Jack Allan cannot count the number of times he’s been approached with invitations beginning something like, “My sister has a friend…” It seems as if everyone in the small town of Corbett, Idaho, is intent on finding a wife for him--everyone except for Jack himself. The townspeople gossip that this is because Jack, a young widower, has not gotten over the death of his wife, Katelin, and in a way they are right. However, it isn’t his undying love for Katelin which is holding Jack back. Rather it is the memory of events surrounding her death, events about which only he knows and which have left him filled with guilt. 

Undeterred, Ruby Henderson, Jack’s feisty neighbor, introduces him to her granddaughter, Ally. Jack unwittingly finds himself attracted to Ally, and it seems she is attracted to him too. So he is stunned when he finally asks her out and she turns him down by saying it would be best if they were just friends. This sets in motion events which lead Jack into one romantic entanglement after another and with not one possible romantic interest but three. 

Set against the backdrop of farming and small-town life, The Reluctant Courtship of Jack Allan is filled with amusing characters. It tells a story which is sometimes humorous and sometimes poignant as Jack struggles with his guilt while also working to sort out his love life and those of the people around him. 


          I truly enjoyed the spirit of this story.  There were parts of it on the apple pie in the sky, side of life.  Like, too good to be true for what we are used to in today's hustle and bustle, isn't it?  Yes!  But that is one of the reasons I liked it.  Because it was, not to mention, it was funny too.

     This book was filled with crazy dating antics, brothers and sisters can get each other into.  Real life mom moments where you will spaz when something catches you off guard.  Or when you have five boys getting into things they shouldn't and it is real life antics that are the comical results some not so funny. 

     Jack is a great guy.  Stuck in his head in a lot of ways, because he holds a secret that won’t allow him to get over, a time during his wives’ passing three-years-ago.  So, when he is ordered by Ms. Ruby to attend the dance to meet her granddaughter the new possible high school teacher.  He has no choice, he goes.

     He finds out Ally has a ten-year-old son Ben.  This doesn’t spook him.  What spooks him is his reaction to meeting her.  She’s gorgeous.  He’s not been attracted to anyone since his wife’s passing.  So, when Ally moves in with Ruby when she gets the job he thinks it’s time to move on.  So, he asks her out…Those boys mentioned, are four from Jack's sister household, Gwen.  Then, a new neighbor moves into the area, Ally, shes also Jack's love interest, who he brings to sis’s house and she has a son, Ben.  The fifth boy who hangs out with Gwen's boys.

     See how this goes for both of them.  Whether it’s an obvious conclusion as Ms. Ruby thinks. Or a problem down the line that affects their friendship, breaks them up as being neighbors or is she not into farmers.  The cast of characters and escapades of this storyline will keep you totally engaged as well as invested in the characters.

     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provide by the author for an honest review.  
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WHAT MATTERS MORE                         LIORA BLAKE

A sexy contemporary romance about what happens when a casual one-night stand becomes anything but casual.

JT Maxwell has it all . . . well, almost. He's a US Marshal, he looks like he belongs in an aftershave commercial, and he has tattoos—lots of tattoos. Unfortunately, he's also in debt up to his pretty blue eyeballs. Between that and his recent divorce, his personal life is nonexistent these days. But when a free-spirited artist approaches him for a no-strings-attached one-night stand, things suddenly start looking up.

Anya Alves's life is a mess. She's lost her job, caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and if it weren't for the house-sitting gig she just landed, she'd be homeless. On top of all that, her creative muse has up and disappeared. If she doesn't get it back, her burgeoning career as an artist will be over before it starts. But after indulging in a steamy hook-up with a guy who makes it easy to forget her troubles, she gets her mojo back.

The last thing she expects when starting her house-sitting job is to see her sexy one-night stand again . . . living right across the street.


     Two lost souls looking for their true north.  When they happen to be at the same place at the same time.  He is on the spin cycle at the bottom of the sink.  A year out from a brutal divorce that has him paying through the nose and living in his parent’s basement.
     The only positive in his life is his health and strength which he works extremely hard to maintain because it also keeps him safe at work.  So, physical training is important.  Then, there is his work as a U.S. Marshal which he knows he is extremely good at it.  After a tour as a Marine, he knew this was a place he could excel.
     Last but not least, are his friends and partners Lexi and Chris.  That he trusted his life with more than anyone outside of his parents.  Chris and he work-out together or should I say torture each other. Being that Chris and his wife are separated they are at a bar having a drink after a long day.  When Chris bails his kids are sick and his wife needs help.
     As JT is finishing his drink a woman with a fried onion appears on Chris’ stool.  She starts chatting it up.  Her chatter is kind of cute, so he listens and responds a few times until she pushes a sensitive button.  He stands pays and bids a farewell.
     Anya the woman who had been talking to him all of sudden comes running up behind him in the parking garage.  When he turns with his hand on his weapon.  Then is when she realizes he’s a Marshal.  Once she explains how she what she wants, a “one and done,” he seems a little puzzled.  What he really wants is for her to explain.
     He first explains he’s a Marshal and makes sure she knows if she’s a, HO she will be arrested.  She seems offended but assures him she’s not.  She just needs her muse back and to expel her ex’s bad juju.
     Once he agrees things move quickly.  The next morning to her dismay he is gone.  She does find his business card with a note.  Called into work.  But she’s okay with that her muse is back.  The next morning she’s packed and moves on to her housesitting gig.
     After being shown around and meeting a few of the neighbors.  Anya is surprised when she sees a familiar SUV and driver pull in across the street.  And the neighbor she was just introduced to starts calling to her son.  When he gets out with his back to her it looks familiar but it was his arms with the sexy tattoos that make her heart race, her mouth drool, and she held her breath.
     When he turns there is a look of surprise and panic.  Tada! It was, sure enough, JT.  Although this is a good book it lagged for me in the middle.  I like good erotica as long as there’s a story to keep me interested.  This was like the sex was a filler sometimes.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Really 3.5 stars.  Provided by 
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Author: Interview Posted Friday

