BREAKING                                                    CLAIRE KENT
Posted: July 18, 2013

Breaking (Escorted, #1.5)He spent years selling his body, having sex with women for money. He could please them better than anyone else.

Now he has only one woman to please.

He knows what to do with her body. He wants her, needs her, takes her--until she can't take any more.

But what they have is so much more than bodies moving together. He loves her, loves her, loves her.

He still doesn't always know how.

Breaking is an erotic novella (21,000 words) that can be read as a standalone, although it features characters from Escorted.


I did read this as a stand alone book.

Ander use to be a gigolo turn archaeologist working on his dissertation for lack of a better word. He was in love with a virgin client who is a published romance novelist, Lori. He is now engaged to her but on his arrival home early from a six week dig he come home different she can tell. She ask him about it but says nothing is wrong. He uses sex to push away his thoughts and tries to sideline her questions. But great sex only goes so far. Walk through this erotic landmine with this couple as they try to resolve this overwhelming issue & pain. I gave this 4 stars for the way the author works through this couple's issues at the end. I do have to say there were times I thought this is just a salacious book about sex and a selfish man. But, it was more then that in the end. A free read courtesy of

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