The Marines

THE MARINES                                                  COLIN COLBOURN

One of the military’s most famous and celebrated branches, the United States Marine Corps, emerged from the American War of Independence capable of fighting both at sea and onshore. Designated a component of the US Navy in 1834, the Marines participated in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War (1898), the Boxer Rebellion (1901), and World War I. But the Corps truly came into its own during World War II, when half a million Marines fought the Japanese army across the Pacific, famously capturing the island of Iwo Jima and, later, Okinawa. Since then, the Marines have played a central role in the Korean War, Vietnam War, invasion of Grenada (1983), Persian Gulf War (1991), and global war on terrorism. This riveting book moves from the Marines’ origins through WWI and right up to modern operations. It includes numerous photographs of recruitment and training today, as well as of Marines on tour in Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 200 images capture the action from every part of the world, making The Marines a colorful guide to an elite fighting force. 


Here is an outstanding book with excellent color photos of the United States Marine Corps. In their finest whether it is marching, training, or in a demonstration, for example, their silent Drill Team which is really a sight to see in person.
Having grown up around a city that was home to two Marine Bases and a father that worked for the Marines, I was around them for years growing up. Some were at our home; others would be a coach for one of my teams. Either way, I would be on base to see them train and drill. This book really captures the spirit of the Corps.
Knowing the history of the Marines like I do it's not just WWII and beyond. This book captures that and shows you more. In their training, some battles, and other photos. My description of this book does not give it Justus. An excellent book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

American Battles & Campaigns: A Chronicle from 1622-2010


Raids and sieges; trench warfare and air campaigns; guerrilla warfare, naval engagements, and colonial wars—American Battles & Campaigns covers every major campaign and battle fought in North America or by United States’ forces overseas, from the Pequot War of 1634 to the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Arranged chronologically, American Battles & Campaigns: A Chronicle, from 1622-Present, includes hundreds of entries, ranging from the 1770 Boston Massacre through the Alamo (1836) and the Philippine-American War (1899–1902), to Chateau-Thierry (1918), Midway (1942) and Hue (1969). Major battles, such as Yorktown, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, and D-Day, are illustrated with full-color annotated 3-dimensional maps and detailed text explaining the course of the engagement. Stuffed with black and white and color photographs, battle maps, paintings, and other artwork, American Battles & Campaigns contains expert accounts and analysis from thirty leading military historians.


I think that this book is for any history buff or anyone who has grown up in a military family, which I check both those boxes.
Here is a book that goes into every battle fought either on American soil or on foreign land or in the sea. The first battles begin before the French Indian war. When you get to the French Indian war you begin to see some of the same names of places that are famous from the Revolutionary War. Such as Fort Ticonderoga, some of the men fighting at the Siege of Fort Loudon in the Tennessee Valley would also be an important role in the Revolution.
You then get a look at every battle from the Revolution from the ones you knew to the ones you have never heard about. The author describes what took place. It is like that throughout this book whether it is the Civil War and the battles you never heard about, or World War One or World War Two. You also get a look and President Jefferson sending the Marines to Tripoli and what took place. The U.S. going to the Dominic Republic in 65, and then a look at every battle fought in Vietnam to then Grenada, Honduras, Panama, Gulf War, War in Afghanistan, Iraq.
I found this book to have a lot of information. To be well researched and would be truly worth adding to anyone’s library on the history of military battles. Overall a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

I Marched with Patton: A Firsthand Account of World War II Alongside One of the U.S. Army's Greatest Generals

I MARCHED WITH PATTON                          FRANK SISSON

 Following in the footsteps of the bestsellers All the Gallant Men, Every Man a Hero, Don't Give Up, Don't Give In, and Never Call Me a Hero, I Marched with Patton is a remarkable eyewitness account that offers priceless insights into a foot soldier’s life on the front lines during World War II under the command one of the legendary figures in American military history.

