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Rad-Reader:  What made you want to tell Layla and Galan’s story?

Mel:  My editor sent me a few ideas that she thought, I might like and the one that really tweaked with me was brothers owning a nightclub. I also really wanted to add an auction into it – so much fun! You’ve got to enjoy what you write :)

Rad-Reader:  Where did you get the idea for this story?

Mel:  Like all my stories I picture a scene in my head, and it all starts from there. My characters evolve as I write, although I to tend to have a bit of an idea about them before I start.

Rad-Reader:  Can you give us the backstory for Layla and Galan?

Mel:  Layla’s had a rough upbringing. Her mother is a stripper and her father a womanizing alcoholic. So of course, Layla has trust issues and insecurities.

Galan’s parents died when he was barely an adult himself. He took responsibility for his two younger brothers as well as the burden of a secret his parents took to their grave.

Putting these two characters together made quite the fireworks lol.

Rad-Reader:  Who are the Black Brother’s and do they have a series?

Mel:  The Black brothers are a close-knit family, and though they’re ruthless businessmen, the family is everything to them. They’d do anything for one another. They’d also do anything for the woman lucky enough to have any one of them fall for her.

I do have a series planned. I’m hoping time will permit me to write more about the brothers :)

Rad-Reader:  How long did it take you to write this book?

Mel:  Oh, good question! I’m guessing around two months, but with edits and rewrites a little longer. I find it hard to put an exact time figure on my writing as I generally write two to three books at a time (rotating them when I need a break), usually a contemporary and science fiction.

Rad-Reader:  Had Layla went to his brothers for help or had the brothers noticed Galan staring at Layla and helped or both?

Mel:  The brothers noticed Galan’s infatuation with her and knew Layla secretly crushed on their brother too. They were in on the auction idea right from the start. Anything to get, their too hard-working brother the woman of his dreams. They figured he’d sacrificed enough.

Rad-Reader:  Layla wanted Galan from the moment she met him even after she knew he had a bevy of women to his bed regularly.  Why?

Mel:  Layla knew there was more to Galan than his womanizing ways. He wouldn’t have hired her otherwise with her lack of skills. But she still presumes their attraction is just physical and is blown away to discover chemistry is just the icing on the cake.

Rad-Reader:  Galan kept giving Layla hope from the way he spoke to her that he had been wanting her too.  Then why would he in the next breath shoot them both in the foot by talking himself out of it?

Mel:  Though Galan desires Layla he doesn’t particularly believe in a happily ever after, he’d seen his parents’ marriage and had long ago decided if they couldn’t be faithful and happy, there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d succeed in a permanent relationship. And yet he can’t stop thinking about Layla and wanting her. It makes him crazy.

Rad-Reader:  When Layla ices him out sometimes his actions seemed a lot more like a teen male than a grown man.  Is that a result of not being allowed to date for the right reasons?  One due to the secret the other their parent's death?

Mel:  Though Galan desires Layla he doesn’t particularly believe in a happily ever after, he’d seen his parents’ marriage and had long ago decided if they couldn’t be faithful and happy, there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d succeed in a permanent relationship. And yet he can’t stop thinking about Layla and wanting her. It makes him crazy.

Rad-Reader:  Layla has a blowup with her parents that he is there for and he tries to calm her during, and it backfires.  She lumps him in with her dad.  Doesn’t he see how his actions and his flip-flopping emotions for her and his on again off again thoughts of them seeing each other resembles her own parents?  Causing her fear and anxiety?

Mel:  If only he realizes from the very start!! But no, he doesn’t see it that way at first, not until it’s almost too late. But then that is the core of the story, the learning curve for them both.

Rad-Reader:  Layla so-called friend Colleen is a trip.  My favorite part is when Galan stands up for Layla.  But Layla should have used her voice more with her.  Why didn’t she?

Mel:  Layla has grown up trying to fade into the background, it’s her failsafe for many situations. She’d prefer not to say anything at times than make a scene and be noticed.

Rad-Reader:  Layla was kind when Colleen had been dressed down and upset Billy.  Layla past admirer (who was a good guy) asked him to check on Colleen and be a friend knowing there would be a connection.  This is why people love her right?  How does she know people so well?

