The Summer Garden

THE SUMMER GARDEN                            SHERRYL WOODS
Posted: July 18, 2013

The Summer GardenFalling for "Maddening Moira" O'Malley was the unexpected highlight of Luke O'Brien's Dublin holiday. So when she pays a surprise visit to Chesapeake Shores, Luke is thrilled…at first. A fling with this wild Irish rose is one thing, but forever? Maybe someday, but not when he's totally focused on establishing a business that will prove his mettle to his overachieving family.Given Luke's reaction, Moira has some soul-searching of her own to do. Scarred by her father's abandonment, she wonders if Luke, with his playboy past, is truly the family man she longs for. Adding to her dilemma, she's offered an amazing chance at a dream career of her own.

Deep down, though, Moira knows home is the real prize, and that love can be every bit as enchanted as a summer garden.


OMG, I LOVED THIS FINAL BOOK IN THIS SERIES!!! I wish it would not end because I happen to love the characters so much but especially Moira & her spunkiness. I like how Nell has a soothing affect over her when she allows Luke to act or say or not to say things that make her feel insecure. Maybe, really I believe they both are just scared. Dreams are a funny thing even when we wish, want & hope for them we still have to go after them & work at them & that is where things get interesting. I highly recommend this book. 5*****

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