Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this book come from?

Jane:  When I wrote Take Me Cowboy back in 2013, I knew I’d one day want to write stories featuring Jenny’s sisters, but it’s taken me five years to do it!  Mandy, the youngest Wright sister, is the heroine in Take a Chance on Me, and she’s been mentioned in other Marietta stories.  Mandy (or Amanda) is a hair stylist and smart and ambitious and it took me awhile to figure out her story, and then I thought, I’d love to give her a story that Tule Publishing could also pitch to Hallmark, which isn’t easy with my stories since I tend to write dramas, not Rom Coms.  My romances have lots of emotion, and tension, but this time I wanted to something a little lighter, and so I had two goals when writing Take a Chance on Me:  to give Mandy Wright a happy ever after, and to do it with a lightness and sweetness that could appeal to the Hallmark audience.  I think I mostly succeeded, but of course, toward the end of the story, there is the usual JP emotion!

Rad-Reader:  Tell us about Amanda and Tyler’s background.  Something the blurb/synopsis doesn’t.

Jane:  Amanda was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth—her family has struggled financially—and the Wrights don’t have the best reputation in Marietta so Amanda’s success is all the more meaningful.  Tyler’s dad may have been born and raised in Marietta, but Tyler is all Californian.  He does not identify with Montana in any way.

Rad-Reader:  Had Tyler never been to Marietta before?  It almost seemed like he never been there by the way he was talking to Amanda while getting his haircut.

Jane:  No, he hadn’t.  His father had never taken him back to Marietta.  All visits with his grandmother, were in California when Bette would come to visit them there.

Rad-Reader:  Tyler came there to check on Mandy because he felt she may be a liar and a cheat taking advantage of his grandmother.  Yet, isn’t he the only one lying so far?

Jane:  He is, but I don’t think he’s aware of that.  I think he’s so focused on protecting his grandmother that he doesn’t really think about his own subterfuge.

Rad-Reader:  If he has been so worried why hasn’t he been out to visit before and why doesn’t he already know Mandy since her and his grandma are such good friends?

Jane:  I think Tyler is typical of many driven men—he sees the big picture but is missing out on the details.  I don’t think men take in all the things we women say, and the fabric of our friendships aren’t as important so those things can easily be missed.

Rad-Reader:  After Coby died his father was doing a lot of extreme sports.  Did he do them before too?  Or just after?

Jane:  He’d always done extreme sports.  Both of his sons did, too.  They were an athletic family.

Rad-Reader:  Tyler found out his grandmother lent out some money.  How did he not know about the payment plan and the payoff?

Jane:  Tyler has only recently been brought into the financial side of his grandmother’s life, and it was at her invitation, but he’s not pouring over her numbers and accounts.  He’s busy with his work and he’s probably distracted between his work with Justice Games and what’s happening with his very active, bubbly grandmother in Montana.

Rad-Reader:  It sounded like Tyler never really has bothered to really come and spend any real quality time with his grandmother.  So, how would he know about her life?

Jane:  They have phone calls, and she writes him letters and he would fly her out for visits, but Tyler has resisted visiting Montana probably because his father distanced himself from his roots in Montana.  It’s actually a problem as we discover in this story!

Rad-Reader:  Tyler never even asked Mandy about her bad credit.  Or how she got it to that point.  Why?

Jane:  It’s a pretty personal thing, isn’t it?  It’s not easy to discuss someone’s financial state...and we all have different perspectives on financial stability.

Rad-Reader:  What was Mandy’s strategy behind the pink for the business that just bugged Tyler to no end?

Jane:  Mandy has an impulsive streak!  She is also a little bit of a rebel.  The moment Tyler started questioning her choice of colors for her salon, she began to get her back up.  But the choice of pink for her salon was based on two things:  her knowledge from psychology that pink is a soothing, calming color, and it tends to make people feel food, and then the fact that it’s feminine and Amanda embraces all things feminine.  She’s proud of who she is, and what she’s accomplished as a woman.

Rad-Reader:  Tyler couldn’t seem to relax why is that?  Who was he trying to prove himself too?

Jane:  Because Tyler grew up with a father who had cut himself off from his past (primarily his father and hometown), and then he lost his brother, he isn’t truly settled.  He doesn’t have a lot of inner peace, and he’s used his love of games to distract himself from this emptiness and restlessness.  I don’t think he’s reached the self-awareness stage to know why he can’t relax.  Is it because he’s creative?  Is it because there was tremendous tension between his father and grandfather?  Is it the loss of his father and brother?  I don’t think Tyler really knows, which is maybe why Mandy’s calm, stability and deep roots in Marietta affect him so profoundly.

Rad-Reader:  What did Charity and Jenny go to college to get a degree for?

Jane:  Jenny didn’t go to college.  She went to work after high school in Chicago and did clerical courses, which is why she wanted her younger sisters, Mandy and Charity to go to college.  Amanda studied Psychology—which as you know has really helped her with her clients--and Charity studied Communications.

Rad-Reader:  When Bette Reveals her secret that caused such discord for Tyler and Mandy.  What was her purpose for doing it in the first place?  Without revealing the secret.

