Confessions of a Chalet Girl

Posted: 26, 2013

Set in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Verbier, the winter playground of the rich and famous, Confessions of a Chalet Girl is a fun and flirty contemporary romance novella from the fabulous Lorraine Wilson.The slopes seriously start to heat up when chalet girl Holly is propositioned by her sexy new boss!The slopes seriously start to heat up when chalet girl Holly is propositioned by her sexy new boss!

This story revolves around the main character Holly. She gets hired on at a ski resort in Switzerland with on minor problem she does not ski but since they never mention it in the interview no worries. She was only taking this job to get out of her home town and her friend Pippa talked her into it. Pippa said it was a good way for them to meet new and exciting people like the rich and famous and snag a rich husband. One snag there too, Pippa got Prego so can't go since boyfriend and her getting ready for baby coming. So, Holly begrudgingly goes anyway. This book opens with her and her fellow employees at a local bar that the tradition is that the girls have to win a drink by taking off their bra to hang above it to win a shot. To be part of the Chalet Girls she has to do it. Luckily one of the girls told her a trick and it works. When across the room she catches the eye of a handsome man. He smiles and mouths, "Not your" looking up at the bra. She can't believe he said that, yet she can tell he is being cheeky. So, she decides she is going to go over and give him what for and when she does there is a major sexual attraction on both their parts. They start to banter back and forth then when it gets interesting one of the girls shows her and tells her to stop flirting with their boss because he never sleeps with any of the Chalet Girls. She just wants to die. She tries to say goodnight and that she has to make a phone call but she a little slow on the draw due to the drink. She starts to leave when he ask to go with since he has work to do at the Chalet. This where the fun begins for this couple.

This was a cute couple it was just not an emotional enough of a story though. It felt like it was almost there but just missing it. I felt like I was not connecting all the way with them. Just when I was starting to it would switch on me. I would recommend but not more for the younger crowd for sure. There is mild sex scenes compared to what is out there. 20 New romance or YA
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