Runaway Heiress (Billionaire Bacholers #6)

RUNAWAY HEIRESS                                   MELODY ANNE
Posted: June 25, 2013

Runaway Heiress (Billionaire Bachelors, #6)Joseph and George Anderson are once again back to match-making in the sixth book in The Billionaire Bachelors Series.

Bree has had enough of over-protective brothers and a meddling father, so she decides to run to a
small town, where she can prove she can make it on her own. The only thing wrong with that situation is there’s a stalker after her, determined to make her his – or else end her life.

George hires Chad, Mark’s best friend and ex-Navy Seal to guard Bree. She is furious about her father sending her a babysitter.

Sparks and bullets fly between Bree and Chad. Open the pages to find humor, love, mystery and so much more.


Joesph & George have done it again they have married off another child. George's daughter Bree. I was wondering how it was going to play out personality wise since all the males are usually alpha males with spunky wives. So, the author just did the same thing but I think Chad being more secure in his manliness was okay with showing Bree his softer side. They could banter, fight & still have wicked sex. The way they are brought together was interesting & I thought the storyline played out very nicely. It kept you guessing even though it turn out to be who I thought early on it had so much action it made me question myself a few times. Very good ending loved it!!!

Cover does not match story characters by the way. I don't know why that always bugs me.

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