s when she knew her life needed to change first by stopping her dream of ever being with Seth. Then changing her appearance was next.

Now, this got Seth’s attention but he was noticing that a lot more guys were taking time to talk with her. Life just got interesting. Take the time to read you’ll enjoy this short.

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