Solitary Man

SOLITARY MAN                                           CARLY PHILLIPS
Posted: July 20, 2013

Solitary ManWhen tough Boston cop Kevin Manning promised to care for his fatally wounded partner’s family, a one night stand with the man’s grieving sister wasn’t part of the plan. No matter how intense the night had been, a woman like Nikki Welles deserves much more than a broken man like Kevin can give, and he leaves the next day. When he returns months later, everything has changed. Nikki can’t forgive Kevin for abandoning her nor can she regret the baby she’s now carrying. And she can’t stop wanting Kevin. But can this solitary man come to believe he’s worthy of love?


I really enjoyed this book. If you are a child, spouse, friend, relative, etc... This book will so touch home for you. I could relate on so many levels. I had been the friend who sat back & watched a friend who watched a friend go through relationships like this of co-dependency. I have gone through this, family members have which has caused warped relationships. But as the author so researched & writes so touchingly in this book that if one member in the relationship is willing to reach out to the program then there's hope as long as tough love is applied & maintained. No cleaning up messes. So, when Kevin was so brain washed by his alcoholic father his whole life he had no way of seeing the steps he needed to walk away from his sick need to bail his father out of trouble when drinking. So, when Nikki comes into his life he feels he has to care for the independent loving feeling talkative woman. Which just totally overloads him mind & emotions. Loved it.

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