Mad, Bad, Blonde (West Investigations #1)

MAD, BAD, BLONDE                            CATHINE LINZ
Posted: July 24, 2013

Mad, Bad and Blonde (West Investigations, #1)After being jilted at the altar, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, but doesn't stay that way too long. And though her sexy rebound man has ulterior motives, feelings surface that neither of them are prepared for.

When a man's too good to be true...

Jilted on her wedding day for being the queen of dullsville, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, hoping to leave her pain behind. That could take a miracle, but she's about to discover miracles do happen. His name is Caine Hunter. Smart, spontaneous, hot, and sexy, he has her feeling like a real woman for the first time ever--until the truth surfaces...

A former Force Recon Marine turned PI, Caine was doing what he does best: spying. And his new target was Faith. But falling for the enemy's daughter was never part of his plan. Caine is a man used to winning, but this time his mission is much more personal--and now that he and Faith are both back in Chicago, the rewards could be, too...


This was such a funny book. This was just the firearm non-couple ever until they were. I totally enjoyed all the twist & turns these P.I.'s take to get where there going on their case & their relationship. Faith's family is a hoot from her grandma to her cousin. On the way to investigate something very personal to Caine they met some very interesting people that just add a whole different layer to this story. In doing so Caine an ex-Marine is able to start feeling & showing emotion. A must read.

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