Posted: Aug. 21, 2013

18310668An inside look at one of baseball’s greatest teams, now with an exclusive chapter looking back on the changes in the game.
"Baseball insiders are calling it the best front office book ever written about sports, and it's a riot." - Larry King, USA Today
"If you want to know what the Yankees were like before (and during) Billy Martin's various turns at the helm, Now Pitching for the Yankees just might be the best place to start." Rob Neyer, ESPN.Com
"It's different, it's funny, and he knows his stuff." - Tim McCarver, Fox Sports Announcer, catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals

Starting as a college student sorting Mickey Mantle’s fan mail and rising all the way to director of public relations, Marty Appel offers a unique behind-the-scenes memoir of life with the New York Yankees from 1968-1977. Appel stood shoulder-to-shoulder with both the bench warmers and the superstars of the era, from tempestuous owner George Steinbrenner to future Hall of Farmer's like Yogi Berra and Reggie Jackson. With a new chapter looking back at his career in the last twelve years, as well as changes and milestones in the game he loves, Marty Appel paints a hilarious and poignant portrait of the Yankees.
“[Appel’s] love of baseball shines through here, and Yankee fans will lap up his humorous stories of Yankee greats and not-so-greats.” – Library Journal
"A poignant account of a fan turned public relations executive working for baseball's most glamorized team." - Baseball America.


I got this book as an e-book. The writing is very good and though Mr. Appel does talk a lot about the Yankees. The players, management and other people around the game that we as fans don't think of. This book is not just about the Yankees or his time working for them. He goes into detail how he became a Yankee fan. What it was like the first time he went to old Yankee stadium to see a game with his father. He brought me back to the memories I had the first going with my father and I. Thought it was great. He also talks about not being afraid to go for a job. He did that in college and become the Yankees 3rd PR director in their history. From there he takes you through the team being sold and he ends up leaving in 1977 before their championship. He takes you on a journey through his life with different stops along the way. But there is always baseball. Someone calling him or a player that he new at one point. He has know bad words to say about anyone. Maybe himself to handle something differently. Which was nice. A good book.

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