Found My Valentine

 FOUND MY VALENTINE                                  CARLY KEENE

Valentine's just realized A) that her boyfriend's a jerk, and B) she doesn't have to put up with him anymore. Now she's dateless just before Valentine's Day. Funny thing is, she's loving the sudden freedom to be herself.
Garrett's been looking for The One all his life -- or at least since his honorary aunt started pushing him to look. Now she seems to have appeared out of nowhere, at the bar of the Soulless Italian Chain Restaurant they both hate.
When you find the person who's meant to be your lifetime valentine, sometimes you just know.
Standalone short steamy insta-love romance between one strong alpha male and one strong, beautiful, curvy girl. Let the Valentine romance blossom like a bouquet of red roses!


Okay, how can you not love most insta-love reads? Including this for sure. This book just carries a happy feel-good tone throughout. Even when the beautifully voluptuous Valentine dumps her ex- that is cocky, scornful, and childish. For not taking her seriously, discounting all she does in her profession, and for fat-shaming her.

What she didn’t know was that she had an interested party during the floor show right there in the chain restaurant. You see the guy who most might call an Adonis, she had noticed him earlier. When he was leaving the restroom, she was thinking he is gorgeous. He saw her too, but he was with a group and the birthday song started so he couldn’t talk to her. He did return and loved that his curvy girl was giving the guy what for.

When he asks to sit with her at the bar the chemistry is instant. As they are talking he asks what Jason did so he never does it. Although he had eaten he buys her dinner, they are talking about everything they have in common which is a lot. Then before you know it they are heating up the sheets, but this is no one, and done you get a HEA. A book received during July-Aug. giveaways.

Brother-in-law's Baby (South Side Boys #3)

 BROTHER-IN-LAW BABY                                ALEXIS WINTER

Look, this isn’t my dream life.
I never planned on being a single mom begging to live with my brother-in-law.
And it’s no secret he didn’t want this arrangement either.
Fresh off a broken engagement, he isn’t exactly welcoming us with open arms.

But I can’t help noticing the way his eyes linger on my lips,
heavy with lust and a look that says, ‘I’m about to devour you.’
And don’t even get me started on how amazing he is with my son.

I can’t say I’ve been very innocent in this either,
With rock hard abs and arms the size of pythons,
It’s hard not to imagine ripping his tight t-shirt off his tattooed body.
And acting out every dirty scene I’ve ever read in a romance novel.

I just have to keep my focus so I can get my life back on track,
Before my son isn’t the only one falling in love with Mr. Moody and Brooding.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t pay top dollar for a drug like him.
And I have it here.
Right now.

So how do I tell him the reason I ran away is because he’s about to be a daddy?


Friends, who all originally meet at a bar as strangers, but click turning into each other’s chosen family. You have an older brother, Kalum, and Maverick. When they are at a very young age, became two of the best at stealing cars, for a chop shop. But when younger brother Maverick has something the FBI needs Kalum decides to do them a favor to protect him, turning them both legit. Now they own two top of the line auto garages. But, both did do prison time.

Two other friends are now married Anabelle an artist and Jaxson who is an owner of a gymnasium with a boxing ring.

Also, in the mix of friends is the older sister, Tori, and Scarlett. Not totally clear how they both ended up in the south side of Chicago when they are from Wisconsin. However, at some point, Scarlett hooks up with Rick a talker and a user. But she thinks it’s love and she gets pregnant by him. Producing Grant. A now, sweet three-year-old. She is working as an LVN by day and at night as a waitress to make ends meet.

Tori her kind-hearted yet foul-mouthed sister watches him at night. Scarlett is falling deeper and deeper into debt. So, on a whim, Scarlett applies for the RN program. Never expecting to be accepted. To her, it is a pipe dream. She is accepted, but, so much in the hole, she knows it is never happening for her. Kalum and Jaxson go to Maverick, who to say, is less than enthusiastic, would be an understatement, about their idea of helping her.

