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The Cowboy Imports a Bride by Cora SetonRob Matheson's a fighter. Flattening enemies with his fists or with his legendary practical jokes, he's a tough enemy, and a troublesome friend. But Rob doesn't know how much longer he can keep up the act. As his buddies get married one by one, he's left with his lonely life - and the sinking feeling he lost more than his dreams when he traded them for a thick skin. Now Rob's father has issued a challenge - he'll give 200 acres of prime Montana ranch land to the first of his four sons to wed. No conditions, no meddling. Could this be a chance to become the man he really wants to be?

Morgan Tate's worked for years to climb the ladder to a top job at Cassidy Wineries, but Duncan Cassidy, the boss' son, always stands in her way. Now he’s issued an ultimatum; marry him or he’ll make sure she never works in the wine industry again. Morgan wants marriage - and a family - but not with Duncan. A certain cowboy in Chance Creek, Montana, has stolen her heart.

When Rob offers Morgan a proposition - marry him and split the land - they both find themselves with an ethical dilemma. They don't know each other well enough to wed, but they can't lie about their intentions before God and man, either.

Now they've got sixty days to fall in love, and a passel of family and friends determined to keep them apart. The victims of Rob's previous jokes are lining up to get their revenge, and Morgan's half-sister, Claire, is stirring up their mother's past.

Will it take the biggest practical joke of all to convince the world - and themselves - that they're truly meant to be man and wife?
My Review:
The Cowboy Imports a Bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek Series) this was the small town of Chance Creek where everyone knows everyone.  The Matheson boys grew up next door to the Cruz ranch but Rob was the one that was best friends with Jamie, Cab, and Ethan and Ethan’s sister Claire.  Not knowing the whole time they are growing up that Mrs. Cruz is living a double life.  Come to find out they have an older sister named Morgan. Morgan comes for a visit.  After a lot of harsh words and then some real soul searching and then deep discussions they all come to realize they were all just victims of their mother’s lies.  So, they decide to come together and become the best family they had left under the circumstances, their mother was killed in a car accident.  During this visit Rob and Morgan become close even though everyone tells Morgan that Rob is a player she her heart still falls for him but she knows she will have to be leaving Montana to go back home to Canada but will be returning for her half-sisters wedding to Jamie.  So, they have that to look forward to.  What is that really they both think? 

All they both can do once they are apart is think of each other.  She is hating her job but she is holding out because she is having an unveiling a wine she produced and she is excited. Him he is trying to figure out what to do with himself.  He hates working for his father on the family ranch always has, everyone sees him as a screw up, a player and a person who plays jokes on others. But when his father makes a challenge to his sons that the first son to get married gets 200 acres with no strings attached the first person he thinks of Morgan.  Now what?

Follow this fun, interesting and heartwarming couple as they make their mark in a world so full of family trappings and love.  That you will find yourself smiling and then the next thing you know you will find yourself with tears in your eyes.  Not to mention for sure there will be moments ladies where you will for sure be fanning yourselves for the love turns hot.  But all and all this is a journey you will not want to miss. I truly have enjoyed this series and the characters are all fun and the jokes they play on one another are funny.  I can’t wait for the next installment they have so many characters to feed off of yet.  Yay!  Provided by


Ethan & Autumn Cruz, Claire (Cruz) & Jamie (horse whisper) Lassiter, Cab Johnson (sheriff), (Matheson Family: Holt, Lisa, Jake, Luke, Ned, Rob) Morgan Tate

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