Clear As Mud

CLEAR AS MUD                                           ALLISON MERRITT                                          
Posted: June 28, 2013

Clear As MudTorie and Ryan have been battling over the pit at MudFest for three years. Every year his team, the Earth Movers, beats her team, the Mud Moppets.

Sure, tug-of-war is for fun and to benefit their respective charities, but just once she'd like to hold the MudFest Cup. But this year, things are a little different, because her feelings for Ryan aren't just competitive anymore.


Ok, very cute ESSAY. Can't really truly call this a short story can you now. Albeit a very sweet creative writing assignment my daughter might have written. But with love story qualities when it matures to a full grown story. Until then it is a very sweet fun essay. I am really glad I read it & hope you do too but would like to see the author develop it much more so we can see where these characters go.

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