You see he has more than enough room at his home, but the home itself is a sore spot. Bitter, you might say. But once the guys tell her to go in for the hard sell taking Grant she does. That and chocolate chip cookies. She catches him totally off guard. She found both his week spots a little boy who likes trucks as much as he does, which melts her heart, and he loves her cookies. When at first he says, no by the end it, he is saying, yes.

See the ups and downs of the “Grinch” and “Snow White” living in the same house. The growth and setbacks and then more growths are interesting. Making every girl want a Maverick. This is a Kindle Unlimited free find which I totally enjoyed.

The Secret Billionaire's Nanny


A Single Dad & Nanny Romance

He hired me to look after his little girl. But the hardest part of this job is keeping my eyes off him.

I never thought I would take a job as a nanny. And I never, ever thought I would find myself aching for my employer. But when Lucas hires me, that’s exactly what happens. He’s a hot single dad who works hard and loves even harder. And when the opportunity arises, we can’t resist.
Problem is, our relationship sets off alarm bells with the locals. And Lucas is hiding something from me that he refuses to open up about.
I want so badly to keep seeing him. And I love looking after his sweet daughter.
But we have to end this…unless one of us can figure something out.

THE SECRET BILLIONAIRE’S NANNY is a fun, quick romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!


Sophia has just graduated from college with an art major. With no plans but to actually do art, she gets asked by her best friend to take over her nanny job because Ava is going away for an inter job. Although Sophia is not into babysitting, kids, make her nervous, Ava is good at persuading her by telling her Penelope is very self-sufficient. Calming her nerves making her agree to the job.

She doesn’t get to meet Lucas before she starts, but the morning of she falls head over hills in love with Penelope. She finds her to be so mature for her age, polite, funny, and creative. She knew it would be nice working there with her. When Lucas comes home she knows she is in trouble. She sees one sexy, tall, and charming man who loves his daughter.

When Lucas arrives home from work he feels this sexual charge just shaking hands with Sophia. He thought she was beautiful and he had not noticed or felt anything for a woman since his wife passed away. But when circumstance from the neighborhood women bully Sophia more than once occurs she needs to quit. Breaking all three of their hearts. See if Lucas can turn it around. And find out why they are bullying her.

Sweet story. A short and sweet read. A July-Aug. giveaway book.

Goody Two-Shoes (Juniper Creek #3)

 GOODY TWO SHOES                                 C.L. CRUZ

Goody Two-Shoes is a short, sweet, steamy story. It is the third in the Juniper Creek series but can be read as a standalone. It features a strong, curvy heroine and the man who wins her heart.

I’ve always been a good girl. I stayed out of trouble, was the valedictorian of my class, and was even accepted into my father’s alma mater.
But it was never enough to get my parents’ attention.
In fact, when they leave for the summer after my graduation, my best option is to stay with an old family friend and his surprisingly attractive son.
Before embarking on the life they have planned for me, I might as well have fun.
Tank Roberts is sexy, experienced, and sees something in me that no one else has.
When it comes down to it, do I keep trying to fulfill my parents’ expectations or do I go after the life I really want?

I didn’t always dream of being a small business owner, but I’m content with my life.
At least, until I lay eyes on Charlotte Lowry.
Juniper Creek isn’t big enough for the both of us.
She’s young, curvy, temptation incarnate, and living in my house.
Charlotte has every opportunity, and I’m going to make sure she doesn’t waste them.
Even though I don’t want to ruin her future, if I have anything to say about it, she’s going to be a part of mine.


Charlotte’s being displaced once again by her parents. Ever since her dad’s law practice really took off after the start of middle school. She became nothing but an afterthought. Now the house is being remodeled so rather than take her on vacation with them they ship her off to her dad’s military buddy. One she hadn’t seen since that last family vacation to Lonnie’s home in Juniper Creek.

Well, a lot had changed since they last saw Lonnie. So, when she arrives on the bus no one is there to greet her. When Lonnie gets there he arrives as the cab driver. Imagine her surprise when he says he is still on the clock and will be dropping her at the bar. Charlotte is a curvy girl, eighteen, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and no one to reinforce her self-esteem.

