Hungry For More

HUNGRY FOR MORE                                  CHELSEA SCOTT
Posted: June 26, 2013

Hungry For MoreHeat...spice...chemistry...

Celebrity Chef Paul Devoe has no problem handling those elements in the kitchen- but when Nanny Bridget Parker introduces them into his every day life, he quickly realizes that he is out of his league!

Ex-patriate British Nanny Bridget Parker has raised "Tad" Devoe since he was born. He's much more of a son than a charge. Overweight and struggling with binge eating and self-esteem issues, Bridget doubts that she will ever have a real family of her own. Tad is everything to her. When her employer dies in a skiing accident, Bridget is devastated to learn that she might lose Tad when he goes to live with his negligent father.

Bridget knows more about Paul from his television shows and cookbooks than she does from interacting with him in real life. She can count on one hand the number of hours that he's spent alone with his son. She is certain that Paul is not suitable to raise a little boy alone. Bridget will do anything to keep Tad safe and secure- but she never realised that her heart would be on the line.

Bridget's first impression of Chef Devoe is that he is nothing more than the self-absorbed, nuclear-tempered chef that his public image suggests, but she slowly uncovers a softer side that craves human interaction and love, while Paul learns that his warm, pretty nanny is struggling with demons of her own. They are both HUNGRY FOR MORE.


This was an A++ story of larger size woman in a HEA romance. Not a trashy no storyline but a true heart felt story.
This authors storytelling ability is so good she takes you on a wild ride in her stories. All the things that happen keep you from wanting to stop part way this journey. The characters are all so engaging & lovable. A total must read.

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