Simply Scandalous

SIMPLY SCANALOUS                                  CARLY PHILLIPSA
Posted: July 18, 2013

Simply Scandalous (Simply, #2)Wealthy Assistant D.A. Logan Montgomery needs to ruin his reputation--fast That's the only way he'll be able to convince his father that he's not cut out to follow the family tradition of going into politics. His plan? To indulge in a "very public" fling with a woman whose family is a scandal in itself. It should have been the perfect solution... . Only, the more time Logan spends with Catherine Luck, the more he realizes he'd give up his reputation--and "everything" else--for just one night in her bed...


I really enjoyed this story of a couple who was brought together by a very sneaky grandmother, Emma, she is grandmother to Logan. She wants to see him married off before she dies. Off course she healthy as an ox now after a mild heart attack which she uses to her advantage. She meets Cat & likes her instantly & knows with her shady background that she could kill two birds with one stone. Get her grandson off the fast track that his father wants Logan on to be mayor & give him a scandal at the same time by falling for Cat. Things go hay wire because Cat has trust issues & when they are by themselves all is good but when the outside world gets in Prince Charming does not seem to meet her fears with the press jumping into the mix during a touchy moment. This is a good book I recommend.

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