Lonnie tells her to just walk into the bowling alley bar and ask for Tank which is Lonnie’s son. When they finally meet he can’t believe it’s that little girl from their past. ‘Little Lottie’ she hates it. He thinks she’s hot as hell, but she’s ten years younger. He loves every one of her curls.

Tank ends up with her for the majority of the two weeks because Lonnie is on a bender. Tank is a hot tall big man, tattooed, blonde man bun, and crystal blue eyes. As much as, he wants her she wants him.

Very sweet book, enjoyable characters, love how Charlotte made her own decisions for her future but for once the person who said they love her asked questions about her wants, gave her tools and support, and a lot of love.
A find on kindle unlimited.

Tempting (Hot Guys with Glasses #4)

 TEMPTING                                                   EVA STONE    LIZ FOX

I’ve always been shy, which is why I work from home doing graphic design.
So when I have to find a new housemate to pay the rent, my anxiety skyrockets.
I shouldn’t have worried, my first applicant is almost as socially awkward as me.
He’s also funny, sexy, and makes me want to crop it like he’s hot.
But does he really want me or am I just another convenience?

I do my best when I’m in front of a computer.
It isn’t that I can’t manage the basics of life, it’s that they aren’t as interesting.
But when my housemate kicks me out, I have to find a new place fast.
Luckily, the townhouse next door has a room... and a beautiful woman.
June is curvy, kind, and effortlessly holds my attention.
Now, I just have to convince her that she’s more than a convenience, she’s my forever.


This was adorably funny. This revolves around Wesley a socially awkward sexy coder for a software company he and his three buddies own. He is so focused on coding he doesn’t see his surroundings or the world around him especially if he gets into his zone. In fact, he has to have alarms to tell him to order food to be delivered not mention he has a personal shopper that buys anything he may need because his coding absorbs his total attraction.

He completely missed functions for the business to the point the guys have done interventions. Now two months ago his friend slashes his housemate and his business partner did ask him to find himself his own apartment because Mateo’s girlfriend Clara is moving in now in two days. Imagine Wes’s surprise but plays it off. But lucks on his side when he goes to the curb to wait for his food. On the committee board, someone by the name of June needs a housemate.

Wes finds it odd that he never remembers seeing any old people in the complex. When he goes up to talk with June not finding an old lady but a sexy curvy woman who is gorgeous. His jaw drops and he’s speechless. It’s what he says when he does speak that is funny. “You not old!” June replies well thanks. Then, asks “Can I help you, Wesley?” To which he is shocked, “You know me?” “Yes, you’ve lived here a year, and Mateo and I chat in the car park in passing you are right there.” Totally baffles him.

The poor man goes from there to more fun times sticking his foot in his mouth yeah several more time but she finds it fun and harmless. He has a new housemate. You have to read this, his interactions with June are quite funny. This author makes you just laugh out loud that my husband wanted to hear about it so telling him I had him rolling. You will not want to miss this.

Do You Feel Like I Do?: A Memoir

DO YOU FEEL LIKE I DO?                               PETER FRAMPTON

 A revelatory memoir by rock icon and legendary guitarist Peter Frampton.

Do You Feel Like I Do? is the incredible story of Peter Frampton's positively resilient life and career told in his own words for the first time. His groundbreaking album Frampton Comes Alive! spawned three top-20 singles and sold 8 million copies the year it was released (over 17 million to date) and was inducted into the GRAMMY Hall of Fame in January. Frampton was on a path to stardom from an early age. By 22, he was touring incessantly and making use of the talk box which would become his signature guitar effect. "I started playing music so young that I sometimes feel I've lived more than one lifetime already," says Frampton.

The artist shares fascinating stories of his collaborative work and tours with the likes of George Harrison and David Bowie, among others, and reveals both the blessing and curse of Frampton Comes Alive!. And he opens up about becoming the heartthrob and cover boy he never wanted to be, his overcoming substance abuse, and how he's continued to play at the top of his game despite an inflammatory muscle disease.

