Sugar Daddy

SUGAR DADDY                                 NICOLE ANDREWS MOORE
Posted: June 19, 2013

Sugar DaddyHannah Matthews, an over educated under employed mother of twin girls, takes the girls on the annual Labor Day weekend family vacation while her husband stays behind. By the time she has returned, he has cleaned out their bank accounts, their apartment, and moved in with a surgically enhanced stripper. Try as she might, Hannah is forced to resort to desperate measures: finding a Sugar Daddy.

Gavin Meyers, affluent businessman, discovered too late that his bohemian wife wasn't in love with him when he caught her in their bed with a lover...his sister. After a heated meeting with the lawyers trying to arrange the divorce agreement, his lawyer suggests he get a hobby and work out all his anger. He can't think of a single thing he wants to do more than find some woman to punish for his suffering. And it just so happens, he stumbles across a personal ad that will serve his purpose. What kind of woman advertises for a Sugar Daddy?


Let me just say off the top I was sent this book by the author. But in no way does that influence how I write my reviews, since most of of the books I read are free off Amazon or from the library.

I have to say I had no idea what this book was about other then it is a romance. Got the idea really quick & it kept me interested from the first few pages. Hannah & Gavin are two people who have been hurt, shamed, & unloved for so long that they don't know what it is anymore to be loved.
He becomes bitter & she becomes a mother cub out to save her babies. Really both are just lost, scared, & looking for a home/family.
Follow them on their journey you won't regret it these characters are solid looking for the AMERICAN dream. Happiness.

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