Big Girls Don't Cry (Girls Do or Don't #3)

BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY                         CATHIE LINZ
Posted: July 24, 2013

Big Girls Don't Cry (Girls Do Or Don't, #3)Good Girls Do, Bad Girls Don't. Now meet Big Girls...

After her plus-size modeling career tanks, Leena Riley becomes a receptionist in her hometown veterinarian's office. Too bad the vet is Cole Flannigan, a boy who taunted her all through school. Good thing Leena has grown into her curves, because he's about to grow very fond of her.

I loved, loved, loved this book. The characters were so endearing & funny I just laughed throughout the whole thing. Yet, it gave some very heart felt thoughts on how women & men, boys & girls and mother & daughters can all view this issue. Now mind you this is just a small limited view but a view none the less & the struggle that Leena the main character goes through to overcome how she feels about her life long weight issues or not. How others see them. Also, how she starts going to work for Cole who is interested in her & her insecurities to know if he really is or doing it to make fun of her. All the the supporting cast of characters just adds to the enjoyment of the journey & struggles Leena goes through to figure out where she belong. ***** stars a must read for sure. I hope there is a follow up to these characters to see how things go for them & there friends. I will have to check...

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