Peppered throughout his narrative is the story of his favorite guitar, which he thought he'd lost in a plane crash in 1980. But in 2011, it mysteriously showed up again - saved from the wreckage. Frampton will tell of that unlikely reunion here in full for the first time, and it is emblematic of his life and career as a legendary artist.

"This is my journey," Frampton says of the book. "All I ever wanted to do was play guitar and it's taken me many different places - physically and mentally. I've been to the moon and back without a rocket, but also to the depths of despair. You never stop paying your dues. Failure has been my greatest inspiration. I brush myself off and then I want to 'do it again.' Do You Feel Like I Do?"


A wonderful book and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I of course also grew up listening to Humble Pie, and like so many others bought and still have “Frampton Comes Alive” which for the longest time was not the only top-selling live recording album but also a top-selling album for a while as well.
He takes you through his journey of life from childhood to meeting Davey Jones in school who would change his name to David Bowie as to be confused with Davey Jones from The Monkeys. They would stay life long friends which only added to this story.
He really goes into the men who were behind him at the time of his biggest success and how they continued to drive him as far as coming up with another album when “Comes Alive” was still in the top five of sales. How those men kept pushing for more songs and more tours. One man would be someone who would steal from him and then on top of that he had to pay to get out of the contract. He just doesn’t like it when men take advantage of the people who created the music. Frampton though blames himself for not looking into it himself and not being more concerned about everything up to that point.
When you get into his later part of his career, he speaks of touring with David Bowie and then playing backup on other people’s albums. He leads you up to the album “Fingerprints” which I still think is his best album I still listen to it even now it is that good. He also speaks about his marriages and divorces, along with his children, and also about an illness he has been diagnosed with. Overall, I really liked this book and he seemed to be totally honest about everything, a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection: Celebrating the Game's Greatest Players


 Officially licensed, The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection gathers biographies, statistics, and photos of over 175 members of the most exclusive club in the sport, all in one beautiful book every baseball fan should own.

Separated into chapters by positionThe National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection highlights the best and the most memorable playerseventschampionshipsmoments, and more. Meet the greats of the game from before you were born and relive the memories that you shared with your diamond heroes of recent years. The text is updated through the 2020 Hall of Fame elections, with Derek Jeter and Larry Walker joining their fellow inductees in a book that features:
Profiles of more than 175 legendary Hall of Famers
Photo explorations into rare memorabilia, including replica tickets, scouting reports, scorecards, and contracts
Notable awards, records, stats, and a complete list of over 300 Hall of Fame members
Full-color photos and informative sidebars throughout
Become an expert on your favorite teams and players as you take a glorious trip into the storied history of America's pastime. Maybe you won't become a member of the Hall of Fame, but after you read The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection, you’ll feel like part of the club


For anyone who is a baseball fan any book about the Baseball Hall of Fame is worth the read. Here you have a book full of pictures and is broken down into sections by position. You are also given updates on the newly elected members, with some having more written about than others. Either way, it is a good book and it would be difficult to put everyone in with their picture and description though it would be worth it.
The Hall of Fame itself is fantastic the moment you arrive and really before you walk through the doors. Just once you are inside and seeing all of the history is great. The Hall which has all of the Plaques is great to look at and you get to see some of the old guys and their stats like Joseph McGinnity a pitcher from 1899-1908. He would start five doubleheaders and won both of three times, complete games are rare today but can you have imagined two complete games in a single day. He still won 246 and had over 3,400 innings pitched, he is also of a group that pitched over ten years and never had a losing record. I remember when I saw this plaque and thinking I had never heard of this person. This is the type of information you receive visiting the Hall of Fame.
This book though is a good reference and starting point. Like I said there are so many people in it would be difficult to have everyone in the book now. You will see that some positions are short of people as opposed to other catchers for example. I think that there should have been more people in the Hall but the writers like certain positions more than others and it shows by the number of people in one category as opposed to others. Overall a good book with excellent photos, very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

Found My Valentine

  FOUND MY VALENTINE                                   CARLY KEENE Valentine's just realized A) that her boyfriend's a jerk, and B) ...