Mel:  Layla is a genuinely nice girl with a past trauma that opens her eyes to other peoples’ suffering or insecurities. She is seriously hoping that Colleen and Billy hit it off as they just might be perfect for one another.

Rad-Reader:  While at that same dinner Galan gets called away for a family emergency.  But when Aiden and Liam, join her, she knows somethings up.  So, why does he feel the need to lie?

Mel:  He’s promised his parents to keep a secret. The idea that he’d betray them is so deeply ingrained he can’t break his word now. Not even for the woman he’s falling in love with.

Rad-Reader:  Galan gets out of the lie with sex.  The second lie she sees with her own eyes and it blows up in his face.  Only then does he come the lie come out.  How does he find her after five days of MIA?

Mel:  He saw her get into the taxi when she ran off from him. It took him some time to track down the taxi driver and pay him off for the information of where she went. That she went to the same sleepy little seaside town that he took her previously makes him realize their connection really is strong

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Layla:  Danielle Horvat

Galan:  Conrad Colby

Aiden:  Jay Ryan

Liam:  Liam Hemsworth


Layla:  I think is a cross between Megan Fox


a young Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Galan:  is possibly Eduardo Verastegui

(I can’t have Ian Somerhalder as all my heroes!)

Rad-Reader:  What is your favorite type of music?

Mel:  I love popular music and songs from the ’80s  :)

Rad-Reader:  Where do you like to go for your favorite dessert & what is it?

Mel:  You mean I have to choose just ONE dessert!? Impossible lol! Having said that when I go out for a meal, I rarely order dessert as I tend to fill up on the main meal and sometimes a cocktail :)

Rad-Reader:  Your three favorite vacations spots?

Mel:  Anything to do with the beach or mountains and I don’t mind having a bar close by lol – that’s three, right? Next year I’m going to Bali so I’m thinking that will become a favorite place to visit. My last big holiday was Fiji, loved it there too.

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Mel:  Right now, I’m working hard on a series called The Virgin Hunt Games (Entangled Publishing). Think of the Hunger Games crossed with the Maze Runner and Gladiator. The stories are set in the future and have lots of sex. I’m loving writing these books and can’t wait for them to come out (Entangled have asked me to write a handful so that we can release them fast). I also have one more dragon book (Dragons of Riddich) to write to finish the eight-book series. I’ve just published Valor recently and will soon start on The Queen.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?  Links

Mel:  They are available through Amazon, B&N, Nook and iBooks.

Mel Teshco Books - BookBub
Mel Teshco loves to write scorching hot sci-fi, paranormal and contemporary stories. Not easy with her many cats...

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?  Links

Thanks for all that you brought to this interview.  It has been a lot of fun.  I know you were not feeling well and how that can make it not fun at all when you have deadlines to meet on top of all this.  So, thanks again.



An unapologetic player and a reserved wallflower… one night would never be enough

Galan Black carries a burden he can’t share with anyone, least of all his two brothers. Not even after the blood, sweat, and tears, it took for them to open and make the Black Pearl Nightclub a raging success. He’s just glad his secret doesn’t haunt him half as much in the arms of the eager women he takes to bed.
Yet he can’t stop thinking about the plain Jane bartender and waitress, who he impulsively hired against his better judgment. Then she steps half-naked onto the stage for the club’s once-yearly charity auction, and he can’t keep his bidding paddle down, or his eyes off her. He’ll have her for the night and get her out of his system once and for all.
Layla doesn’t trust men, yet her infatuation with the eldest Black brother is getting beyond a joke. She needs to experience a night in his bedroom and get over her silly fixation. But then one night becomes two, with the heat between them showing no signs of cooling. Until Layla’s trust is put to the ultimate test and dirty little secrets are exposed.

