Heat in the Kitchen

HEAT IN THE KITCHEN                             SARAH FREDRICKS
Posted: June 28, 2013

Heat in the Kitchen (Duval-Adams, #1)Orphaned at eighteen, identical twins Matt and Zander Duval-Adams assumed responsibility for their twelve year old identical twin sisters, Tess and Ronnie.

'Heat in the Kitchen', the first book in a series of four, introduces you to Matt fourteen years after the death of their parents. Matt is a two Michelin starred, internationally renowned chef who has cooked for royalty and presidents all over the world.

As Matt settles in for an evening of creativity in the kitchen he discovers that Tess has lent his professional kitchen to her friend, Ella. Despite being disgruntled at the invasion, his 'big brother' instinct kicks in and he ends up helping her out of the jam she's landed in.

Ella is his baby sister's friend and out of bounds in Matt's eyes but that doesn't stop the raging attraction he feels towards her. As her life spirals out of control, Matt's 'big brother' act becomes just that, an act.

Ella is an internationally acclaimed pianist, fighting for her half-sisters' love, struggling to come to terms with her father's recent presence in her life and forced to confront a nightmare from her past.

She has secretly loved Matt for more than half her life but is panicked by the reality of their mutual attraction. Does she see Matt as someone who can only be a good friend and nothing more, or does his attention finally inflame a passion and love that neither can continue to deny?


I truly enjoyed this story. This was a romantic erotica if ever there was one. This book had characters with depth & personalities & a storyline that you could follow. It was excitingly funny, painfully sad, suspenseful & frustrating as HELL. Matt was the all around guy that you want to either grow old with & marry or have your daughter marry. Ella was his sisters friend that he becomes attracted to on site. He's never known she loved him since she was 14. (She is six yrs. Younger). They have both been through a lot but through this connection a healing starts along with something Matt can't seem to name. A very good book can't wait to read next installment.

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