June 19, 2013

     Good morning everyone!  I am so tired this morning and I am really looking pretty wrecked when I look in the mirror.  Spent many hours getting this site up and running yesterday and sending messages to friends on Goodreads.  Heard back from some of the authors that I am friends with and it looks like some may be stopping by from time to time to promote their new book or at the very least ending me information about it so I can get it to you.
     We hope in the future to when I become a pro (lol) at this to maybe do drawings for books and things of that nature.  As well as letting you know fun facts about your author, where you can find that authors book at the best price, etc...
     I am off to do some of that much needed reading but I will be posting some of my past books that I have read in the last month or so and what I thought of them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Now I have to let you know that there has not been to many clunkers in my lot of books.  I give especially new authors a lot of effort for their craft. Yet, if there is just to much sex or fluff and no sorry you will not get a good rating or if there is, to be continued after just a few pages and you leave me hanging and not feeling like I should have bothered, or if it is a rush job all the way through or at the end just to get done.  I want to see, hear and feel something even in the erotica I read. I know some want to read it for the salaciousness of the sex alone it has to have something there but there are those times when sex is just sex.
     There are some amazing authors out there who can really bring it to the table as far as emotions in a great story (on the Internet).  Yet, they may have spelling errors or grammar errors.  But, I have to tell you if the story is that good I can sometime put up with it. Especially the spelling. As you may see by reading some of my blogs I will have both types of errors we are all humans but if we are trying and can take our reviews, even me, we can end up with some great stories and blogs.
Out for now off to read,

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