The Reluctant Rancher


"Luke Tanner and women didn't mix, plain and simple."

Luke Tanner learned early on that no one cared enough to look past his rough-hewn appearance and sour attitude to discover what lay beneath the surface - other than his wallet. When Mary Carter hits him up for a loan, he makes her a proposition she can't refuse.

Mary fantasized about Luke Tanner since her first glimpse of the veritable mountain of a man. She knows there's more to Luke than his bank account. Though she tries to hide her feelings, a fire burns between them. Will it end in ashes - or forge a love that would last a lifetime


The was way better than I ever expected for sure. I thought that Luke who started out being portrayed as a hard-nosed, uncaring, s.o.b. is really a scared little boy betrayed by those he loved. As for Mary, she was a spun spitfire from the start. Yet, with a huge complex body image & weight issue. She too has been betrayed & bullied about this by those around her. For her putting on a happy face to his scowl seems to work for them until they start to realize just how lonely they are for a true love & a meaningful relationship. They live in Fiddler's Creek where everyone knows each other & helps each other. The town is close & when Mary helps Luke become a part of that all their lives change. Joseph, Luke's grandpa the man that raised him is a sweetheart & a joy to see how he guides all this to come about with either of them knowing. This book was a quick read something along the lines of what 180ish pages, I actually paid for this book for once so my review is harder so you know I liked it. 

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