Now a spry ninety-four years old, Frank Sisson looks back at his life and his service in the Third Army. Born in rural Oklahoma, Frank grew up fatherless during the Great Depression. In 1944, at age eighteen, he enlisted and was deployed to France where he marched with Patton, taking part in many of the key Allied movements of the war. Frank fought in the Battle of the Bulge, nearly died crossing the Rhine with Patton, and was among the first American soldiers who liberated the notorious Dachau concentration camp. 

After the war, Frank continued to serve in the army as a military police inspector in Berlin. When he finally returned home, he attended college and built a career in business. 

Frank Sisson’s remarkable reminiscences provide a fresh, unique look at Patton’s leadership, the final year of World War II and its direct aftermath, and the experience of combat on the front lines.

I Marched with Patton includes 25 black-and-white photographs.


My wife got me this book because she knows I enjoy the history of WWII plus my father was a paratrooper in WWII. Here you have a man from that generation giving us his story about what his life was like in rural Oklahoma during the depression and then the reasons for his enlisting into the Army.
Each person’s story was different man or woman for joining, enlisting and his were probably like many others at that time. When he arrives D-Day was happening and you follow along when he steps onto France and a Sargent yells for him to fix the traffic jam with all of the vehicles ahead. Achieving that goal his next would be going ahead of the unit with wire for communication, sometimes going behind enemy lines for that would be the high ground. They would also sight in the changes with artillery when needed.
You see the banter between the other men he was with but also when it was time to do the job it would get done. Sadly he would not keep in touch with these men. My father had kept in touch with his buddies from the 82nd and Korea.
I also liked the part where he talks about his time staying over in Germany after the surrender. My father did the same thing and this gave me a new look into things that were going on at that time. The entire book was a good read and kept me going to where I sat down and read it in one evening, I was surprised at how focused I was to his story. An excellent book and I am grateful he took the time to write it, so many of this generation did not and we lost not only stories but the people that lived them. Very much worth the read. I received this book from Follow us as

Love Chaos Roommate up for Grabs


Making a fool of myself in front of the hottest guy on campus? Check!
Then getting stuck as roommates with the same hottie? Check!
Being completely humiliated by him on the very first night? Also check!

When Luca gets kicked out by her cheating ex-boyfriend, she's assigned to share a dorm suite with the biggest player on campus.

Ben Nowak isn't just brazen, he is brazenly sexy. A jerk with an irresistible smile that gets him whatever he wants. Luca might find him charming if everything he said didn't make her blood boil!

Surviving this semester means ignoring her new roomie, his stupid sexy smirk, and his constant string of casual hookups. It's the perfect plan. Until one night a mix-up lands Luca in Ben's bedroom– and he sets her heart racing for completely different reasons…

Love Chaos has been hailed by booksellers as “incredibly funny and captivating.”


A story of a female Luca who gets kicked out of her apartment and needing a new place to live while going to school ends up in with two males Ben and Toby. She was put in the dorm with the guys because of her name and there are no other places for her. Now she is dealing with Ben who is bringing home a different woman every night and Toby who is with a model who does not like Ben.
Luca also is dealing with a diet that is gluten-free and Toby wondering why the food tastes wired. Both her and Ben tell him about the gluten-free food but he just does not get it. Both Luca and Ben seem attracted to each other but each is dealing with issues from their past before they can have a future. It is a good story with the working of all of the dealings with the home and Ben and Luca. I also thought the whole gluten-free diet part of the story was a good touch since I deal with it every day now in my home with my daughter. Overall a good story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at


RomeAntically Challenged (When in Rome #1)


Marina Adair’s Romeantically Challenged is a humorous and heartening take on Three Men and a Baby meets 27 Dresses, in which a newly single physician's assistant who sets out on an exotic—and man-free—adventure gets stranded in a coastal Rhode Island town full of eccentric residents, nosy neighbors, and an infuriatingly sexy roommate who makes her question her man-free diet.