Layla walked around the dance floor, searching for the man who’d tower over most other men. But he wasn’t there, or sitting at the bar, or talking to any of the bouncers.
Damn it. She’d been so looking forward to getting all hot and sweaty on the dancefloor with him, before getting even hotter and sweatier on top of him, in his bed. She smiled. It was probably where he waited for her even now.
She was heading toward the private elevator, and away from much of the noise, when Colleen hurried over and put a hand on her forearm to intercept her.
Layla blinked in shock at Colleen’s sudden need to seek her out, not to mention the blonde’s faintly sympathetic expression. “Colleen. Is something wrong?”
 The blonde’s stare moved to the elevator and back to Layla. She bit into her bottom lip before the words rushed out of her mouth. “You really don’t want to go up there.”
Layla frowned, unease moving over her like a dark fog and leaving a sour taste in her mouth. “Why?”
Colleen averted her stare. “Just… trust me, okay. Despite how I’ve acted lately, you’ve been good to me. I don’t want to see you hurt.”
What the hell?
 Layla’s frown deepened, sickening premonition already churning her stomach. “What’s going on, Colleen?”
Her workmate cleared her throat, a tinge of red coloring her cheeks as she again faced her. “Galan has another woman up there.”
For a moment Layla swayed, her mind buzzing with a rush of heat and nervous energy. She shook her head. “No.”
He loves me.
But even as she denied it, the truth was written in Colleen’s unsmiling, concerned face. Layla resisted taking a step back. Colleen had always been envious of her relationship with Galan, but surely even she wasn’t capable of making this shit up.
There was only one way to find out.
She entered the elevator’s password, her fingers surprisingly steady.
The doors hissed open and Layla stepped into the elevator before turning to face Colleen.
The blonde sent her a sad smile. “I hope for your sake it’s not true, Layla. I’m only sorry I had to be the one to tell you.”
Layla’s mind screamed rejection, a lump the size of a boulder sitting in her throat. If it was true, the proof would be up there for her to see. She inhaled slowly, bolstering herself while focusing on the woman she’d once considered a good friend. “Just tell me one thing.”
Collen nodded. “Anything.”
“Is… is this the first time Galan’s taken another woman up to his apartment since I’ve been with him?”
Colleen plucked at the top of her white lacy negligee shorts, revealing her toned belly with the navel piercing winking beneath. “As far as I know. What I do know is that he’s met up with that same blonde woman at the bar—numerous times.”
Layla somehow held herself together. Galan loved her. She’d put her faith in him any day over her once-friend who’d shown nothing but envy and bitter rivalry.
Did you forget? Once a player, always a player.
Colleen’s face softened, as though reading the doubts playing in Layla’s mind. “I’m so sorry, Layla. I honestly thought you two were perfect together.”
Layla jabbed at the button that shut the elevator doors, before she said starkly, “That’s because we are perfect together.”
Layla refused to believe Galan would cheat on her.
But still, she sagged as the doors slid closed and the elevator took her smoothly upward, her breaths coming out rough and erratic as one bad thought superseded another.
If Galan was cheating on her, how long had he been interested in this other woman? Were they even now in bed together? When he’d been screwing Layla, had he been thinking about the blonde?  She swallowed hard. Had he deemed it okay to cheat on Layla with one gorgeous woman, rather than dozens?
Lord help her, was it the sexy blonde lawyer he’d already slept with?
Nausea joined the queue in her throat, a rush of heat leaving her dizzy. The very idea of him having another long-term lover hurt even more than a nameless one-night stand. Because a lover was someone else, he cared about, someone else he kissed, licked and fucked, over and over.
The elevator doors slid open, and somehow, she held her nerve as she approached the front door of his penthouse and silently pushed it open. She stepped inside… and froze at the scene before her.
She pressed a fist to her midriff as a blade plunged deep into her insecurities. This was his idea of being faithful?
Galan stood in the kitchen with the beautiful blonde woman, his entire focus centered on her. That it wasn’t the sexy lawyer she’d imagined barely registered in Layla’s mind. She was too busy noticing how lost in the moment they both were, and how Galan’s face wore a tender expression, his hands clasping the blonde’s as he said gently, “You know that’s not true Sienna.”
Layla’s legs threatened to buckle as the blonde—Sienna—shook her head. “It is true. You don’t want anyone to know about me, not even Aiden and Liam. I’m just some dirty little secret.”
Galan shook his head, his expression tortured. “If I didn’t love you, Sienna, believe me, you wouldn’t be here now.”
Something inside Layla shriveled and died even as she took a step back. She clutched at her handbag, while a distant part of her comprehended the strangled, primitive sob had come from her own lips.
Galan’s head shot up. His dark gaze met hers. “Layla,” he rasped. His eyes flared at seeing her raw, exposed emotions. “Shit. This isn’t what you think.”
Yeah, and the tooth fairy is real too.
Sienna turned toward Layla, her teary eyes widening in shock before she twisted back to Galan and said hoarsely, “Who’s she?”
Layla didn’t want to see or hear anymore… she most definitely didn’t want to feel anymore. She turned and ran out of the front door, and back to the elevator, ignoring Galan’s hoarse shout to stop.
She stabbed at the elevator button with frantic fingers. When its doors immediately opened, she stumbled inside and banged on the ground floor icon.
Galan raced toward her even as the doors slid shut to his shell-shocked expression. Only when the elevator descended did Layla put her face into her hands and quietly sob.
The bubble really had burst. And now reality would return with a vengeance.
She’d put her trust in Galan had ignored every logical thought just to be with him. She’d truly believed he was different from her father, different from the man who’d had sex with more women than she had friends.
More fool me.

