Full Recovery

FULL RECOVERY                                        BOBBY HUTCHINSON
Posted: June 23, 2013

Full Recovery (Doctor series)Dr. Joanne Duncan delivers a baby girl in the E.R. of Saint Joseph's Hospital in Vancouver, B.C. Within hours, the baby is abducted, and Joanne and security guard Spencer Mathews unite in a desperate attempt to find the baby.

Joanne is a highly respected emergency room physician, and Spence was a highly respected member of the RCMP. But when a car crash took his ex-wife's life and crippled his daughter, a devastated Spence left the force, feeling it was all his fault. All he can handle now is working security at St. Joe's.

Full recovery--it's what Joanne and Spence are after. Recovery of their hearts, of the freedom to live their lives in the present without ghosts from the past, and most of all, recovery of the baby girl who's become a symbol of all the losses in their lives.


This is the second book I have read from this author & I was not disappointed. The way she weaves a story so that a readER feels like they are right there with the characters as opposed to just reading about it. You could feel the emotions that Spencer & Joanne had for one another & you could feel the pains of their pasts that crowded their futures. There is HEA so you can be happy for that.

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