My Best Friend's Secret Baby (His Secret Baby #15)


I could lose her if I cross that line.
But my best friend is too hot to pass up.

It started years ago at Prom.
Just one night of passion that we never talked about again.
Then it continued every time either of us needed comfort.
I love to feel her in my arms.
Nadia takes the pain away.
I can’t give up the touch of her curvy body or the feel of her skin.
But it only happens sometimes.
Most of the time we’re just friends.
It’s too risky for either of us to take the plunge into more.
I’d hate to lose her friendship if a relationship didn’t work out.
However, as we drive off to be deployed,
the resistance in my heart is breaking down.
I joined the Army to defend my country.
But now I’m learning that Nadia is my whole world.
And that she’s keeping a secret from me that will change it all.

Will pursuing what I really want cause me to lose everything?
Or can we finally move from friendship to romance for good?

My Best Friend’s Secret Baby is a standalone secret baby romance. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!


Nadia and Josh, have been best friends since, middle school. But, in high school, their prom night things become real when they get dumped. By their dates, ending up together. They are in the hotel room, Josh had rented for him his girl, drinking sodas and watching movies. But, when they cozy up to each other, they realize just how good, the other feels.

The next day though, Josh being the typical avoider, acts as if, it never happens. Until, now, after years of being friends. Falling into bed many times, during trying times, in both their lives and sometimes just because. With always the same results, avoidance then back to, their jovial selves.

Now, years have gone by, both have joined the military, together. Both are to leave, on their second, tour and once again, Josh gets shot down, in another relationship. He goes drinking, they call her to pick him up, they bed each other. Now, on the way to the base to deploy, which takes a few, days of driving. Nadia changes the unwritten rule, of avoidance.

Say what? Blowing, Josh out of his mind, and into a panic. This could ruin, their friendship, doesn’t she get it? He ruins, all his relationships? By not talking, he doesn’t get he’s doing, the same thing? See how these, long-time friends, who have caught feelings, while just being benefits, work out their differences.

Enjoyed this (sexually active), just friends couple. It’s funny to see them, really talk in circles yet, see the anger hit the peak, and dissipate. Free on Amazon.

Brother-in-law's Baby (South Side Boys #3)

BROTHER IN-LAW'S BABY                               ALEXIS WINTER

Look, this isn’t my dream life.
I never planned on being a single mom begging to live with my brother-in-law.
And it’s no secret he didn’t want this arrangement either.
Fresh off a broken engagement, he isn’t exactly welcoming us with open arms.

But I can’t help noticing the way his eyes linger on my lips,
heavy with lust and a look that says, ‘I’m about to devour you.’
And don’t even get me started on how amazing he is with my son.

I can’t say I’ve been very innocent in this either,
With rock hard abs and arms the size of pythons,
It’s hard not to imagine ripping his tight t-shirt off his tattooed bod.
And acting out every dirty scene I’ve ever read in a romance novel.

I just have to keep my focus so I can get my life back on track,
Before my son isn’t the only one falling in love with Mr. Moody and Brooding.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t pay top dollar for a drug like him.
And I have it here.
Right now.

So how do I tell him the reason I ran away is because he’s about to be a daddy?



Friends, who all originally meet at a bar as strangers, but click turning into each other’s chosen family. You have an older brother, Kalum, and Maverick. When they are at a very young age, became two of the best at stealing cars, for a chop shop. But when younger brother Maverick has something the FBI needs Kalum decides to do them a favor to protect him, turning them both legit. Now they own two top-of-the-line auto garages. But, both did do prison time.

Two other friends are now married Anabelle an artist and Jaxson who is an owner of a gymnasium with a boxing ring.

Also, in the mix of friends is the older sister, Tori, and Scarlett. Not totally clear how they both ended up in the south side of Chicago when they are from Wisconsin. However, at some point, Scarlett hooks up with Rick a talker and a user. But she thinks it’s love and she gets pregnant by him. Producing Grant. A now, sweet three-year-old. She is working as an LVN by day and at night a waitress to make ends meet.

