Wish Upon a Cowboy (Cowboys of Creedence #4)

WISH UPON A COWBOY                        JENNIE MARTS

Rancher and hockey coach Logan Rivers' attempts to hire a housekeeper are hindered by women more interested in marriage than meal-planning. So when snarky Harper Evans arrives with zero romantic interest in him, he couldn't be happier. But as he gets to know her, he finds himself hungering for more than her cooking.

Down-on-her-luck single mom Harper Evans came to Colorado with one goal: to find her son and bring him home. Temporary work for a local rancher seems perfect, but to keep the job she has to deny her feelings for the hot cowboy who's heating up her kitchen.

Logan's secret learning disability has caused a financial mistake that could cost him everything. With the holidays approaching and a storm closing in, he and Harper have to save his ranch and fight for her son. But can Harper trust the cowboy who is offering her both a home--and his heart?


Logan Rivers is trying to find a housekeeper, cook. His problem is the women he hires want more than a job they want a husband, him. He does not want to get married or looking for anyone. His new hire which is either being fired or quitting because he will not take her to bed has deposed of lunch in the sink, with the rolls being tossed at him.
Harper Evans had made it to Colorado from Kansas, she was in in the town because she wanted to get her son Floyd back form the grandmother. First, though she needed a job. Got one at Logan’s ranch, two she actually began helping him not only in the house and with feeding him, but also out on the range with the cattle. She helps him with some of the paperwork for the ranch and just when you think everything is going well it becomes mud. Now she feels like she is back where she has lost everything and must start over. Will Logan put aside his past fears and come to her aid or will he stay locked in his anger and hurt. Read this good story to find out what happens. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

It Started with a Cowboy (Cowboys of Creedence #3)


Colt James is back home on the family ranch, and he's done taking risks. A car accident ruined his shot at a professional hockey career and messed up his love life, and he's not taking a chance on anything that seems too good to be true. Especially not on Chloe Bishop, his nephew's irresistibly charming teacher and the one woman he can't stop thinking about.

Chloe Bishop liked her life the way it was--orderly, structured and safe. Life goes from managed to messy when Colt talks her into helping him coach a hockey team of rowdy eight-year-olds. Being this close to the cowboy she's crushing on is dangerous territory. But when a real enemy threatens Chloe, Colt will do anything to protect her. Even if it means risking himself--and his heart.


The third book in this series has Colt James coming home after a car accident has stopped his hockey career. Going to school one day to find his nephew which he does find. He also finds his teacher Chloe Bishop, who is good and full of confidence in the classroom, but not outside of it. Her home life was not so good with her father being acholic when her mother left the family and then was killed later. Leaving her and her brother with issues. James who wants to get to know her ends up running his plow into her car so now he drives his nephew and her to school. He does anything to break down the walls that she has built up. With Colt also coaching the children’s hockey he begins to deal with his lost hockey career. A book in seeing two characters change throughout the story. A good read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

Dirty Damsels (DotComGirls #1)

DIRTY DAMSELS                                    PEGGY JAEGER

 When I first saw Cynderella all covered in soot in that sexy maid uniform, I knew I wanted to be her Prince.

She’s a smart and savvy businesswoman who’s built her cleaning company from the ground up. But now that Dirty Damsels was booming, I’ve been hired to arrange a hostile takeover.

But the temptation of having her was too much to ignore...

We ended up spending one night together—a night neither of us will forget. Now, I want more. I need more. I want to spend every night, skin-on-skin, with my beautiful Ella.

Problem is, when she finds out who I really am, she’ll never forgive me.


Her name is actually Cynderella, she has built a business from the ground up and it is so successful someone wants to buy it. That part she does not know about yet. What she does know is that one of her cleaning women cannot make it to a very important client, so like any good boss, she goes back to how she started her business and decides to clean the person's condo, penthouse herself.
Cleaning as she does listening to her music she does not hear Buddy, aka Dylan Prince come in. he is first taken by the shaking, movement of her backside to the beat of whatever she is listening to. When she turns, he is speechless by her beauty. He believes she is an employee of the company and when later the two by chance run into each other at a night club he still has no clue who she is. They spend the night together and for both it is amazing. She has finally met someone.
That all changes the next day, when she finds someone is trying to buy her company and a man by the name of Dylan Prince, is to negotiate the deal. The problem, really for her none for she does not and will not sell she does not need to. Her disappointment comes in Prince, can they work out a solution for them to be together? Read this very good story with good characters to find out. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

The Rancher's Redemption (The Millers of Morgan Valley Book 2)


Kate Pearce returns with the second book in a new contemporary western romance series--a spin-off of her successful Morgan Ranch series--focusing on a neighboring family with their own ranch and problems of the heart! Emphasizing family bonds, community and the pride in hardwork, this family saga is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings as a widower and a single mother learn that sometimes it's okay to lean on each other.


