With a View

WITH A VIEW                                              ALANNA COCA
Posted: June 26, 2013

With a ViewIt's architect Ashley Meyers's job to create functional and beautiful living spaces. Her latest assignment is Mason Gregory's master bedroom.
From their first meeting, Ashley knows it will be difficult to focus on Mason's bedroom without daydreaming about his bed.

Publisher's Note:
This free read is a short story, just 12,000 words, which will take about 45 minutes to read in its entirety.With a View is a companion piece to Alanna Coca's book PreView, available now.

The file size may be confusing, for after With a View ends, you'll find the first two chapters of PreView as a free sample of Alanna's full length novel featuring Ashley's best friend Ryann.


There are time when you get these free books & you just think why did I do this to myself, again. Well, let me tell you this IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. This is really just a feel good short love story. With two normal professionals who come together & fall for one another. I just enjoyed their morning phone calls & sat on edge for her final drive to Mason's home. I loved how Ashley even showed pride in her work ethics even when her friend said go for it. Just an all around good love story but short

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