Tori her kind-hearted yet foul-mouthed sister watches him at night. Scarlett is falling deeper and deeper into debt. So, on a whim, Scarlett applies for the RN program. Never expecting to be accepted. To her, it is a pipe dream. She is accepted, but, so much in the hole, she knows it is never happening for her. Kalum and Jaxson go to Maverick, who to say, is less than enthusiastic, would be an understatement, about their idea of helping her.

You see he has more than enough room at his home, but the home itself is a sore spot. Bitter, you might say. But once the guys tell her to go in for the hard sell taking Grant she does. That and chocolate chip cookies. She catches him totally off guard. She found both his week spots a little boy who likes trucks as much as he does, which melts her heart, and he loves her cookies. When at first he says, no by the end, he is saying, yes.

See the ups and downs of the “Grinch” and “Snow White” living in the same house. The growth and setbacks and then more growths are interesting. Making every girl want a Maverick. This is a Kindle Unlimited free find which I totally enjoyed.



GRIZ                                                               E. CLEVELAND

This fake relationship romance has it all! Funny, awkward moments. The “will they or won’t they”? And so much tension and steam it'll make you sweat! Don’t miss out on the book readers are saying they "inhaled in one day" and they "couldn’t put down!"

One thousand dollars.

I wasn’t supposed to bid at Westbury’s Bachelor Auction. In fact, I was hosting the event when I decided to lean into the microphone and yell out that ridiculous amount.

I blame Bridezilla's stupid text (oops, I mean my sister). It made me lose my mind. I’m pleading for temporary insanity.

Then Griz walked out on stage. He’s one of Westbury’s elite jocks. A hockey boy. A Warrior. He came out looking all tall, dark, and smug-exy. With his broad shoulders, towering height, and hotter than hell face, he was just too perfect. I could just imagine my sister’s face, her jaw on the floor, seeing him in a suit on my arm.

Whew. Is it hot in here or just me?

Bridezilla assumed I wouldn’t need a plus-one for her wedding. Why? Because I’m the curvy girl. The one who never quite measured up against her blonde perfection. My whole life she's made me feel like a red-headed freaking potato and… I dunno, I lost my senses.

Griz will be the perfect fake boyfriend to take to her wedding. I've just got to keep my real feelings in check. It'll be fine. As long as I don’t fall for his intense eyes, his chiseled muscles, or his big teddy-bear smile...

I think I’m in trouble.


This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it won’t be my last if I can help it. The characters were not only fun, funny, and interesting they seem to pull you in right away. They are just relatable and true to life.

Hattie had spent most of her life experiencing being invisible to even her own family who are picture perfect according to media standards leaving her feeling odd man out and isolated being a double-digit in clothing all her life. It is not only that her sister looks exactly like her parents with blonde hair, thin, and tall yet, she is short with flaming red hair. So, dating is hard because she of the mind now that she is on her own she is not changing for any man. She likes herself.

When she spearheads a charity auction and Etta says they should ask the hockey players she seems surprised because she had never thought of them. Now, Etta has several ins to getting them to say yes. You see her brother Griz for Grizzly Bear because he is so big with a beard and tattoos he can look mean on the ice. She also has her boyfriend Gucci on the team too.

Let’s just say when all the guys get together to hear Hattie out Griz and her eyes meet several times. But, Griz has sworn off woman because he is determined to focus on hockey after a scare during Christmas break. But when Hattie bids for him at the auction at way above the highest bid she is even surprised.

All because her bridezilla of sister texts her during the auction confining she doesn’t have a plus one. That is when the madness begins and this big bomb of her assuming not only hurts but pisses her off. Which now kicks it up a notch. The blending of these two characters and Griz being Hattie’s stars to her moon. For the first time, they are most real with each other bringing a whole new level of what real is.

