Bruised (Bruised #1)

 BRUISED                                              STACY-DEANNE

When Baltimore Homicide Detective Lisa Swanson and her partner Dee Quarter are called to investigate the murder of Ernest Juarez, Lisa meets a wheelchair-bound Jake Jenson, a man determined to find his best friend’s killer at all costs. Jake is instantly attracted to the standoffish Lisa yet can’t understand why Lisa keeps him at arm’s length.

What Jake feels is resistance toward him, is really Lisa’s distrust of men caused by a previous relationship centered on domestic violence. Lisa desperately searches for Ernest’s killer while fighting her feelings for Jake and trying to mend the pain from her past.

Jake just might be the man of Lisa’s dreams, but will she let shame and fear stand in the way of new love?


I came across this 2014 release and thought I would give it a read. Homicide Detectives Lisa Swanson and her partner Dee Quarter arrive at the victim’s house with a man already there. He is Jake Jensen, he called it in and is also attracted to Detective Swanson. Both of them put him off as they work the case and get him to answer questions about why is there and how he knows the victim.
Here is when Jake begins to make himself a pain by showing up at the same place they do when interviewing different people. At first, it is cute but then annoying. He does tell Swanson he is attracted to her and as much as she puts him off she wants to be with him but can’t.
A story that is looking for a killer and you are surprised when it is revealed. Also deals with alcoholism and physical abuse by a boyfriend or lover which is touched on. Overall a good book I liked the end with the two of them getting or working towards help. Received book from Amazon. Follow us at

An Off the Court Bet

AN OFF THE COURT BET                                 SAVANNAH ADAMS

A popular athlete. An introverted artist. An unlikely pair or a match worth fighting for?

Brandon, a star college basketball player, is down on dating after being dumped by one of the popular girls on campus. But when his teammates make fun of his sister’s friend, he shuts them down by accepting a bet to ask her out.

Dancy is okay with not being part of the “in crowd” and prefers focusing on her art. Still reeling from her parents’ divorce, she never gives romance a second thought. So when a friend’s brother asks her out, she surprises herself by falling for him hard and fast.

Can Brandon keep the reason he asked Dancy out a secret? Will Dancy learn to trust and take a chance on love?


A case of Opposites attract. Brandon is a college basketball star when a few of his teammates are supposed to be studying in the library there is a guy within the five that is a real prick. And throws out to the least likely guy there that he would give him his Nike LeBron shoes if he asks that chick out and he points. When they all turn Brandon realizes it’s his sister’s best friend who had just transferred in.

Although, Brandon hasn’t dated anyone since his freshman year due to his ex. He volunteered to be the one to snag a date. He wasn’t going to allow these jokers around his sister so he couldn’t let it happen to Dancy either. Just talking to her blows him away. Even though most people would never take the time to notice Darcy is beautiful. You see most of the time she hides sparkling blue eyes behind huge glasses. She also hides her hair in a messy bun and her body in large overalls. But He thinks it’s cute.

You will enjoy the sweet love story that plays to your heart. The characters are the right blend. I love how Jeffery helps save the day. A wonderful short. July-Aug. book giveaway.


My Best Friend's Brother (Forbidden Alphas Book 2)


My Best Friend's Brother -
An Older Man Younger Curvy Woman Steamy Sweet Romance

I shouldn't have fallen for my best friend’s brother, but it’s too late now. Just one kiss and I’m already addicted.
I’ve tried to put my desires for his muscular body and handsome face to the back of my mind, but he’s just too hard to resist.
And now, all alone with him in a hotel room for the weekend, I’m left with a cruel dilemma…
Do I go all the way with him and run the risk of damaging my friendship with his sister?
Or do I fight my urges and always wonder what could have been with the only man I’ve ever loved?

Jo is my sister’s best friend and the only woman who has ever made me feel dizzy with need. Her curves, her pretty face, and her wicked sense of humor means that she’s the most perfect match I could have ever wished for.
After sharing a kiss in our small town, I decided to whisk her away for a weekend break. It was our little secret at first, but it soon turned into so much more.
I’d do anything to make her mine forever…
Even risk heartache when we finally return to reality and confess all to my sister.

