Almost A Bride #1

ALMOST A BRIDE #1                                      PATRICIA McLINN
Posted: June 20, 2013

Almost a Bride

Originally published by Silhouette

Wyoming Wildflowers: Indian Paintbrush

Dave Currick was everything Matty Brennan wanted for as along as she could remember. Right up until he broke her heart six years ago. Now that she’s returned to Wyoming for good, what she wants more than anything is to save her family’s ranch. Even if that means swallowing her pride and asking Dave to marry her.

Matty’s up to something – Dave knows that much. Just as he knows that Matty needs help, so of course he’ll provide it, just as he has all her life. Doing what’s best for Matty is second nature. Even when it comes to marrying her in name only. Although he can’t resist one hot-blooded kiss after the I-dos. Maybe – just maybe – his Matty will become more to him than Almost a Bride.


Talk about a case of parental mind games wow Dave got served up a big case of it at a time in his life when most of us if were honest are dealing in fear. So, for his mom to now be talking in riddles after the fact was even getting me frustrated for him. Then there is Matty. Who did not stand a chance from age 6. Parents pass, raised by grandparents, fall in love with boy next door on day one, & just when you are getting ready to make it all come together talking marriage down the line after college he breaks up with you. You leave town by transferring colleges, become an event planner, & study farming in order to come back home one day to take over the farm. Grandparents die leave farm to great uncle who runs it down then he dies that is where you come in. Can you make it work & be around Dave? Boy, can you but girl you do have a case of the crazies & that is what I love about this story it is like two grown adults finally getting to have their teenage romance & finally making all their crazy mistakes.

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