NOT SEEKING MR. RIGHT                         NATASHA MOORE

Ginny Colburn can’t believe she’s been dumped by her wedding date at the reception.

And everybody knows it.

So when a cute, younger man serving champagne to the guests flirts with her, she decides to really give the guests something to talk about and flirts back.

But the incredible one-night stand gives her more than great memories.

A few weeks later, she’s got a positive pregnancy test and the task of having to tell a guy half her age, “Congratulations, you’re a dad.”

Only he doesn’t react the way she thinks he will at all...

                                                              PAT'S REVIEW

I really liked this story, the characters were funny at times and also serious. The story has Ginny, a forty-year-old woman arriving at a wedding shower not wanting to go in but noticing a naked guy dressing in the parking lot. Getting her attention right away she goes towards him and once he finishes dressing they introduce themselves, she helps with his tie and yet they each find the other attractive.
Though Josh is working the event he continues to look for Ginny and when they are free he finds her to dance. When he finds out about her ex they agree to one stand in order for her to wipe away her ex. Weeks later though she finds herself pregnant after telling Josh and saying no to his proposal the story still has many fine moments between the two of them with her learning to cook from him and going to yoga which she never thought she would do. Though he is still in love with her after the third proposal and yet another rejection, he leaves once again. She, of course, being older than his twenty-five years feels like he would be giving up his dream and she wants him to go, not realizing that maybe she and the baby are his dreams now. This book will keep you going from page to page once you start it and with all of the characters in the book you have enough to like and dislike as you go along. A very good story about life and very much worth the read.


(Joe Noose #3)                           

BRANDED                                                    ERIC RED

A new kind of evil has come to the Old West. A killer as cold and hard as the Wyoming winter. He wanders from town to town. Slaughters entire families along the way. With grotesque glee, he brands the letter Q in his victims' flesh. Joe Noose knows the killer's identity. He recognizes the killer's brand. He bears the same scar from his childhood--and he's determined to stop this madman once and for all. Two U.S. Marshals have agreed to help Joe. But they've never hunted a killer like this before. A sadist who kills for pleasure--and scars you for life... 


For me, this was the time I read this author and I enjoyed the book and the characters. Joe Noose knows the killer because he carries the brand “Q” from him from when he was a kid. Now along with two U.S. Marshals are tracking the killer down.
I Like the character Bess Sugarfoot, a Marshal, and daughter of a Marshal who was killed. You feel that there is something that could happen between her and Joe but Joe does not want to do anything about his feelings. The story moves along at a good pace and will keep you entertained all the way through. Good characters as well. I received this book from

 THE CRIMSON TRAIL                       ERIC RED 

Joe Noose knows what fear looks like. He sees it in the eyes of his new friends--a dozen trail-hardened cattlemen who don't scare easily. It's not the 500-mile trek across treacherous Montana territory that's got them spooked. It's not the 3,000 heads of cattle they've got to wrangle either. They're afraid that someone on this drive--one of their own team--is a serial killer. Five wranglers are already dead. Every man is a suspect. And the woman rancher in charge is paying Joe Noose to root out the evil on this cursed cattle drive--by riding alongside the killer... 


This book really has two stories going one is Joe staying for a cattle drive that he and Marshall Bess came upon at the end of the last book. They part ways but you hope they met up again. Joe is trying to find the killer of the rustlers of the herd he is with because there is a man from Texas that does not want the female owner to make it to market. There is also someone else on her team that wants them dead as well. This part of the story is full of action and keeps you going throughout the book.
The other part of the story happens with Bess and what is happening back in her town and with some of the wives who have left their husbands because they were being beaten. This part of the story is really interesting and only adds to the whole book and makes up for some moments on the cattle drive that might not be so interesting. Between both, you have a very good book with wonderful characters. Very much worth the read. I received this book from

 GATED PREY                                      LEE GOLDBERG

A simple sting operation takes a violent and unexpected turn for Detective Eve Ronin in a gripping thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective Eve Ronin and her soon-to-retire partner, Duncan Pavone, are running a 24-7 sting in a guard-gated enclave of palatial homes in Calabasas. Their luxury McMansion is a honey trap, set to lure in the violent home invaders terrorizing the community. The trap works, leaving three intruders dead, a body count that nearly includes Eve and Duncan.


We are back with Eve and her partner Duncan. They are working a case undercover and driving a fancy Rolls SUV. Arriving at the house that they are using in a gated community working on solving home robberies Duncan hopes that the gig lasts for another week or so. Eve of course is wanting something to happen and when it does it catches both of them by surprise. The quickness of everything has her and one suspect upstairs where the safe is when he is not paying attention she draws her weapon, he leaps out of the second-story window to dive into the pool, he misses and makes a mess on the cement next to the pool. Duncan shoots another suspect and the third takes off carjacks a woman and ends up at a grocery store. Meanwhile, Eve is giving chase in the Rolls, and of course, there is damage when she arrives at the store, running in she is looking for the suspects and when thinking she has him he is shot and killed by a security guard.
This is just the beginning of the story, of course, there is a lot more, Eve is still dealing with the fallout from the last book in happened. She does not like the way everything ended up with this crime scene, and then in the same gated community, a woman looks to have lost her child. So much is going on yet it all works. Work is the key for if she continues at her pace she will die of stress. A very good book with very good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars.


I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

To be honest this book is for anyone who does not know anything about Patton. If you have read any books before about the man you really won’t find out any new information, and nothing was even new about the death of Patton. As before was it murder or not? Who knows everyone from the soldiers and press would like to think so. He was very opinionated and everything he said about Russia did come to pass.
I do know my father who fought in WWII thought highly of him and even after the war my father stayed in Europe said everyone on the American side was crushed by his death, but still nothing has ever been proven, I wish there was. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars.

