Issy's Infatuation

ISSY'S INFATUATIONS                             SHELLEY MUNRO
Posted: Sept. 2, 2013

4582816Issy's Infatuation Shelley Munro Issy Deans has a secret-she's always lusted after Tyler Jameson. Call it an unfortunate infatuation with her brothers' best friend. A surprise meeting at rugby training brings a provocative proposition. One month of hot sex then they'll both walk away. Issy isn't a fool. She says yes. Let the month begin. Each touch sizzles. It's pure magic between them. Passionate. Intense and even better than she imagined. Issy is riding high on Tyler and her hot prospects as a representative rugby player until reality steps in with a forward pass.


     Issy’s Infatuation was an enjoyable tale of two old friends that meet up after years apart.  Well actually it is her older brother’s friend that she had a mad crush on to the point that she would stutter every time she tried to speak to him.  Tyler comes back to town home to be a coach after playing Rugby in Japan. But it’s almost the end of the season for the women’s league and his old coach ask him to take over the team since there is only a month left while he is ill, he agrees.  Not knowing Issy plays on the team.  The minute he sees her in the locker room he can’t take his eyes off of her.

     He is so taken with her he ask her out after practice.  Even though she is taken with him she is afraid to go with him for she stutters and trips over her own feet.  The reason she is on this team is to make it on the Black Ferns Rugby team for women in New Zealand.  But around him all she is, is clumsy.  But her love for him gets the best of her and she says yes.    Once there, he starts her drinking and sees it loosens them both up.  She becomes bolder so he tells her he wants a one month stand with her until he has to leave to go and coach the team he came home to coach.  She doesn’t feel comfortable with it but it is better than none of him.  So, the game begins.

     This is one hot erotic and loving story of two people who saw each other but never saw each other but do now.  How do they deal with it now? It is shear unbridled sex.  Is just sex worth it or do the three little words mean more?  I really enjoyed this short on my phone it was only about 47 pages.  Provide by

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