Just The Way You Are

Posted: July 23, 2013

Just the Way You AreA baby brought them together -- and even though Alli has always loved her strong, sexy husband Sam and the life they've made together, she's now decided to set him free to follow his youthful dreams. For although she worships Sam, it's no longer enough for her to be wife and lover when she knows she holds so little of his heart.

Sam has always dreamed of a life away from the close-knit world of Tucker's Landing, but marriage and fatherhood ended all that. Now Sam is torn between what was and what was meant to be. He must decide if it's time to rekindle the dreams of the past...or accept Alli, and her love, just the way she is.


I so loved this book. The story was well worth reading. It is a love triangle between two sister that should have been resolved years ago but was not so the relationship goes by the way side. But their loving grandmother comes in & stirs the pot to make things happen & boy do they. I really enjoyed all the fun & sometime gut wrenching sadness that this story brings as well as some of the the "really?" Moments. This is a quick read but earned its stars. 5 *

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