A Weekend Temptation

Posted: June 23, 2013

A Weekend TemptationA tragic accident has stolen Joel Stanfield's ability to love. But he can't escape the memory of the unforgettable kiss he shared with his sexy coworker, Ava Carson. When she leaves his company, he shows up on her doorstep, determined to burn her out of his memory with a week of scorching passion.
Ava can't resist the temptation of hot sex with Joel, on a private island. After the temporary affair, she hopes to be free of her obsession so she can find love, but she's in for the shock of a lifetime when she finds she's pregnant.
Will Ava find a way to heal Joel and unlock his heart, or will Joel lose his second chance at love and family?


Ava & Joel: Ava is Joel's Secretary at the opening of the book who he had kissed once in a drunken stooper. She fell in love that night & he in lust. You see Joel has a secret in his past the won't allow him to love again & open his heart to another. Yet, he can marry a socialite to further his business, have regular sex with by marrying her & won't want children. So, when he becomes engaged to this woman Ava resigns knowing she can't watch the man she loves anymore especially now with this other woman who now be planning their wedding. But, he won't let her quit so he thinks. After Ava is gone several weeks he meets with her & convinces her to come away with him for mind blowing sex to his island so they can get each other out of each others minds for just one week. Well, guess what happens?...read and find out. I enjoyed this book the chemistry of the characters was believable for the most part(heck your talking billionaires what do I know?) I read for free on amazon.

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