Can’t wait for Blaze’s story that it has not only to follow up on Griz and Hattie but the same level of energy and passion this book does. Received during a book giveaway month different authors. Kindle Unlimited.


His Maid

HIS MAID                                                             MEGHAN WHITE

 Hearing Mr. Stephan on the second floor I hear another voice as well. His brother must be here.

“Jasmine this is my brother Brandon. You are to call him Brandon since we are both, Mr. Stephan I don’t want any confusion.” He grins at me as they come into view.
The twinkle in his blue eyes tells me that he’s teasing me, but at the same time, he’s being serious.
“Yes, Mr. Stephan.” I nod my head.
“The rooms all set up?” He asks, raising his eyebrows.
“You know it is. I just got done.” I smile at him.
Brandon has the same wavy hair as Mr. Stephan and his eyes are just a little lighter. He’s a little taller, which I didn’t think was possible. He wears a suit.
“I’m a lawyer. Maybe not as rich as my brother,” He looks around, “but, I’m not poor either.” Brandon tells me.
“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Jasmine.” I introduce myself even though he’s already heard my name, I want to make sure that he doesn’t forget it.
There’s nothing worse than someone forgetting your name when they are trying to ask you something.
“Jasmine is such a pretty name.” He tells me, taking my hand and kissing the back of it.
Mr. Stephan’s smile is no longer there. I can see his ears getting red. A tell-tale sign that he’s getting upset.
I don’t see it very often unless someone doesn’t show up for a party, meeting, or the job that he has going on.


A short steamy sexy read of Seth Stevens an extremely wealthy artist who has a maid, Jasmine that lives in the house. Both seem to have an attraction to one another but neither has ever acted on it. But suggestive stares with smirks tend to make each believe this may be the case. Yet, neither wants to ruin a good working relationship.

It is not until Seth’s Brother, Brandon comes for a visit, that things get tense. You see the first thing Brandon does upon meeting her is kiss her hand. Jasmine noticed Seth’s posture change, his smile was gone and his ear went red all signs of his anger. Telling Jasmine that these two man-boys like to get each other’s goat.

When Seth’s regular model can’t make it Brandon pushes challengingly for Jasmine to be his model for obvious reasons all while she is in the room. She can’t understand why so, how obvious can they be? Well, she’s about to find out...

This was a good book of how our siblings know our weaknesses and can either help us using them or not. Brandon’s were harsh and insensitive too. Yet, for the most part, help Seth move forward. But, it works out after all. Received during July-Aug. book giveaway.

Daddy Comes Home

 DADDY COMES HOME                                    SUZANNE HART

Something is pulling me back.
Like a magnet.
I am powerless against its force.

Four years ago I left my miserable town and I never went back.
Now, a billion dollars richer I have to return and sift through what I’ve left behind.

Leah Evans. Green eyes, long blond hair.
She wasn’t supposed to be here.
She was supposed to be gone from this place.
Just like me.

I had her once.
We were teenagers then and I am itching to have her again.
But she is avoiding me… she is hiding something.
I can feel it in my bones.

I am determined to find out what she’s keeping from me.


When you find your true love at six and by the eighth grade after admiring to liking Leah, her art, and her brains for so long. Then, that year you figure out she’s going places, therefore telling yourself she’s too talented and far too intelligent for the likes of you. So, rather than feeling inferior or appear less than to her, you ignore her like you don’t even know her.

Being the golden boy, the captain of the basketball team, and the star carries a lot of pressure. He dated the cheerleaders because that is what was expected of him. Although truthfully, he wanted to be dating Leah. No guts no glory, wow, could account for the chip on her shoulder when he bounces back in after so long and no word. Because one drunken night after a party he takes her to his house, his room, and does a hit and quit and skips town two days later.

But yeah she should have divulged her secret to you after so long ago he skips. Not! See how and what happens to make this couple come full circle. Is it real, can she trust him? You’ll need to read to find out. You won’t regret what you did. Received during July-Aug. giveaway.