Can call girl Anna see past Benedict’s less-than-perfect physical façade to the man who loves her?
Anna was once a spoilt daddy’s little princess…until one fateful New Year’s Eve she is witness to her father shooting his best friend over a botched gun and drug deal. She soon uncovers her family’s nefarious past and despises what her surname, Leon-Zade, represents. It’s a name synonymous to the biggest organized crime family in Australia. She can’t be what her family wants her to be anymore. She runs away and becomes Candy, a beautiful and desired call girl.
Benedict Knight is the first to admit that he’s far from perfect, inside or out. His huge battered body, thanks to his ex-rugby days, isn’t the prettiest to behold, and he’s done things he knows are best left in the past. It doesn't stop him from wanting the most exquisite, perfect escort on the planet, and no price is too high to obtain her. He’ll stop at nothing to bring Candy to his huge cattle station for a weekend and enjoy her all to himself.
Except Benedict knows Candy is really Anna, daughter of a well-known and notorious family. She hasn't just locked her past away, she's locked her emotions away, too. Benedict's new goal is to release all of Anna’s emotional inhibitions and show her that bringing in the New Year doesn’t need to be a tribute for lies and deception. He intends to prove that it’s not just about resolutions…it’s about facing her fears and trusting her heart.

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Benedict Knight nodded to an acquaintance inside the Melbourne Cup marquee. Yet another celebrity enjoying everything the big race day had on offer.
Canapés and free-flowing alcohol were served to the patrons, many of whom also indulged in a massage or beauty treatment, before getting last-minute alterations to their outfit as they sipped champagne or boutique beer.
He exhaled heavily and resisted scratching at his throat, where the buttoned-up shirt and tie threatened to choke him. Give him a football jersey any day over the tailor-made suits that ensured he’d fit into the crowd…almost.
At six-foot-six he was a giant compared to most of the people here, his big body that had served him well on the football field, getting as many second looks, as the tribal ink flowing down his arms. At least his tats were mostly hidden under his formal attire, though truthfully, his ink served a purpose.
The women here might radiate class, but they were no different from anyone else. They were fascinated by his tats as much as his big body. He smirked. He’d lost count of all the women who’d wanted to writhe beneath a celebrity bad boy and discover if his anatomy really was as big as the rest of him.
So far there’d been no complaints.
Yet as much as he loved women and sex, he was restless and more than a little indifferent to the ladies parading through the pavilion. Many wore too much makeup and overpriced jewelry, while clothed in the ‘less is more’ concept.
He shook his head. He enjoyed bared skin as much as the next man, but maybe he’d had too much of a good thing…maybe he needed more in his life.
If only he knew exactly what more was.
He grabbed a beer and sat gingerly on one of the spindly chairs at the back of the marquee. He needed to unwind for a bit. Hell, even the quality horseflesh out on the tracks wasn’t raising any of his normal levels of enthusiasm, which was saying something. If rugby league football was his number one passion, his interest in horses had to be a close second.
But then much of his earlier years had been all about horses, thanks to living on the huge cattle and sheep station his dad had purchased when Benedict was barely eight years old. He’d spent more time on a horse than being homeschooled, much to his mother’s despair.
A tinkling laugh, like chimes catching a sea breeze, snared his attention. He watched as a couple entered the pavilion. He barely glanced at the man; Benedict’s attention was all on her.