‘My Best Friend’s Brother’ is a short instalove romance packed with steamy love scenes, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after. This standalone novella, which is part of a series, can be enjoyed in any order.


Jo is the best friend of Simon’s sister Jane but also his too. You see Simon and is the best friend of Noah. The two girls were always included because they all had really bad past home lives and the four of them hanging together made life a little easier. The guys are almost ten years older, and never thought in Simon’s head about Jo, until after she’s eighteen, but now she’s twenty-two. He now realizes she’s everything he wants in a woman. Add one kiss, it makes them want more.

Jo and Simon decide to go away for the weekend, to see what it’s like to be a couple without everyone in town talking and telling Jane before they knew if this is really what they both had been dreaming of for years. Jo and Jane never keep secrets, so this one is hard on her. Causing her to not want to do more than a kiss. Simon is patient but needed to talk to his buddy.

After the call, he has an ace in the hole and hopefully a life partner because he figures out he’s in love with Jo. Really enjoyed this short and this two-part series. These were curvy girls that didn’t dwell on it and their men all out loved on them not bad if you ask me. Free kindle unlimited


My Brother's Best Friend (Forbidden Alphas Book 1)


My Brother’s Best Friend -
An Older Man Younger Curvy Woman Steamy Sweet Romance

First, he took my breath away with a kiss, then he stole my heart when he left…
After three long years, Noah’s back in town and looking to continue from where we left off.
Now a rich and powerful businessman, as well as seriously hot, as he always was, I’m fighting the urge of letting him finish what he started.
It would be so easy to give in to my desires if only he wasn't my brother’s best friend.

I’m super excited to return home, but most of all I’m excited to see Jane. Little does she know that I’ve kept a flame for her all these years.
The last time I saw her we shared a forbidden kiss…
This time I want to go all the way!

‘My Brother’s Best Friend’ is a short instalove romance packed with steamy love scenes, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after. This standalone novella, which is part of a series, can be enjoyed in any order.


The thing I liked best about this is the communication between the brother and his friend especially when it came down to Jane. And Simon, her brother truly believes in his friend. Not like some stories the brother likes his friend until he sees him out with his sister. Then, why is he your friend if you can’t trust him with your sister? Lol! Just a story got it.

Anyway, you will enjoy the energy and passion once this couple gets it together. They grew up together even though her brother and Noah are almost ten years older than she is. They always included here as being a friend when hanging out.

The night before Noah’s going away party Jane turns eighteen. So, at his going away party he kisses Jane. To him it was real to her it was first a dream come true, then a nightmare, because she starts worrying if her brother finds out or worse Noah was too drunk and made a mistake.

So, when three years have passed and she finds out Noah’s coming home for a visit. She’s excited until she is told he is staying with them for (Simon & Jane) three weeks. Very fun short read.

Dakota dreams Novella


Hannah Wright's boring routine, ugly clothes, and shy personality has kept her safe from gossip the four years she has been raising the Hoven kids. Seth Hoven has managed to keep the relationship with his kids' nanny business only, as he deals with guilt after his wife's death. Then a beautiful diva crashes into their lives and changes everything.
The differences between his sweet nanny and his high-maintenance houseguest, the appearance of an ex-boyfriend, and Seth's growing attraction to Hannah has him wondering if he can live without her.
Between the local gossips, a meddlesome friend, and a demanding sister, Hannah's desire to please everyone jeopardizes her dreams and may just cause everything to crash down around her.


Extremely sweet clean storyline. This is a short story you will enjoy. Hannah is the nanny for Seth and his four children since his wife passed. Hannah is very shy and blends into any situation. Although, when she is engaged in a conversation or helping out with a project she is totally in. Yet, she dresses like someone’s eighty-year-old grandma. She’s worked for Seth for four years now over the course of time being a people pleaser, and oh yeah falling for Seth she went above and beyond by doing normal mom and wife duties (shiver).

But when someone goes flying off the highway and into Seth’s pasture then he invites her to be a guest for two weeks. As if Hannah didn’t have enough to due. But Monica was not what you would call a grateful guest. Not to mention she was rude to the children and pushed the twins off the bed. Not cool. Seth knows he needs Hannah but when he keeps siding with Monica. That’s when she knew her life needed to change first by stopping her dream of ever being with Seth. Then changing her appearance was next.

