DRIVEN                                                       DONALD DRIVER
Posted: Aug. 28, 2013

16071762The legendary NFL receiver, all-time receptions and yards leader for the Green Bay Packers, and Dancing with the Stars champion looks back on his life and career.

Now, in his memoir, Driver recalls what it was like to go from living in a U-Haul trailer with his mom on the streets of Houston to earning a spot on the Packers roster and becoming one of Brett Favre's favorite targets on the way to football stardom. He takes you inside the locker room with legends such as Favre and Reggie White, and recalls his more recent roles as a veteran leader for stars like Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings during the 2010 Super Bowl season and as a Dancing with the Stars winner.

A seventh-round draft pick in 1999, Donald Driver was given little chance of making the Packers roster, much less of becoming a 1,000-yard receiver, a beloved icon for one of the NFL's most storied franchises, and a Super Bowl champion. But in a life of adversity, Driver has overcome obstacle after obstacle and has become one of the most popular players in the NFL.


Really liked this book. The story about DONALD DRIVER and his life from being homeless. To college and then a 7th round pick by Green bay. I don't think you need to be a football fan or a Green Bay Packers, fan to enjoy this book. For me it was great being a Packer fan to be able to read this book and by sharing this review maybe somebody will see that you can make it out. He is honest about what he did when he was homeless and living in the ghetto. But he gives credit to the people who were there for him to guide towards sports and not crime. He also talks about hard work to stay in shape and to make the football team. I think it was funny that he did not even know were Green Bay, was. But at the end of hie career he became the all time leader in receptions, yards and in the top 5 of touch downs and top 3 of games played for Green Bay. To most people that might not be much but the team has been around since 1921. That was a lot of players to pass. The book was well written and anyone would enjoy his story.

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