The Tycoon and The Texan

Posted: Sept. 12, 2013

The Tycoon and the Texan by Phyliss Miranda With a name like Nick Dartmouth, and the fortune it comes with, it's hard not to have a reputation for getting everything you want. So when his former secretary steps onto his foundation's charity auction block, Nick has the perfect opportunity to woo the stunning beauty from Texas. But aggressive counter bids force him to make an extreme proposition. Except money itself doesn't guarantee a blissful ride off into the sunset, especially when being won goes against the willful nature of McCall Johnson. Intent on showing Nick they come from two very different--and incompatible--worlds, she's surprised by how well he can handle a horse. For a girl from Texas, that speaks volumes about a man's value. Maybe there's more to this playboy than she expected. .


     The Tycoon and The Texan was a fun modern yet old fashion western romance.  Let me explain.  It had all the modern conveniences of today, cell phones, Lear jets, and other gadgets.  But McCall Johnson was anything but a modern girl, she was a born and raised Texas born girl from out on the range.

     Where Nick Dartmouth her boss or should I say her old boss and the son or her current boss, Madeline, is the polar opposite.  He is a California born Millionaire several times over from old mine who is used to getting whatever he wants.  McCall has always wished it would be her and well that has never been in the cards.  It was sealed when he transferred her to work for her mother after years of working for him.

    On this day though it is the night of the big charity event where they are to have the Charity Auction of Bachelorettes and they were short one bachelorette.  Nick’s mom comes up with the idea to auction off McCall.  All seem good with that idea until that night when Nick sees her arrive with an Adonis that has his paws all over her and is leering at her like a piece of meat.  The stakes of the action have now changed.  Maybe there is a reason for him to be at his mother’s awful charity event when he usually seeks off.

     This is a fun easy read that makes you want to read more.  The characters have heart and values.  There is a part that the characters share their past that is gut wrenching.  I totally enjoyed this story.  Provided by

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