Now, this got Seth’s attention but he was noticing that a lot more guys were taking time to talk with her. Life just got interesting. Take the time to read you’ll enjoy this short.

Chapel of Chances (Candlelight Cove #2)

 CHAPEL OF CHANCES                                   ELISE JAMES

Cake for Three is a steamy, short, sweet romance with a strong, curvy heroine and a sexy alpha hero. It is the first in the Candlelight Cove series.

I love planning weddings, but it would be nice to find my own happily ever after.
It seems like I spend my days making others peoples’ dreams into reality, while my perfect wedding plans wait on the shelf.
When I unexpectedly run into an adorable little girl, I wonder where her dad is.
Turns out we work together.
Elijah is handsome, protective, and makes me want to meet him at the altar.
But can I set aside my dreams for a perfect wedding in order to find perfect love?

As a single dad, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my daughter.
But between parenting and my job as head of security, I don’t have much time for love.
When a gorgeous wedding planner makes her way into my life, I vow to secure her heart.
She’s curvy, compassionate, and makes me want to throw caution to the wind.
Now I have to convince her that the three of us make a perfect family.

This is a Sweet, Steamy, Short Story Romance. This is the first in the Candlelight Cove series and can be read as a standalone. If you love short sweet romances with steamy sex scenes along the way, then you’ll love this book. No Cliffhangers in this happily ever after.


Bella is a very creative young woman working at the prestigious resort in the area but she never thought she would ever get stuck in the HEA department of party planning, weddings. She’s not even really a woman who buys into it all. She knows it’s possible, her parents are a wonderful example and she’s close with them and her brother in their small beach community. They all do family things together too.

She gets an opportunity at work to do a location wedding at a ranch but for some reason, she is thinking cornfield. Nope! She figures out quickly it is a working ranch with pigs and horses and a lot of other things. The day she arrives she meets Beau a mountain of a man and a very good looking sexy one at that but when he tells her the weather is shifting we need to get inside she’s like ‘yeah but’ nope not in the country the sky’s opened up and she was a drowned rat.

Then they find out the road for her to get back home is washed out. So, she gets to see life on a ranch up close and personal along with who Beau is. Very cute story. A fast read worth your time has a HEA.

Something's Gotta Give (Tempered Steel #3)


Chance Coalson loves women. And they love him. Young or old, no woman is immune to his charm.
Except one.
Georgia Haines is the only female volunteer firefighter in Grafton. She’s had a crush on Chance Coalson since he offered her his handkerchief at her momma’s funeral. But she’s smart enough to know that it takes a special woman to tame a charmer like Chance, and there’s nothing particularly special about her.
When fire breaks out at the Coalson’s construction business and Chance is trapped inside, Georgia braves the flames to save him, only to discover her “crush” has morphed into love. And she’s helpless to hide her desire.
Chance awakens to find an angel breathing life into his lungs with a kiss. The woman he wanted more than any other was the one who paid the “Casanova of the County” no mind.
So how does a man with a bad reputation convince a shy firefighter that he’s worth taking a chance on love?
By fighting fire with fire…..


What an interesting storyline of two people who bond at a young age. Georgia was brought up in Missy Dee’s foster home after her mother passes away. She vows never to be a burden to her or anyone like she felt she was to her dad and that’s why he couldn’t be faithful or stay with her mom. So, at a young at she started erecting walls against all men but secretly loved Chance.

When she saves Chance from a fire as a volunteer firefighter that night she realizes it is not just a crush she loves him. Which scares the hell out of her. So, after some time recouping Chance decides to go hang out at the daycare she and Missy Dee have. When she sprains her ankle he jumps at the opportunity to be around her more because the fire made this playboy know who he wants full time in his life. He just never counted on fifteen young kids taking him out so fast. How does she do it every day?

They do become closer than... you’ll have to read. Georgia takes everything over the top which can get a little much but the other characters even it out.

Bruised (Bruised #1)

  BRUISED                                               STACY-DEANNE When Baltimore Homicide Detective Lisa Swanson and her partner Dee Quar...