Fixed Up with Mr. Right #2

Fixed Up with Mr. Right                         Marie Ferrarella
Posted: July 23, 2013

Fixed Up with Mr. Right? (Matchmaking Mamas, #2) (Silhouette Special Edition, #2041)After Kate Manetti's prince turned into a frog, work became her new Number One. She didn't want a new relationship--especially not with a client, and "certainly" not one sent by her matchmaking mother. Then wealthy bank manager Jackson Wainwright strode into her life, in need of a lawyer...and with a sexy smile made her reconsider all her plans....A man of privilege, Jackson knew how to get what he wanted. He also knew the hurt of losing what mattered most. But falling for the beautiful, willful woman was beyond his control. Now, he'd do whatever it took to earn Kate's trust and make her realize that they're right for each other.


There is no match for these mama's when it comes to meddling.  Although they do not see it that way.  The see it as doing what is best for their children and getting the grandchildren they so want.  To funny what they do to get it to happen.

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