Marry Me

MARRY ME                                                   CHERYL HOLT
Posted: June 24, 2013

Marry MeBestselling author, CHERYL HOLT, sets her sights on the Colorado Rockies with her fun, sexy, and fast-paced Merriweather trilogy. The three Merriweather siblings—Lucas, Dustin, and Brittney—think they have it all. As the heirs of the Merriweather gold dynasty, they grew up rich, spoiled and entitled. Yet all the money in the world hasn’t bought them love or happiness. They lead lonely, isolated lives. But that’s about to change. As they meet the most unlikely trio of characters—a con artist, a nosy reporter, and a wounded vet—they learn that even the most carefully-constructed world can be turned upside down. By the right person. Passion, friendship, and everlasting love can strike in the oddest places, and dreams really do come true. Originally released as three separate novellas, Ms. Holt has bundled them under one beautiful cover for readers to cherish. Three great stories. One great book. Seduce Me, Kiss Me, Love Me…MARRY ME!


What a Fantastically engaging trilogy of the Merriweather family. This trio of romantic stories held a lot of funny moments but a lot of terribly sad sections where you see how harsh family can be toward one another. When the people you  love should be the ones you should be able to go to when you need a soft place to land. You become so very humbled in how you see what you have. I do know that it doesn't matter what blood runs through your vains it's sometimes those that we hand picked as friends that become our true family that know all our deep dark feelings, our true thoughts, & all our yearnings. That is what each of these characters learn. That money didn't buy them happiness, love, or true friendship. So, join Lucas, Dustin, Brittney & their evil mother "Jackie" (couldn't resist). You will not be sorry.

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