Just Joe

JUST JOE                                                    CARLA CASSIDY
Posted: June 23, 2013

Just Joe (Harlequin More Than Words)In Just Joe, Stacy Donovan is willing to do whatever it takes to save her charity, Bounties from the Gardens. Families in need are counting on her organization for fresh fruits and vegetables. Running the charity has always been Stacy's dream, and if winning a local dance competition will keep her dream alive, that's what she'll do.

After years of being consumed by work, Joe Carpenter has discovered a new passion: giving back to the community. He's started to volunteer at Bounties from the Gardens, and he's falling for the beautiful, dedicated Stacy. But Stacy is so focused on looking after her charity, she might miss the fact that Joe is just the person to watch over her heart.

Look for all three ebooks inspired by real-life heroines: Good Neighbors by Sheila Roberts, Just Joe by Carla Cassidy and Light This Candle by Cindy Dees. Visit the Harlequin More Than Words website at www.HarlequinMoreThanWords.com or your favorite ebook retailer to download these free novellas today.


This three book series of charities are very good. Each one shows the true spirit of the human heart to be truly giving of time, money, love, themselves, & so much more. In this one Stacey & Joe have done some heart wrenching things that puts them in places where they have trust issues where their hearts are concerned. They have a good chemistry but this story I kept feel like it was missing some emotional depth I guess is the word. The storyline told me I should have felt it but I did not, not the way I should have. Hmmm? Was still a good story just not for me 100%.

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