Love In Bloom

LOVE IN BLOOM                                         KAREN ROSE SMITH
Posted: June 24, 2013

Love in Bloom (Kismet)Dr. Paige Conrad needs Clay Reynolds' help. However, he can't give it because she and the rest of the town of Langley, Maryland, might discover his secret. Clay has no memory of the first 25 years of his life. The past and his father's rejection is behind him. Digging it up brings back nightmare he has fought for ten years to control. After spending three years in underdeveloped countries following her parents vision of healing, Paige has come to Langley to gain perspective on her life and help an old friend with his medical practice. Learning Clay was involved in a rock climbing accident and went through the rehabilitation process, she wants him to share his experience with a trouble teenager to give the boy hope.
Paige and Clay are inexorably drawn to each other. But can Clay trust Paige and share his secret? Can Paige dare to follow her own dreams.


I just had to much trouble with this whole story from the very beginning.  It just was cold but I started it and it was not a terrible book it had merit.  I just could not find it believable so it made me keep saying in my head this would never happen so it made it not fun for me.  Why in the world would a doctor go to a not professional with a problem himself because one his memory and two he just doesn't want to get involved. Well, both at some point want to do something to help but need the service of the doc that Paige was there to help while he was out ill. He guides them and while they fight it the is a pull to both their hearts and yours.  The sex scenes are hot so have a fan but the storyline just kept me disengaged for a lot of the story. I gave it three stars when I rated it for it was not totally bad.

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