THE WEDDING WISH (Summer Grooms #3)

THE WEDDING WISH                       GINNY BAIRD

A sweet romantic comedy about finding love with the one you've always wanted.
Two old childhood sweethearts meet again years later and rekindle their romance.

Dare to dream... Sometimes dreams come true!

Robert Reed was the first man Isabel dreamed she would marry. He was also the first guy to break her heart. Of course, they'd both been kids at the time, and Robert couldn't help that his family moved away. Sixteen years later, Isabel is stunned to see Robert strolling across the university campus where she's studying for her Masters in Art. Robert's equally surprised to see her. All grown up and in his second year of medical school, drop-dead gorgeous Robert has every bit the ability to tug at Isabel's heartstrings that he did all those years ago. As they rekindle their friendship, old feelings resurface and Isabel finds herself getting swept away. But what she doesn't know about Robert's past can hurt her, and his secret threatens to drive them apart.

When Robert sees Isabel Miller for the first time in years, he can't believe the incredible déjà vu. As an adult woman, she's even more beautiful than he recalls, but her personality and sweet southern accent are just as winning as they've always been. When Robert starts falling fast, he has to work extra hard to resolve some external complications. For there's nobody he wants staying in his life more than Isabel. She's the first girl that he loved, and someone he vowed long ago to hold on to forever. If it's possible the fates can grant him a second chance, Robert's determined to take it. All he needs is for Isabel to believe that love can come again. And when it does, and it's the mature kind, anything is possible for two old childhood sweethearts meeting in the heat of summer.


     This was in a way a second chance love for Isabel Miller and Robert Reed.  Because at the sweet age of twelve and thirteen, the two young teen neighbors fell head over heels in love with each other.
     Then, Robert’s dad’s job took him elsewhere and it meant Robert went too.  Now sixteen years later they bump into each other in the quad at their college.  Once he picks up her books and they make eye contact they both realize who the other is.
     Isabel is an art major and he is a medical student second year.  They become inseparable after weeks and weeks of what felt like dates to Izzy.  Robert still hadn’t kissed her.  She began to wonder if something was going on.
     When she finally asks him if there is a problem, he is stalling on what all is going on in his life.  Especially, since they had last seen each other all those years ago.  This is when things started to not add up.
     This has some really funny moments.  The characters are all true and lively.  The banter the dad does is too funny.  What Robert reveals at the end is heartbreaking.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Found on Amazon.  Follow us at


INKED                             EVERLY DRUMMOND

When Avery Carmichael decides to get a tattoo, she has no idea that she'll be getting a lot more than she bargained for. When sexy tattoo artist, Brody Duncan, shows up at her door unannounced, Avery finds him hard to resist, but little does she know that she's in for the ride of her life. The only question is can she hold on long enough to enjoy the ride? 18+ Contains explicit material. Erotic short fiction.

     Shorts are the thing right now if you haven’t noticed.  I am clearing out my TBR list and getting rid of a lot of books and reading a lot of shorts that I found a very long time ago when I was ill.
     This was one that was twenty-six pages of erotica that took no time at all to read.  It wasn’t bad but it was just lacking a story or characters with any depth to them.  It was over before you could get too hot or bothered.
     I mean girl goes in for tattoo she and tattoo artist find each other attractive neither saying anything.  She leaves.  He shows at her house.  Wow, Why, she doesn’t think creepy stalker I don’t know.  Ok, but no, she invites him in.
     Okay, you get my drift.  Just an odd book because it’s predictable and the author rushed the ending. 

     I give this: 3 stars.  Found on Amazon.  Follow us at

HITTER Sean's Homecoming

HITTER                                             ELLE SNOW  

What could we possibly still have in common after four years…? Except for the baby, I never told him about. 

I haven't seen my best friend's sexy older brother, Sean since I turned eighteen. Now he's rich. He's powerful. He's the best baseball player in the game. And I was sure he'd forgotten all about me until he showed up at my job… 

The last time I saw Sean, I ended up pregnant. He still doesn't know, and I'm not going to tell him. But when he stares at me with those piercing blue eyes and wraps his toned, tanned arms around me, my brain forgets how to think. 

