All About Books June 22, 2013

One of the big tips I wanted to give for today is...
     there are so many new and exciting authors out there that you can find for little or no money.  I am not saying to stop buying or reading your favorite authors because I am sure not.  What I am saying is to check that favorite site of yours, which for me is Amazon.  I know that they have free book days and many books that go one sale for 99 cents.  So, take the time to read those new authors and find some that you really fall in love with I know I have.  They are the reason I have gotten to this point of doing this blog.  I started really reviewing and started reading more and more and now back to doing some writing like I did in high school. 
     Now, there will be those authors that will break up a full book into many different sections to get you to by there books when really it is just one whole book.  I personal don't care for that method.  I have gotten caught up in a story that is so good that I just can't put it down and have bought it.  Yet, I have also not gone on with the series of books if one it frustrates me or two it is just not that good.  Another hint is to really use the tool that Goodreads has to keep track of your books, because so many of the authors go to a clearing house to get their covers and just change the titles to whatever their book is.  Which can make you think you have read a book when really you have not.  So, you can refer back to a book on Goodreads and see if for sure if you have or not.

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