Jane:  I think she either had a guilty conscience or, perhaps she believed everyone would be pleased?  I’m not sure why she chose that moment and the way she did it.  Perhaps she didn’t know how to handle it and figured the truth needed to come out, and since Tyler and Amanda are so close now, it shouldn’t be a problem???

Rad-Reader:  Mandy took the whole poverty, pulling themselves up together only pretty seriously.  More so than Charity.  Why is that?  Did something happen to her we don’t know about?

Jane:  Yes, things have happened to Charity that we don’t know about. Charity has some secrets in her past, secrets that will be revealed in her Christmas story coming out December 4th, Not Christmas without You. 

Rad-Reader:  Why did Jenny not come back home why did she chose to go and marry someone that is from Colorado?

Jane:  Jenny left home after high school and went to work in Chicago where she became a very valuable personal assistant to a wealthy executive.  They eventually fell in love, and the wedding was to be in Marietta, but when Charles and Jenny arrive in Montana for the wedding, everything falls apart, and Charles leaves Jenny virtually at the altar.  Jenny is rescued from a street corner, in her wedding dress, by her childhood crush, Colton Thorpe, a national bullriding champ. Even though both Colton and Jenny are from Marietta, they both want a new life together, and choose to settle down on property Colton buys in Colorado.

Rad-Reader:  Is there someone is Charity’s future that will be coming forward soon that we don’t know about, or do we? 

Jane:  Yes!  I’ve just started writing Charity’s story and I am so excited about it.  It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas romance!

Rad-Reader:  Bette seemed so crushed when Mandy wouldn’t talk to her.  But does she understand why she felt that way?  Does Tyler?

Jane:  Both Bette and Tyler understand, but Tyler hates seeing his grandmother so hurt.  He wants to smooth things out, but Amanda needs some time.

Rad-Reader:  How many books are in this series?

Jane:  There are 4! 

Book 1 - Take Me, Cowboy
Book 2 – Miracle on Chance Avenue
Book 3 – Take a Chance on Me
Book 4 – Not Christmas Without You

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Mandy:  Julianne Hough

Tyler:  Jensen Ackles

Bette:  Judi Dench

Charity:  Christina Aguilera

Jane:  Ooh, you picked some good ones!  

Bette:  I’d have to go with Judi Dench, too!

Charity:  Blake Lively

Okay, sticky, she would watch her hubby kissing the other woman who will play her sister.  Yikes! LOL!!!

Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describes the feel of your two characters of the book as a whole?

“Take Back Home Girl – Chris Lane ft. Tori Kelly”
When he goes to investigate Mandy, he finds someone totally different.  Someone who wakes up his senses.

“Love By You – Kirby”
When Mandy meets Tyler and is confused because she knows he doesn’t trust her friendship with his grandmother.  Yet, he shows his lust he feels for her.

“Keep Me Awake – Rhys Lewis”
When Tyler leaves early to go back to Texas because he’s confused about just meeting Mandy.  Yet, feelings have formed in just a few days making him run scared.

“It’s You – Maggie Rose”
She was so surprised when she like this man after his disdain.  She had not only liked the man, imagine.  She, like everyone in her hometown who had lumped her into the Wright Girls from the other side of the tracks they have to be bad, had distrusted Tyler too.  Wasn’t willing to give him a chance.  But she was falling for him he was making it past her well-constructed walls to make it up to her heart.

Jane:  I played Brandi Carlile’s: 
Give Up The Ghost 
when I was writing this book and I think a lot of the songs captured the emotions of this story.

Rad-Reader:  Where is your favorite place to meet your friends for lunch?

Jane:  I love Nick’s and South of Nick’s in San Clemente....great ambiance, great salads, great dessert!

Rad-Reader:  What is your favorite style of clothing and why?

Jane:  I love jeans and kaftans and fun, colorful smocks and bohemian tops.  I also love gorgeous earrings, whether beaded shimmering chandelier style or large hoops.  I used to love boots—but have become a comfort clog person due to health stuff.  I so miss my cool shoe days!!

Rad-Reader:  What items you need to make your writing work for you?


Rad-Reader:  Would you be the one to jump out of the plane or the one to meet them all at the rendezvous?


Rad-Reader:  Your favorite genre to write other than your current writing?


Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it due out?


Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?

     Thanks so much for coming together with Lee to get this done so quickly.  With you just coming back into the country and having your computer back up and running after a crash cannot be fun this I know from first-hand experience. 
     It all worked out well.  So, thank you.  This was such a fun book to read.  Mandy is one strong woman character that still knows how to be a woman at the same time.  All to poor Tyler's weak heart he just could not hold out any longer he was a goner. 
     You are now a 1 Rad-Reader Misfit and hope you will come back and use our Shout-Out page to let us know when you have a new book coming out.  
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  18. Thanks so much everyone for stopping by. Jane was so easy to work with & a pleasure to interview. Like you my fangirl has her answers fulfilled. I so glad you like the questions I asked but I actually write them down as I am reading so they are actually my thoughts as I go along just like you. Sometimes I get so invested in the characters I forget that they are just that characters. So, it is fun when you get an author like Jane & others we Interviewed to answer our questions giving our readers more insight into the characters or the development of the book as a whole. Many thanks again, Jane ;)


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