NOT SEEKING MR. RIGHT                         NATASHA MOORE

Ginny Colburn can’t believe she’s been dumped by her wedding date at the reception.

And everybody knows it.

So when a cute, younger man serving champagne to the guests flirts with her, she decides to really give the guests something to talk about and flirts back.

But the incredible one-night stand gives her more than great memories.

A few weeks later, she’s got a positive pregnancy test and the task of having to tell a guy half her age, “Congratulations, you’re a dad.”

Only he doesn’t react the way she thinks he will at all...

                                                              PAT'S REVIEW

I really liked this story, the characters were funny at times and also serious. The story has Ginny, a forty-year-old woman arriving at a wedding shower not wanting to go in but noticing a naked guy dressing in the parking lot. Getting her attention right away she goes towards him and once he finishes dressing they introduce themselves, she helps with his tie and yet they each find the other attractive.
Though Josh is working the event he continues to look for Ginny and when they are free he finds her to dance. When he finds out about her ex they agree to one stand in order for her to wipe away her ex. Weeks later though she finds herself pregnant after telling Josh and saying no to his proposal the story still has many fine moments between the two of them with her learning to cook from him and going to yoga which she never thought she would do. Though he is still in love with her after the third proposal and yet another rejection, he leaves once again. She, of course, being older than his twenty-five years feels like he would be giving up his dream and she wants him to go, not realizing that maybe she and the baby are his dreams now. This book will keep you going from page to page once you start it and with all of the characters in the book you have enough to like and dislike as you go along. A very good story about life and very much worth the read.

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