THUNDERSTRUCK                               KENDALL GRACE
Posted: Aug. 16, 2013

ThunderStruck by Kendall GraceDesperate to distance herself from her previous life, and her high-powered ex, Jo Montgomery moves to a tiny slice of Georgia, an impetuous decision if there ever was one. Though not nearly as impetuous as throwing herself into an intimate relationship with her new neighbor. Hawk Stephens, a horse breeder and local celebrity, is sex personified, a man built for dark deeds in dark places. But he wants far more from Jo.

Every instinct tells Silent Hawk that Jo is The One, and despite her obvious uncertainty, his Apache beliefs give him faith. The signs are unmistakable. His skittish little filly requires a strong hand, patience…and blazing, mind-bending sex that leaves no doubt to his feelings and intentions.

But before their love affair has barely begun, the reemergence of Jo’s ex, coupled with a potentially tragic event, forces Jo to make decisions that not only damage Hawk’s beliefs, but could also shatter their tender romance beyond repair.

A Romantica® western erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Hawk was a horse breeder in Georgia basically a horse whisper. Jo (Josephine) was the ex-wife of the senator of Arizona. After 12 years of being for the most part being neglected and her ex cheating on her she decided to divorce him quietly. She then packed up after and bought a dilapidated old house next to Silent Hawk and his father Ray that owned a cotton farm and horse stables. Hawk’s dad is so funny and really helps move this story along and his mom Raven brings to it this quiet happy peace of what you would expect from the Indian culture. Hawk became rich after being poor by making a spirit and wild horse tamed and redeemable. He was able to stud him out after someone saw how fast he was and that horse went to the Derby and won. Hawk is part Apache and was taught his Indian way from his mother and when he went on a Quest to the mountain to find himself after doing a lot of womanizing. He was told by the (spirits, gods…) that he would meet a special woman and he would know it would be his fate. Hence Jo and the story begins. You will not be disappointed with this story the way this author spins this tale brings in a lot of Indian lore as well of good old fashion love and some nice small amount of erotica. So, yes this story as a little bit of everything. Provide by

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