All Over You

ALL OVER YOU                                     BEVERLY KENDALL
Posted: July 24, 2013

All Over You (Unforgettable You, #1.5)New Adult Romance
Due to language & sexual situations, recommended for readers 18+ yr.
Warning: The sensuality level of this short novel is high

An ex is an ex for a reason

To Rebecca Winters, it’s not just a saying or the title to a catchy tune, it’s a rule she staunchly lives by. Especially since the break up with her ex. What’s the point in trying to fix the “unfixable”? Besides, only a girl hell-bent on more heartbreak would go back to the guy who bailed on her when she needed him most. But saying no to Scott is becoming more difficult than surviving the breakup itself. And unfortunately for her, the kind of pressure he's exerting is making her rule all too easy to break.

Scott Carver has given up trying to get over his ex. He’s still in love with her and their year apart has done nothing to change that. Yeah, he knows he screwed up. Just how royally, he wasn't aware of until now. So when Becca agrees to give him a second chance, he grabs on to it with both hands. But it’s clear the only way things will ever truly be right between them is if he comes clean…about everything. He can only pray the truth doesn’t send her running—for good this time.


Wish there was a little bit of a tell about what happened from the book before this one felt a little lost.

This was a very interesting and complex story about a relationship between a couple that had a yearlong relationship and ends up breaking up over a miscommunication problem. When a trust is broken can a relationship survive? This couple Rebecca and Scott have issues within their families that cause them to view things in their own world differently therefore making them react to situations with caution, lack of trust, and secrets in order to protect either others or themselves. Which in the end causes more problems. I have to say this was a story that was about 140 pages long on my phone but it was a lot for that small amount. The characters you could get fully invested in and they were believable and you could put yourself in their place. But I have to say I did not see some of it coming so that was good too. I think you will enjoy this book and this love story of young love and what secrets can do and lack of trust can do but if you open up what it can accomplish.

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