All I have to say is that this really must have happened to someone to be put in a story. Though it says it is a romantic comedy which for some I guess it could be. As a father, I wanted to!!!!!! Annie’s ex. He calls off the wedding after she had gone through with picking the venue and everything else. He though keeps the venue, the date which was here grandparent’s anniversary also keeps the money that he is to send back to her which he has. Then the topper is his new bride goes to the same bridal store and somehow everything is mixed up and her grandmother’s wedding dress is with the new bride. Then to make her day complete she thought she was accepting a job in Rome Italy, instead, she is in Rome Rhode Island.
Here the other part of the story is where she thought she would be living in a cabin by herself instead the man who owns the cabin has come back home. Emmitt, he is one of three dads to a teenage girl which is explained in the story. She also has to deal with her mother as well. Emmitt's story at times takes over at times for he is working through his own issues about life. Overall a good book and worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

Not My Romeo (The Game Changers #1)

 NOT MY ROMEO                                                ILSA MADDEN-MILLS

My blind date isn’t the studious guy I expected: he’s a drop-dead gorgeous player with sinful amber eyes. Somehow we end up at his penthouse. I blame the gin and tonic.

The next day I learn he’s Jack Hawke—bad-boy professional quarterback with a murky past. The NDA he has me sign should be a warning that he isn’t a regular person. Please. I sign it Juliet Capulet, so goodbye, a famous football player with abs of steel, and good luck tracking down this small-town librarian.

But Jack keeps showing up in places I least expect him. Just when I’m sure he’s gone, he waltzes into my community theater and wins the part of Romeo to my Juliet. How’s a plain, mostly innocent girl like me supposed to resist a man like him?

Is Jack my real Romeo… or will this gorgeous football player only break my heart?


I really had known idea what this book was going to be about when I began, it had been on my TBR list for a while and so when I began, I was hooked from the very beginning. Elena has had no luck when it comes to Valentine's day dates. Now meeting a blind date who is supposed to be a weatherman, he is also to be wearing a blue shirt. Seeing a man in the far corner wearing a blue shirt she goes and sits at his table. Giving him grieve because it is rude to begin to eat before your date arrives, she proceeds. It is this whole conversation at the table that hooks me and the rest of their time at the restaurant. The banter back and forth and it is not until much later that she realizes he is not a weatherman. When they arrive at his apartment, he asks her to sign an NDA which she does as Julia Capulet from Romeo and Juliet the play.
Elena does not back down from him and keeps him grounded he just does not know that. Are their parts of the book that are from other stories maybe a few but overall, this is a funny story but also with a touch a realism. She is showing Jack that there are people out there that care just about him, not about the money he makes or that he is a pro quarterback which she did not even know at first. It is Jack who needs to learn trust and acceptance. I am leaving a lot out because you should really read this book. It has wonderful characters and a very good storyline, overall a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

Midnight Wild (Wilder Irish #8.5)

 MIDNIGHT WILD                                      MARI CARR

What’s better than kissing one of your sinfully sexy bosses when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve? Kissing both of them. In bed.

Midnight Wild is a free short story featuring Darcy’s best friend, Brooklyn. It’s not just those Irish Collins who go wild at midnight!

Midnight Wild was previously published in the Alphas of the Forbidden (Alphas Confess All) anthology.


A book that is a quick read. Has Brooklyn sitting with her best friend Darcy at Darcy’s family Pub. Brooklyn has just been stood up on her New Year’s date and fears that the rest of the year will be the same way. Darcy leaves and before Brooklyn leaves she is in the middle of one of her fantasies about her with her two bosses though she knows that will never happen.
Well, low and behold one of them is standing next to her and the other is sitting in a booth. She accepts the offer of joining them and after talking for a bit they tell her what they really want is her and they have been waiting two years for the right time to bring up their offer. She agrees for one night after she tells them she has never been with one man. Here the story goes into a hot but yet tasteful scene in the bedroom. She brings in the New Year with a positive outlook for the one coming up. The story ends with her at the same Pub with Darcy waiting for? You will have to read the book to find out what happens, a very good story and ending. I got this book from Amazon. Follow us at

The Marines

THE MARINES                                                   COLIN COLBOURN One of the military’s most famous and celebrated branches, the ...