HONEYMOONING                                      RACHAEL HERRON
Posted: June 27, 2013

Honeymooning: A Cypress Hollow Yarn Short Story with Bonus MaterialWhen cashmere-mogul Janet marries the cowboy, she knows she'll have a lot to learn about roughing it. Tom lets her pay for the wedding, but he insists on handling the honeymoon. The budget-minded Tom, however, chooses a tropical destination which might be a little too…casual. If a newly-married couple spends their first week as man and wife trying to keep their clothes on, can the sparks still fly? Includes excerpts to the first two books in the Cypress Hollow Yarn series: How to Knit a Love Song and How to Knit a Heart Back Home.

Tom a hired cowboy on a sheep farm marries Janet. She happens to be a divorced successful business woman who falls head over heels for Tom. Tom has issues with Janet having more money then him & that she keeps proposing to him. So, instead he moves in with her. One day he finally pops the question. He tells her he wants to make the honeymoon plan with his own money she is leery but agrees. Boy oh boy when they get to their cottage in Hawaii that is when the fun begins. As well as the true discussion that Tom never wanted to have about a joint checking account. This is a very cute short story. The characters just flowed which made it believable

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