Touching Ghost (Seals on Fire #6)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Touching Ghost (SEALs On Fire #6)What a sweet little blast from his past! Ren “Ghost” Ramsey hadn’t planned on taking a trip back in time while Stateside with SEAL Team Arapaho but that’s what he gets when sweet Sadie Ballew buys a plane ticket to Key West and makes an offer he can’t refuse. Back in small town Oklahoma, he’d been the local bad boy complete with a chip on his shoulder and she’d been the only person who’d loved him despite it all. She’d been a girl then but things are a hell of a lot different now and Ren wants nothing more than to burn up the sheets with the sassy lady.

Ren was a man now. And what a man! Now a SEAL known as Ghost, a complete bad ass, infiltrator and spy, Sadie sees only the boy she’d loved and lost all those many years ago. His little R & R is just the excuse she needs to see if she’s woman enough to heat things up between them and claim him for her own…once and for all. Is she up for the challenge? Hoorah! Sadie is a woman who exactly what she wants… Ren in her bed and in her life.


This story by far has to be one of my favorites. Although, I loved them all so far with one more to read. But, the childhood connection Ghost & Doc had & the the memories from back then that has kept them both safe & sane is endearing. Their erotic encounters you can just feel the love all the way to your toes without any declarations. Will they be able to get past the bed & into a future read on & see what happens along their path.

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