She wore a long-sleeved, sunset-orange dress, which showed no skin but hugged her lithe body as though it was a part of her. An orange net fascinator with a trio of peacock feathers sat on one side of the head just above her ear, her dark hair spilling halfway down her spine. She wore no jewelry, and aside from an earthy-brown lipstick, she wore minimal makeup.
Not that she needed any enhancements. She was fucking gorgeous, and probably woke up looking that way.
He swallowed hard, his dick jerking into life. He didn’t believe in love at first sight, but he now wholeheartedly believed in lust at first sight. His senses buzzed with a need to possess…to fuck.
“Would you care for another drink, sir?” a passing waiter asked.
Benedict forced his stare away from the woman as he considered the waiter. “No more drinks, thank you. But I’d be grateful if you could give me the name of that young woman over there.”
The waiter turned, his mouth curling and eyes gleaming. “That’s Anna Leon-Zayden.” He cleared his throat and said meaningfully, “And her partner, Jonathon Burkle.”
Benedict’s breath hissed. He recognized the names. Both families were notorious for their illegal dealings, most notably drugs and firearms. It was clear crime really did pay—and pay well—but not just because of their expensive clothes. They had the look of people who presumed nothing, and no one could touch them.
Benedict’s stint on the wrong side of the law had been a rather brief experience. But it’d been a blessing in disguise. He’d been able to get out relatively unscathed.
He withdrew his wallet and handed the waiter a couple of hundred-dollar bills. The man’s eyes widened  before he nodded and murmured, “Let me know if there’s anything else you need.”
Benedict nodded vaguely. His focus had already returned to Anna, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. What he wouldn’t do to have her in his bed, tasting her, fucking her, and hearing her cries of pleasure.
He closed his eyes, his dick throbbing even as he forced back some level of self-control. Huh. If someone planted a fist in his gut right now, he wouldn’t notice. It’d just add to the burning ache building within.
His interest hadn’t just been stirred; it’d exploded!
Except even as a part of him planned on how to win her over, a bigger part of him knew she wouldn’t fall for a man like him. Yeah, chicks dug him, but it wasn’t because he was a handsome lothario like Jonathon. No, Benedict was forbidden fruit. One taste was all women wanted before they returned to their normal lives.
He wanted Anna to be hungry for him, wanted her to return to him again and again. His gut clenched. Unlikely. With his rugby career behind him and a huge cattle station to run, he was even less inclined, for fashionable parties and formal dinners, places where Anna no doubt thrived.
These days he was happy to be sitting on a horse once again, working long hours on his station where the sun relentlessly burned, dust billowed, and the pungent methane scent of cow shit lingered in the air.
He forced his gaze away from her to take in Jonathon. The man appeared more than happy to show off his gorgeous lover as he slipped an arm around her and tucked her tight against him, a tellingly possessive gesture.
Had Jonathon sensed competition?
Anna glanced up at Jonathon with a radiant smile, and Benedict’s mouth dried even as something too close to jealousy flared white-hot deep inside him. What he’d do to have Anna look at him like that.
A pity Jonathon’s returned smile to Anna didn’t come close to reaching his eyes. There was a distant aloofness about him, a distinct lack of empathy that came with the territory as a drug and arms dealer.
The bastard didn’t deserve her.
Yet it was Jonathon who walked Anna out of the marquee, Jonathon whose bed she’d no doubt be sleeping in tonight.
Not for much longer…not if I have anything to do with it.
He pushed the beer away from him, losing the taste for the bitter brew as he stood and strode toward the exit at the far end of the marquee.
He needed to learn everything about Anna Leon-Zayden. And the sooner he started, the better.

New Group: Bakersfield Romance Writers Come Join Us

If you are a  new writer one just starting to put pen to paper or a published author in the Bakersfield area or surrounding areas ...