Lizzie is back in her home town but she has a son with a cowboy from a wealthy family, he does not want anything to do with the boy and at the same time told his family about her which was not all true. Adam and Lizzie have known each other for years, a matter of fact she was the best friend to his wife who has now been passed on for ten years from cancer. After Adam and Lizzie met back up in town when he helps her with her son Adam, for the most part, stays to himself at his ranch. Lizzie not understanding why this older woman keeps taking pictures of her son soon finds out when the family of his father sues for custody. Now needing some type of help Adam says he will help her in order to fight them to keep her son. Really, he ends up fighting to save himself. Lizzie takes a while to decide about being with him, and there are places where for me the story dragged. I really wanted to like the book very much but this one just left me a little short for some reason. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

Born to Be a Cowboy (Montana Strong #3)

BORN TO BE A COWBOY                       R.C. RYAN

After running wild in his youth, Finn Monroe is now on the other side of the law as the local attorney. Between his practice and working at his family’s ranch, his days aren’t as exciting as they used to be–until Jessica Blair steps into his office. Gorgeous and determined, Jessie has a hunch her aunt is in trouble, and Finn is her last hope. As someone who relies on facts rather than feelings, Finn is skeptical. But it can’t hurt to do a little digging.

Jessie knows her aunt, and there is no way she would disappear on an “extended honeymoon” after hastily marrying a smooth-talking cowboy. Something is wrong, and Jessie is going to find out what. As soon as she and Finn start poking around, it becomes clear someone is willing to go to great lengths to keep them from the truth. But as the danger grows, so does their attraction. With both their lives on the line, Finn will discover just how far he’ll go to keep Jessie safe.


The third book in the series with the last brother. Finn the lawyer. Opens like the others with a little tidbit about him and how at a young age with Mac he changed, found his way into law. Now a woman Jessie walks into his office and life with a problem know will believe her about. She believes there is something wrong with her Aunt after she married a man that she Jessie had never met, or seen a picture of. All of the long-time wrangles on the ranch are let go with new ones hired, yet she still has not heard from her Aunt. Finn at first is the only person to believe her that there may be a problem, until his brakes go out, a fire at a motel where she is staying, you get the point. When she finally hears from her Aunt it is only to take her name off the accounts and add this man’s name. when Jessie disappears Finn, his brother’s and family know that there is a problem. There were moments that this story dragged for me for some reason, I have read the books before this one so I don’t know why. The ending of this book does it for me. You find out about Mac’s, sister, wife, and son, how they all passed. You also get to see if maybe finally he and Mary Pat might get together. All and all very much worth the read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1Rad-ReaderReviews.com


TAINTED: LANCE AND MARY              TESS THOMPSON                                              
One career-ending mistake sends Lance Mullen home to Cliffside Bay in search of a fresh start. And in no time at all, home begins to feel like the place he was always meant to be. With his beautiful new beach house, his friends and family close by, and a profitable business to grow, life really is good. That is until his heart tries to wreck everything... again.

After losing her mother, child, and marriage, Mary Hansen has built a nearly impenetrable wall around her heart. She's convinced her dream job, a few growing friendships and a never-ending stream of books to fill her evenings are enough for a contented if not all together joyous life. Though she's on guard not to get too close to anyone, one careless moment with Lance will shatter her prospects for an uncomplicated future.

The fifth installment of The Cliffside Bay Series by bestselling author Tess Thompson follows the interwoven stories of five best friends, the beach community they love, and the women who captivate them. Prepare to get lost in a wave of small-town charm, men you would love to take home to your mother, and smart, resilient heroines you wished lived next door.