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1 Rad-Reader Author Interview Weekly Schedule

May 31 – Rose Verde
Destined for Love

June 7 – Cindi Madsen
Just One of the Groomsmen

June 14 – LaVerne Clark
Home to Me

June 21 – Barbara Hannay
Jenna: Outback Brides of Wirralong

A Story Like Ours (Love Story Duet #2)

A STORY LIKE OURS                              ROBIN HUBER

Even when we were kids, the connection between us was overwhelming. I knew Sam and I were soulmates, destined to be together. Breaking that love would mean breaking us. And for a little while, that happened. I lost the man who had always been my other half.

After too much heartache and too many years apart, we've finally found our way back to each other. But Sam's professional boxing career is getting in the way of our happy ending. I don't know how much longer I can watch him take another crushing punch, knowing each one knocks him closer to danger. He's killing himself. For me. For us. And for one tiny other...

Then the blow comes. It's not the one I thought it would be--fist in glove--but the result is the same. We're on the verge of losing everything we fought for. Everything we sacrificed for.

We thought we paid the price. We thought we had it all.

But what if my love isn't enough to bring Sam back to me?


When I finished the first book and was left with a cliff hanger I was frustrated, to say the least. Being able to get the second book I jumped right in and finished it the same day. Still a very good story and a few times you think that Lucy is maybe wanting to be with Drew, even though you know as the reader the author is taking you through all of the emotions she is going through with the new changes in her life. The author takes you through a love story but also what couples go through when losing someone close to them, to change in their life whether job or situation. How you may plan for something and it comes before you want it to. So yes both of the characters take you on a journey but the author really makes it a true love story. When you get to the last part of the book and the epilogue you know you are coming to the end of this ride with these two characters. All of the characters in this story were good and the author has done a wonderful job of taking you on a journey with them. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

A Love Like Yours (Love Story Duet #1)

A LOVE LIKE YOURS                              ROBIN HUBER

I've been a fighter all my life, even before I made it my career. As a kid in the foster system, I didn't have any other choice. But I've never fought for something--for someone--as hard as I fought for Lucy. I was her protector, her hero--and she was my everything. From the day we met, she made our grim days in Atlanta's notorious Brighton Park fade away--leaving only us.

But we broke each other's hearts, and we did a damn good job of it. A decade has passed since I last saw her, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her clear blue eyes or easy smile. So when I see her at one of my matches--and find out that she's engaged--I need to understand why she turned her back on me all those years ago. Because no matter what I do, no matter how many guys I knock out in the boxing ring, I can't forget her

So I'm not giving up on her. I'm not walking away.

I'm going to fight for Lucy one last time.


First, let me say that there is a cliff hanger at the end of this book. The good news for me is that I have already begun to read the next book. On with the review. The two main characters of the story meet in the foster care system at a home. You are taken back through the story of how they meet and the bound that they formed. When they were in high school he a senior and she a junior life threw them both another curveball. He was arrested and then later ended up doing three years in prison. The reason behind all of this is explained and as the years pass on by she never went to see him or answer any letters. Now ten years have passed. He has become a champion boxer and she is getting ready to open a gallery with her art. She is also engaged to someone else. A man she never told where she came from or why she follows Sam’s career as a boxer so much. With an opportunity to go to the fight with two friends which is in New York, they live in Atlanta. She goes. What does not expect is how close they are to the ring. When later in the fight it looks like Sam is going to lose he hears the voice from his past. Lucy yelling to get up. He does and wins. Now on a quest to find her, he sees she actually was there from the video. Days later he ends up standing to look at her in her studio telling her things to need to be explained so he can move on. When he does she breaks down, for now, she feels like she let him down when he needed her. The rest of this book is about the two of them, her relationship with her fiancĂ© and her desire to be with Sam but also to have this gallery. She has choices to make and not all of them will be easy. The scenes are intense the boxing matches are good. All of the characters are good in this book. This is an excellent story that surprised me but I could not put in down until I finished. Very much worth the read! I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us at


JENNA                                         BARBARA HANNAY

Can she keep a safe distance? 

