Posted: Sept. 7, 2013

10813068Jennifer Shannon lives in secure, affluent McLean, Virginia, where she stumbles into danger lurking in places she thought absolutely safe. Her passion for weekend treasure hunting at local garage and estate sales pulls her into a twisted world of crime, child abuse and murder. Forced to match wits with a protagonist hell-bent on revenge, her family's safety and her own desperate situation hinge on her intelligence and resourcefulness. Nothing prepares her for the ultimate discovery, producing a startling climax.


Really enjoyed this story about a mom who goes to garage sales every weekend while her family sleeps. She notices that robberies around the area are from were she went yard selling. She take her thoughts to the police and finds someone who will listen to her but still does not think much of it as a lead. He goes with her one weekend and starts coming around to her way of thinking. The book also gives you the side over the ones who are doing the crime and how they got started. I thought that was a good part of the story. This book has a few twists in it and makes you think you know who it is and then there was a surprise. Don't want to say to much about that. A very good story about something that goes on every weekend. I really enjoyed the book.

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