Candy Kisses

CANDY KISSES                                            VERNA CLAY
Posted: June 22, 2013

Candy Kisses by Verna ClayDirk Branigan's latest bull riding competition has left him flat on his back with a busted leg. After meeting his new "domestic help," he's decided that Sage Tanner and Miles Brightman, close friends that talked him into hiring the woman because she's destitute and pregnant, are going to owe him big time. His new employee is spoiled, temperamental, frustrating, and yes, occasionally, endearing. Thankfully, his daughter Tessa takes to her immediately. As for Dirk, his heart urges him to discover the woman behind the facade.


Who would have thought that Miles wife Tooty could be so understanding when Mile's ex calls him looking for a job or at the least a lead for a job after what Monica pulled on Tooty. (Must read in one of the book before in this series) You see Monica not only lost her job, she was dumped by her boyfriend, evicted, & is pregnant. Since Tooty knows what it is to be alone and pregnant she makes it her mission to help Monica. This is where Dirk & Tessa come in Dirk is injured in the rodeo(he's famous not a hick like she thinks everyone is since they aren't from NY) so she is hired as housekeeper & sitter for his daughter & cook. Fun book I know you will enjoy. I got to read this on a free day from Amazon.

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