Jenna Matthews is a city girl, no question. Despite a childhood spent in the Outback, she's committed to her fast-paced life and the competitive world of corporate law. When her best friend asks her to be bridesmaid, Jenna finds herself in Wirralong and wildly attracted to the best man. A fling? Why not? 

Dangerously sexy Sam Twist runs his vast family sheep property and is as keen as Jenna to keep their relationship at fling status. Then the authorities turn up on his doorstep and Jenna jumps in to help despite Sam’s protests. 

She soon learns that after years of drought, there are others in the district who need her skills. Her dilemma? Spending too much time around Sam is perilous. He could rob a girl of her heart.


    I truly enjoyed not only this book but this couple.  Some may say how can you fall in love so fast.  Well, it may not have been total love, but after all, they both have been dating a number of others, they know the chemistry is there for each other.  It is different.
     Plus, I’m sure having the security of each other’s friends as besties had to help too.  The fact that they are spending added time together, they seem to mesh.  Sam proving to Jenna, not only to be a fantastic lover, but a kind and giving man.
     Sam knows the moment he set eyes on Jenna that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  As he gets to know her, she isn’t just a city girl.  She didn’t mind jumping into to help where needed.  Like with the lambs.  Ruining her dress from the wedding too.
     It is finding out about her past that bounds them both.  The way he handles it, that is the key that opens Jenna’s, fearful heart. 
     I could feel the love just rolling off these two characters even if they couldn’t figure it out for a while.  They have an amazing amount of restraint in how they chose to handle the chemistry when they knew they really wanted to be with each other.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by
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UNEXPECTED (Start Up in the City #1)

UNEXPECTED                                    KELLY RIMMER

Co-parenting with her best friend. What could go wrong? The next three decades of Abby Herbert's life are as carefully planned out as the last three were. Best career ever? Check. Great friends, one of whom she lives within a stunning Tribeca apartment? Check. The perfect man to share her dream family? Surely just a matter of time. But then she gets devastating news from her doctor--if she wants to get pregnant, she needs to get started on that by...well, yesterday. On the bright side, she has the perfect person in mind to be the father. Tech entrepreneur Marcus Ross has been harboring decidedly not-friends feelings toward Abby. He doesn't want to lose her and, knowing his feelings are one-sided, he's been trying to move on. When he learns about the curveball Abby's just been hit with, he promises to be there for her however she wants him to be, even if the idea of fatherhood is a little complicated for him right now. But it isn't long until boundaries start to blur, and a deal struck between friends starts to turn into something perilously close to feelings that could change everything... 


     What an endearing book of two friends who were truly that f-r-i-e-n-d-s. That no matter what they were there for each other.  Happy, sad, bad relationships, new relationships, and all the in between.  Therefore all of it.  But when it came to needing a test tube baby daddy Marcus’s very neurotic friend, Abby asked his twin brother, Luca.
     The reason being, Marcus never was one to want marriage and children.  Where Abby has always wanted them to an all-out obsession.  In fact, she has a baby book.  Not just any baby book as you and I would think of but the mother of all baby books.  This is one she has been putting together for years that gives you the 411 on how to.
     How to care for yourself before getting pregnant, to getting pregnant, to being pregnant, to having said baby, to having an infant, you get what I’m saying.  I mean she even has how she will find the perfect man who is a gamer to understand her job, they will have a dog, and where they will.
     But when a check-up doesn’t go as planned, she has to think fast.  That is when Luca is called to meet with her.  Luca is not the one she gets along with they don’t hate each other they are just not besties like her and Marcus.  Yet, when Marcus says no, she feels pressured to tell Marcus her plan to find a donor daddy at the clinic.  She never would have told him, but Luca said he would if she didn’t.
     So, Abby had to spill her guts about her medical condition and about wanting a baby fast.  This is when the story takes an interesting turn.  This deals with medical issues that are real that Abby has to deal with daily.  She hates dealing with reality, confrontation, and emotions so this causes her to delay telling Marcus.  Causing hurt feelings.
     So, you add emotions, humor, extended friends and their families and you have a basis for this really enjoyable story.  I mean who hasn’t had a dream.  Although, Abby’s is extreme.  Her friends tell her, but you have to remember she lives in a dream world most of the day, she is CEO and creator of a successful gaming company.  Not to mention everything outside her pod is overwhelming for her.
     Marcus being her lifelong friend gets her and has never judged her for it or begrudged her for it.  Yes, he was insensitive with the women he once dated the ones and done.  Or the months and done.  But never Abby.  Which has been his longest relationship, granted it has been platonic.  He as always been true to her.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by


THE RELUCTANT COURTSHIP OF JACK ALLAN                 DAYLE KING SEARLE Jack Allan cannot count the number of times he’s been approached...