All's Fair

ALL'S FAIR                                                   SUZIE QUINT
Posted: June 28, 2013

All's Fair (A McKnight Romance, #1.5)Sol McKnight has trouble letting go of his ex-wife. If that means he has to torpedo her love life, then so be it. After all . . . All's fair in love and war.

NOTE: This is a prequel to the upcoming McKnight Romance, A Dark and Stormy Knight.


A very cute short story that just drew me in right away with the way Sol is a joker. The chemistry he has with his ex just rolls of the page as written. I just loved the way he played her date for an idiot & how angry she got that was just to funny. You could see it all in your minds eye. Then the climax happens & chemistry explodes. Then boom, it just ends. Nothing? Really? No resolve? No follow through no nothing? That's why only 3 1/2 stars. :'(

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