Paul Brown: The Man Who Invented Modern Football

PAUL BROWN                                          GEORGE CANTOR AND BILL WALSH
Posted: July 13, 2013

Paul Brown: The Man Who Invented Modern FootballThe first full-length biography of the legendary head coach of the Cleveland Browns, this book explores how Paul Brown worked his way from high school coach to pro football Hall of Famer, while setting forth a blueprint for the modern game. As the first coach to scout opponents through game films, call plays from the sideline, and systemize the college draft, Brown finessed the sport into a more precise science. His teams rarely disappointed, and he created a winning dynasty in Cleveland, coaching the Browns to three NFL championships and four AAFC titles. Based on extensive research and original interviews with former player and others, this book examines in absorbing detail Paul Brown's profound influence on the game.


This book is for any true football fan or the fan that wants to know the history of the game. Paul Brown, started out as a high school coach first. That is where many of the ideas that he had to make the game better took place. Some of them also came about as him being a teacher, so he would give the players tests of the playbook, along with there position. High school is where he started Jr. High football, so the players would know the plays by the time they came to high school. Later this would become the beginnings of the taxi squad. When someone got hurt he had a player who could play that position. He brought those ideas with him to Ohio State. By winning at high school and at college he was becoming a legend in the state of Ohio. After WW2 he was given a chance to coach a new team in a new league with the CLEVELAND BROWNS and from there he put into action everything he had been doing for many years. He started the playbook, giving tests, a taxi squad, face masks, after he was in the N.F.L.Because of an injured player and the league did not want to do anything about the injury. They say Bill Walsh came up with the west coast offense. But he said he learned it from Paul Brown, while being an asst. coach with him at Cincinnati.He had also signed two African American players a year before Jackie Robinson, crossed the lines in baseball. One player Motley is in the Hall of Fame. I could go on but I wont you should read this book it is a great story and not just about football.

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