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Posted: Aug. 12, 2013

Follow The Money: The Money Trail Through HistoryFollow the Money is based on a startling insight: there are three different forms of money, not just one; and the form of money a society implements determines the kind of society it will be, and what’s more, how it will think. For money is not neutral. It is a product of human artifice, the particular expression of a particular society, that at the same time determines the further course of that society, not just in terms of economics, but in all areas of cultural endeavor


A very good book about the history of money. He begins with Babylon and the use of bronze for there coins. Over the course of time you come to the Greeks, they were still using coins but they started banks. Then the Romans who started using gold and silver coins. They also had banks but came up with a central bank to fund the works, army, roads etc. He then starts moving into the time of England and France. How they went to silver coins due to two big mines in Europe. Spain comes in and finds gold and silver in South America and now everyone is using gold until 1890-1900. Because of the Boer's war. They go to a central bank other countries follow slowly. Ours is Dec of 1913. Then he goes on through the years until 2012. He gives a lot of information and the history is great. But in order to change he needs people in Washington to read it. A good book enjoyed it.

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