Curve Ball

CURVE BALL                                                CHARLOTTE STEIN
Posted: June 25, 2013

Curve BallWhen Judy Myers is offered a relaxing vacation to get away from her latest heartbreak, she can’t say no. A cruise on her brother’s yacht sounds like heaven...until she realises her brother’s best friend has been invited along for the ride.

Steven Stark is big, he’s loud, and he’s obviously not interested in the plump, plain little sister he used to tease unmercifully. In fact, he’s still quite happy to tease her – until she turns the tables on him. Now Steven can’t seem to keep his thoughts, or his hands, to himself. And worse, Judy’s not sure she can resist the attraction she’s kept buried for so many years.

Being trapped on a boat isn’t the best place to be, when you’re suddenly thrown a hunky curve ball.


This book is so deceiving because you believe Steve is one way but he turns out totally different in the end. This short story is told mostly from Judy's point of view as BBW. She hits right on the money for the most part except when it comes to Steve. Although, Steve should have grown a few when it came to Judy's good for nothing fat hater brother. All in all I recommend this book. I did not know what to expect. I did plan on really hating Steve but sorry to tell you did not happen.

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