Forbidden Fake Fiance (Forbidden Bad Boys)

 FORBIDDEN FAKE FIANCE                          HOLLY JAMES

I shouldn't have asked him to be my Fake Fiance because when he looks at me and touches me, FAKE feels REAL.....

Reasons why this is the worst day EVER!!

1. I went for a hike, fell, and knocked myself unconscious.
2. As luck would have it (sarcasm), Josh Dalton, my annoyingly arrogant fireman neighbor, found me and saved me.
3. Did I mention that in my semi-conscious state, I asked him to be my fake fiance?

Yep...worst day EVER!!

I shouldn’t have asked him to be part of this ridiculous deal.

Because when he looks at me and touches me, FAKE feels REAL.

But in a moment of weakness, I torch any chance of true love.

Will he forgive me or has the hope of rekindling the flame gone up in ashes?


Look for the second book of this series --> Forbidden Roommate


Allie is a yoga instructor who transplants herself to a town where not many know much about her other than she is beautiful, friendly, flexible, yet someone who sticks to herself. Allie decided that she wanted to break away from her family’s way of life of being judged by others by wealth, pedigree, and standing. She does want to see them for those things that truly count for inner wellness.

She needs to find her true self after college. So, she leaves Malibu and heads to Eden Lake more mountains living clean air, and fewer people. More of a zen feel. Her next-door neighbor is a homegrown boy. The playboy of Eden Lake and a firefighter too. She knew his type and planned on staying far away from him. He and his brother are very friendly. In fact, his older brother, Wyatt is the sheriff in town. Nice looking but no sparks but damn she gets a spark from Josh. Does not make her happy especially when he is in her yoga class for first responders to help reduce stress.

It’s not until Allie decides to go hiking alone which is a no-no and Josh sees her car there alone and it is starting to get dark. Mind you he had just offered to take her on this same trail the day before so he knew it was new to her so he stopped his jog to investigate. Good thing because she had fallen and injured herself, she was out cold. Leading to her asking him to be her fake fiancĂ© for her cousins' wedding.

This story is funny, intense, a life lesson, and sad all at the same time. But most of all you get your HEA. The way the author takes you through it, it makes it more believable that’s for sure and she does a beautiful job of it. Received this during July-Aug. book giveaway.

My Brother's Best Friend

 MY BROTHER'S BEST FRIEND                         ALEXA HART


Connor and Vance have been friends for as long as Meadow can remember. But while she is in college Connor had become a womanizer. Maybe being a fitness trainer has something to do with that and the new body he is sporting. She didn’t know, but not having a steady boyfriend after being dumped, a year ago may have something to do with that.

Her awareness of him is astute now that is for sure. Not to mention Connor’s reputation proceeds him. So, when her besties, Hannah, Meg, and Katelyn start talk about finding her a rebound one and done her thoughts shoot to Connor because she couldn’t possibly think of having the experience with anyone as they suggest, if she didn’t share a personal connection with them or that she was in love with them.

When sparks start to fly one morning when Connor realizes that his friend Vance’s baby sister has a figure to die for as well as breast. He wanted to know when she got those because he didn’t remember them. One kiss set fire through both of them that said that it was not a harmless little kiss. For Connor, it was the most disturbing he for the most part is a one and done. With Meadow that kiss carried weight. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. And he truly found that comfortable.

This was such an endearing story of two people who took a chance on the feeling they got while being together. Finding out that taking the crazy chance on love was scary when thinking about others and their reaction but not how they felt for one another. Totally taken in by this story and the bonds of friendship that holds this couple and trio together of two good friends, siblings, and two lovers.

A book received during July-Aug. book giveaway.

My Best Friend's Secret Baby (His Secret Baby #15)

  MY BEST FRIEND'S SECRET BABY               JAMIE KNIGHT I could lose her if I cross that line. But my best friend is too hot to pass u...