All my old feelings for him are coming back. But is it too late? What will he say when he finds out about Sara? I can't let him leave again… but how can I make him stay? 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES... All stories are stand-alone with a HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language and are intended for 18+ readers only. 


This is another short by Elle Snow.  I can’t say I enjoyed it as well as SCORED.  This one just seems a little too rushed and impersonal.  I can’t seem to connect to the characters.
     Not only between the couple but between the two friends.  Mary seemed flightier than the starlet.  Some kind of friend.  What was the point of lying when he has already met her?
     I give this: 3 stars.  Got this from Amazon.
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SCORE: Jake's Homecoming

SCORE                                                  ELLIE SNOW

He wanted a little R&R. He got a baby… 

Jake Carter worked hard to leave his small town behind him and find success as a professional hockey player. Returning to Indiana for his sister's wedding, reminded him of all the reasons he could never go back. And the one reason he had to. 

A lot had changed since Jake had left town, and Abigail had too. Having him back put everything she'd done to rebuild her life in question. 

And now the only thing she really needed to know was whether or not he was the man she remembered, and whether or not he would be able to handle the secrets he was coming home to. 

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with a HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language and are intended for 18+ readers only. 


     What a fun sweet short that comes with bonus stories attached.  For the sake of time, I am just reviewing the main story.
     This story of Abigale and Jake has to do with them growing up in a small town in Indiana.  Jake always wanted to make it out playing hockey.  His family did everything they could to help him fulfill his dream.  Boy was he living the dream just a little too much now.
     Even when everyone else said, ‘You really need to study for something else in case you don’t make it in the NHL.’  Well, he made it come true.  Now, five years have passed, and he has to come back to attend his sister’s wedding.
     Which gets him thinking of the girl he left behind.  Although, no one knew they were a couple, not even his sister who was her best friend.  For one thing, she was and is his sister’s best friend.  She is also much younger than he is.  Two, he was going to be going away and nothing could get in the way of hockey.
     So, they would have stopped them being together anyway.  Now, he’s back and wants to see her are there any tracks of where she moved to after college?  Will she be there at the wedding?  Is she married with children?  Is she as beautiful as she always was?
     Abigale had her own life to live and none of it was living it up in the grand way that Jake did.  But that was okay.  Because she would never want him to give up anything the way she did.  She wanted him to have his dreams.  She loved him.
     See how this author takes thirty-five pages and gives you a pleasurable second chance love story. 
     I give this: 5 stars.  Got this free on Amazon.

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MADDIE'S MARINE                         LYNN RAYE HARRIS

A (Very) Short Story - Approx 6901 words

Newspaper reporter Maddie Forester once had a hot affair with Marine major Ryan Cavanaugh. But that was months ago, and Ryan wants nothing to do with her now. When they meet up by accident in Hawaii, they find out their affair isn't quite as final as either of them thought. It's still red-hot and sizzling! A (very) short story from USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris! Can Ryan ever forgive Maddie for her betrayal? Will Maddie ever win her Marine's heart, or is it hopeless?


    This is a short story of thirty-one pages about a Marine and a reporter who met when he was to protect her while she was on a story in Iraq.
     Major Ryan Cavanaugh a gorgeous 6’4”, green-eyed, a hunk of a man with a major six pack.  Knew she would trouble the minute she stepped off the Humvee.  Well, after one glorious night stuck in a sand storm together he promised to protect her.  On that night she fell in love.
     But when her paper runs with a part of the story that makes the Major look bad, she is not happy.  Neither is he as he makes her leave camp leaving a bad taste in his mouth.  Also, leaving a wanting and a large hurt in them both.  The story leaves lasting repercussions.
     What a good story, fast but you could feel the emotion between the couple and their love for one another.  A good second chance story.
     I give this: 3 stars.  Found on Amazon for free.
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DON'T BE SHY (Erotic Romance, Curvy Girl, Chubby Loving Billionaire)

DON'T BE SHY                                  ELLIE JANSEN

When curvaceous photographer Emily Stewart is asked to do a photo shoot for a billionaire restaurant owner, she can hardly believe it's a reality. Completely lusting after him during the photo shoot, she is shocked when he invites her to his new restaurant for some food afterward. The only thing that could shock her more than that was when he later confesses how attracted he is to her. Will Emily be able to get over her past torment and fall helplessly for this chubby loving man?