 I am sorry folks there was no surmise that i could find. 


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An Author’s



Sharon Kleve

Hairlarious Cat Tails  


Hairlarious Cat Tails is a vibrant coffee table book filled with fun and beautiful images. It provides a much-desired glimpse into the minds of our most mysterious of loved ones.

What makes cats climb into tiny spaces? Why do they sleep that much? And, most of all, how can we give them a good life? They may seem low-maintenance but thoughtfulness about where you put their water, how warm or cool they like to be, what name to choose and how to groom them properly will make a life-changing difference.

They even have a calming effect on their owners, from the soothing action of petting to purring being an aid in falling asleep. Cats can even play a part in lowering your blood pressure and risk of a heart attack. One 10-year study has even shown that cat owners were 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners.

Another great reason to have a sweet cat in your life.



Hairlarious DogTails



Hairlarious Dog Tails is full of tantalizing trivia and tidbits, doggy-puns, and plenty of puppy facts, this dog-o-pedia is essential reading for dog lovers everywhere. You'll learn about all sorts of dogs, breeds, characters, and more!

It’s a beautiful tabletop book packed with amazing photographs and fun facts, dog owners and fans will get an in-depth look at these curious, lovable canines.

Paws up if you love everything about dogs, from their irrepressible cheeriness to their slobbery tongues.



 New Release



Hairlarious Critter Tails



Take a walk on the wild side with this amazing animal book filled with vibrant photos and fabulously funny facts for any age.

See animals of all kinds in action and investigate their habits and habitats in the readable, browse-able, picture-packed book. You’ll learn hopping fun rabbit facts, nutty facts to make you appreciate squirrels and chipmunks, peculiar facts about hedgehogs, furry facts about nature’s bandit, the raccoon, prickly facts about porcupines and so much more…

Clear, vibrant photographs bring it all to life in the pages of this delightful fun-filled reference book for adults and kids.

Hairlarious Critter Tails is filled with Nutty Facts about Squirrels, Funny Squirrel Jokes, Leaping Good Frog Facts, Frog Puns That Are Toad-ally Awesome, Hopping Fun Rabbit Facts, Earresistible Rabbit Puns, Silly, Piggy Facts, Famous Pig Quotes, Major Goat Cuteness, The Best Goat Puns and Jokes, Peculiar Facts about Hedgehogs, Clucky, Plucky, Weird Chicken Facts and Feathery Facts about the Magnificent Peacock.


Author Bio


Sharon Kleve was born and raised in Washington and currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her husband and two cats. When not writing, and working full-time, she can usually be found either curled up in her recliner with her cats and a good book or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels.


Sharon is a multi-published author of contemporary romance with over twenty stories published in eBook, paperback, on audio, and translated into foreign languages. She has written New Adult and Romantic Suspense, but what brings her the most joy is writing Romantic Comedies.


She loves giving her characters the happily ever after they deserve—with a few laughs and maybe a few bumps and bruises along the way.


Her latest adventure is writing about her favorite furry friends.





Facebook Timeline:!/sharonkleve






Amazon Author Page:



My Best Friend's Secret Baby (His Secret Baby #15)


I could lose her if I cross that line.
But my best friend is too hot to pass up.

It started years ago at Prom.
Just one night of passion that we never talked about again.
Then it continued every time either of us needed comfort.
I love to feel her in my arms.
Nadia takes the pain away.
I can’t give up the touch of her curvy body or the feel of her skin.
But it only happens sometimes.
Most of the time we’re just friends.
It’s too risky for either of us to take the plunge into more.
I’d hate to lose her friendship if a relationship didn’t work out.
However, as we drive off to be deployed,
the resistance in my heart is breaking down.
I joined the Army to defend my country.
But now I’m learning that Nadia is my whole world.
And that she’s keeping a secret from me that will change it all.

Will pursuing what I really want cause me to lose everything?
Or can we finally move from friendship to romance for good?

My Best Friend’s Secret Baby is a standalone secret baby romance. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!


Nadia and Josh, have been best friends since, middle school. But, in high school, their prom night things become real when they get dumped. By their dates, ending up together. They are in the hotel room, Josh had rented for him his girl, drinking sodas and watching movies. But, when they cozy up to each other, they realize just how good, the other feels.

The next day though, Josh being the typical avoider, acts as if, it never happens. Until, now, after years of being friends. Falling into bed many times, during trying times, in both their lives and sometimes just because. With always the same results, avoidance then back to, their jovial selves.

Now, years have gone by, both have joined the military, together. Both are to leave, on their second, tour and once again, Josh gets shot down, in another relationship. He goes drinking, they call her to pick him up, they bed each other. Now, on the way to the base to deploy, which takes a few, days of driving. Nadia changes the unwritten rule, of avoidance.

Say what? Blowing, Josh out of his mind, and into a panic. This could ruin, their friendship, doesn’t she get it? He ruins, all his relationships? By not talking, he doesn’t get he’s doing, the same thing? See how these, long-time friends, who have caught feelings, while just being benefits, work out their differences.

Enjoyed this (sexually active), just friends couple. It’s funny to see them, really talk in circles yet, see the anger hit the peak, and dissipate. Free on Amazon.

                            NOT SEEKING MR. RIGHT NOT SEEKING MR. RIGHT                           NATASHA MOORE Ginny Colburn can’t believe ...