Wyatt: Return of the Cowboy

Posted: July 18, 2013

Wyatt: Return of the CowboyNot much had changed in the twelve years since Wyatt Malone left Roundup, Montana. Except for Paige St. John, his once loyal childhood friend. As teenagers, they had planned to leave their small town behind together. But a falling out with his father drove him from Roundup and Paige—and she has not forgiven Wyatt for striking out on his own.

Now Wyatt is back, hoping to reconcile with his family—and with Paige. She's turned into the kind of woman he's always wanted. But she's been burned by handsome cowboys before, including the one that left her to raise her son alone. Can Wyatt convince Paige, and the rest of Roundup, that he's a man she can count on?

Harts of the Rodeo prequel novella.


This is a very short but sweet story of two friends Wyatt & Paige who say they will remain friends forever. But due to a freak accident that he takes the blame for that he did not cause he feels he must leave town on the rodeo circuit & says when he gets settled he will send for Paige. 12 yrs. Have passed a near death experience & he has been invited back home for his parents anniversary but slowly finds out family is still angry & don't want him around so who or what is causing this? Total worth a short read time.

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