BLACK BETTY                                              WALTER MOSLEY
Posted: Sept. 8, 2013

845551961: For most black Americans, these were times of hope. For former P.I. Easy Rawlins, Los Angeles mean streets were never meaner...or more deadly. Ordinarily, Easy would have thrown the two bills in the sleazy shamus' face -- the white man who wanted him to find the notorious Black Betty, an ebony siren whose talent for all things rich and male took her from Houston's Fifth Ward to Beverly Hills. There was too much Easy wasn't being told, but he couldn't resist the prospect of seeing Betty again, even if it killed him....


Another good story. This one takes you from Beverly Hills to Riverside and Norton Air Force Base. Which has been closed since the 90's but @ one time was a very busy place. I like when he says things like going to the country, Riverside. Back then it was full of orange groves and farm land. Not now a much different place. Easy is not finding it easy to find Betty. He gets know help just threats and people trying to kill him but his will to live and his children give him the strength to go on. He does put it all together and the end has a few surprises. A very good story once again.

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