Back to You #1

Hard Crush

HARD CRUSH                                    MIRA  LYN KELLY


A jaded billionaire.
The girl who got away.
A second chance has never been so sexy.

Technology has it out for me. And I’m not talking about my ever-ailing phone or the temperamental Smart Board in my classroom. I’m talking about the internationally hailed “Tech Genius” formerly known as the boy I used to love.

It was bad enough seeing that cocky smile staring back at me from my newsfeeds, the gossip sites, and—fine—the scorchingly hot men’s fitness magazine I bought in a moment of weakness. But now he’s back home, teasing me with the memories I’ve tried to leave behind, crowding into my space and taunting me with the kiss I can’t resist. I know it’s only a matter of time before I lose him again. He’s already told me he isn’t staying, warned me he’s changed. I know better than to let him get too close, so why can’t I push him away?

They call me a visionary. An innovator. Hell, last week a headline touted me as the billion-dollar geek keeping Silicon Valley’s panties wet. Try living that down. Strip away the media BS, and I’m just a tech-minded guy with my eyes on the future and no time for a past I can't change. So what am I doing following the sweet sound of its laugh back to the woman who passed on our chance at forever?

I tell myself all I want is to say hello. To see her smile. Just a few minutes to pretend we’re still the “us” I thought would never end. But once I've had a taste of the too tempting woman she's become, a few minutes isn’t enough.

The man I am today is used to getting what he wants, and I want her.
The problem? She wants the guy I used to be.

Ten years later, all that’s changed is… everything.

                                                                      CHAR'S  REVEIW

Abby Mitchel never really left her hometown. Once she found her forever home. The one she had with Dale and Lauren, she knew her days of moving around were over. It took Abby a long time to trust her parents, not to toss her back into the system again. No one understands the loneliness, abandonment, and mistrust issues children in the system have to face. It is a long hard struggle of change and no stability. It ate away at Abby.

When she met, Hank Wagner she told him that there was no sense in them becoming friends, because she’d be moving on soon. To her surprise, she didn't. She and, Hank dated for four years. The week before their breakup she was heartbroken over the hardest decision of her life. She had decided to tell, Hank about their dream of them being promised to each other, a house with a red door, a two chairs on the porch. And her being a teacher. Aren’t meant to be.

Well, being a teacher, is a sure thing. Everything else is a no. Abby had decided, she couldn't be that girl waiting around, for her man to come back for her. Which was a good, thing because it took him ten years to come, back to town. This tumbleweed may have physically moved from, the East Coast to, the Midwest of, Chicago closer to home. However, Hank kept blowing from one hotel in one country or another.

So, when they do reconnect a dinner date is not granted. Her fears are on full tilt. But, when he sees a guy hanging around, Abby he doesn't like what feelings that stirs up. Wilson is not a threat just, Abby’s colleague. This is such a good book. You see both make such a huge metamorphosis change by the end of the book that it's not until my husband and I are discussing it that I realize the impact of their changes and why, hit me. It causes waterworks for me.

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