     Coming to Cliffside Bay was out of fear of losing the only person she ad left.  But in her haste and fear, she made enemies of the people she would come to need the most.
     This is a very funny, complicated, and yet, touching story.  Of a young idealistic woman who wanted the storybook wedding, white picket fence, and the two-point two children.  Oh yeah, the husband to go along with that.  This is where the story might go south.  Picking the right husband.  Fairytale ends.
     Not only was she so young and did she have blinders on when picking a good solid husband with eyes only for her.  You see when she is pregnant with her daughter, then in mourning the deaths for not only her daughter but then her mother too, said husband, is and has been for months, carrying on an affair with the local barista.  He tried to blame her saying she is always depressed.  But she knew the text she finds that he had started the affair before she finds out she is even pregnant.
     So, when she meets Lance, he ends up being the type of man she’s always wanted.  Intellectual, well rounded, funny, he understands her and her losses, and even though he should be on the side of his family and friends he was on her side.  He even hired her to be the manager of his new bookstore.  Her being a librarian made her the perfect fit.  Lance knew a great business deal when he saw it.
     He may have left New York in disgrace because of a relationship gone bad it wasn’t because of a bad stock option.  He knew what he knew.  Mary was a good investment for his business and for his hearo figure.  He planned to figure out how to get her to see him.  New Year’s Eve they both see each other thinking a one and done or at least she was.
     When it changes everything yet nothing it leaves them with more questions than not.  How do they maneuver being best friends after pleasing each other on this one night better than ever in their lives?  Can it just be, back to business, only?  Mary is so afraid to give her heart to another man believing all men are cheaters.  Lance, on the other hand, wants to spoil Mary beyond belief and be her forever man. 
     This is a very good book.  If you have lost a child at all along your path miscarriage or older this book will touch you and it can be a healing journey for you along the way with the ladies of the group.  Tess uses the path of her character in life to help heal.
     We see how they use their anger, pain, fear, humor, and sexuality to get through things.  It is, in the end. the friendships that get them through.  Whether it be between the couples themselves or the Dogs as they call themselves (hubbies) or the Wags (wives) all coming together to work as a unit.  Bonding together to help each other use that strength to heal, love, or celebrate each other.  I didn't feel like I missed anything coming in at story five.
     If I could give it more than five stars I would.
I give this: 5++++ stars.  Free Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.


FREE ME                                              KIMBERLEY ASH

When you love something, let it go…

To everyone in his hometown, Matthias Van Allen is a hero. Back from his posting as an army medic, he’s welcomed with a party the whole town attends. Everyone’s happy to see him – except his ex-girlfriend, Raya. First, Raya lost her father, and when Matt joined the army, she was left with no one.

Raya Piacenza‘s used to being alone now. She’s made her way in the world and doesn’t need anyone or anything except her jobs: an EMT captain and personal trainer. But now Matt is back, pushing her buttons in a way she thought she’d grown out of. Worst of all, she’s now his boss.

As Matt settles back into the community and Raya is offered a chance to leave it, they will have to figure out if their lives have room for each other – or if they should set each other free.


     This is the third book in the series.  Matthias and Raya used to be an item all through high school then one day he breaks up with her or so she figures out and joins the Army.  And puff he’s gone.
     Now, here we are eight years later.  She is still an EMT like they both trained to be and were doing together before he left.  He is returning now a war hero, a medic.  She is trying to shore herself up and not hold a grudge against him.  Act as he dumped her when she needed him the most.  Although she did, she’s moved on and she’s not going to snub him but for sure not falling at his feet either.
     Matt knows he screwed up and he wants to make amends.  Seeing her for the first time is harder than he thought.  He realized for the last eight years he had been avoiding coming home at all as to not face her and what he did.
     He would have reenlisted again if his dad did not ask him to please not and come home.  Something about the way he pleaded told him he needed to be back home no matter what ghost he had to face.
     She wishes to see Matt for the first time she could have been a lot more indifferent to him being back and orbiting in her close space and hometown makes her jumpy.  If what she hears is true keeping up his skills being a medic for the Army, he is wanting to come back on the squad.  Only now this time she’s Captain and will be his boss.      
     However, when they do talk about what they both remember about their tragic ending to their relationship is so very different.  Leaving the raw still after eight years and a lot of unsaid words and emotions.  With hurtful words that were said in order to mask the pain, they both thought they had worked through.
     The thing that throughs them the most is that after all the things said and time that has passed there is overwhelming sexual want and underlying love for one another.  Neither wants to go back and give the town something to talk about.
     Staying out of each other’s way was proving impossible. Each running, it is a mixture of pain, sorrow, regret, and longing with a whole lot of simmering passion.  Was this worth all the avoiding or was it just easier to finally decide to stand still and talk?  When they do, they may be surprised as to what their words to each other in time of pain heard and interpreted to mean.
     Words can be powerful and when you love someone how do they know what you’re thinking if not with words.  But we use words during heated moments without thinking as Raya did.  To see how they get past this long-held pain for both of them, you will need to read about their love for one another.
     I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

Wish Upon a Cowboy (Cowboys of Creedence #4)

WISH UPON A COWBOY                         JENNIE MARTS Rancher and hockey coach Logan Rivers' attempts to hire a housekeeper are hi...