This was one of the best BBW’s I have read in a very long time.  It was such a refreshing take on a romance.  On how some BBW’s feel and approach relationships with a bit of doubt because they are so used to being the butt of every joke.
     This was Emily’s story of being unsure of the advances that Nathan was giving towards her.  Why because she is the photographer at his photo shoot, she’s a BBW, and everyone knows no gets the hots for them.  Especially the hottest guy in all of NY who will be opening another of his trendy restaurants in a couple of days.
     On the other hand, you have Nathan who sees Emily with all her sexy all curves and finds her beautiful in her pinup pencil skirt, blouse, and B&F shoes.  She also is funny, friendly, and a real woman.  He may be well known and wealthy, but Em didn’t throw herself at him. Which made her even more sexy to him because she doesn’t know it.
     The best thing this book packs a punch of emotionally and sexual content is handled between the two it all happens within twenty-two pages now that is amazing. 
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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LUCKY NUMBER THIRTEEN (Three Rivers Ranch Romance #8.5)


A bonus novella in the #1 bestselling Three Rivers Ranch Romance series, featuring Tanner Wolf! 

Tanner's in Three Rivers, a changed man, to compete in the rodeo. He's glad to be forgiven of the misdeeds he's done, and he looks to his friends in Three Rivers as examples. He's ridden hundreds of bulls over the years, but when he draws Lucky Number Thirteen, the personal stakes for winning go up. He's never made it to the eight-second bell on this bull. 

And he doesn't this time either. In fact, he makes it to the hospital with career-ending injuries. 

But not everything is lost, as his nurse, Summer Hamblin seems to bring a balm to his weary soul--and meds for his broken ribs. When Summer is assigned as Tanner's home-health nurse, he wonders if they can take their relationship beyond the walls of the hospital. Has God brought him to Three Rivers to stay? 


     This was a sweet story of living your faith through the hardest time of your life.  You see for Tanner a Multi-Champion Bull Rider this bull ride on Lucky Thirteen was a career changer.  Being that he is a new follower of his faith it was quite a test.
     He had just asked God to show him what he should be doing with the next steps in his life.  Because he had changed it a great deal.  From the “all about me and partier” to his now walking with God.  Which he was finding he really enjoyed a whole lot more.
     This ride was bringing him to Three Rivers, Texas.  Where his friends Ethan a fellow rider who gave up the rodeo for his faith and Brynn a fellow cowgirl in the rodeo.  She also retired.  He would be staying with them while in town.
     When the ride takes a turn for the worse.  His first thoughts go to God and then to Ethan because he had a better connection to his faith and God’s ear, and he knew by the way he was feeling after the bull used him as a floppy toy it was bad.  Before it goes all black for him.  He hears Ethan’s voice he knows it’s bad, but Ethan has his back.    
     I just thought that was the sweetest and most real-life, gesture of a newbie, to their walk with God to believe that he needed help with prayer for his friend had a better connection to God’s ear.
     At the hospital when he wakes there is a nurse, he sees but can’t talk to. Due to tubes, he is attached to.  When finally, can talk he says she’s pretty something she never hears which truly touches her.  For a cowboy, she finds him very polite and humble.
     They find they are trying to find time to see each other on accident of course.  You see Summer is not a person who dates due to being cheated on by her last boyfriend.  So, she is a “one date only” girl.  She can’t chance being hurt and with him, she already knows she wants more than two dates.
     He asks to go to church when he gets out of the hospital.  She says she sits with her folks he says he was there too then.  On her other side.
     Very cute moments throughout.  Moments of his old selfishness creep back in.  You can understand why once it comes out but doesn’t help at the moment.  They are both works in progress as we all are.  This talk of faith, not any preaching or scripture quoting.  You won’t fill forced to be Christian like some books just a good person you know human.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by
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THE WEDDING WISH (Summer Grooms #3)

THE WEDDING WISH                         GINNY BAIRD A sweet romantic comedy about finding love with the one you've always wanted. T...